The Real Border Fence – Where to Find the Videos

The New Double Border Fence in San Diego

These videos show the real state of the current border fence and progress on building a new fence. It seems the videos were getting too popular for the censors.  So, without warning, YouTube deleted my channel where I was posting the videos about the dismal state of the current border fence and progress in building new fence.

I had no strikes on my account when they deleted it.  Therefore, I have the videos posted on Bitchute and Facebook and will post new clips there.  We should support Bitchute more, because they are committed to real free speech.  Register an account and start browsing and sharing videos posted there.  Help make them grow.

To see the latest videos, go to one of the following two playlists:

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

Patriot Fire – Facebook Playlist


Rapid Construction of 31-Mile Border Fence Near Yuma

Otay Mountain – Smugglers Paradise To Be Secured In Ca

Border Fence Construction in Tecate Started

If you would like to support travel expenses for  production of more videos like this, please donate at this link:

Support Production of More Videos – The Real Border Fence

Start of construction in Yuha desert

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Enrique Morones’ Reconquista Friend in Berlin

Julio Chavezmontes Messner
Mexican ultra nationalist

I came across this article in Spanish by a Mexican reconquista friend of Enrique Morones, the former head of the Border Angels. Morones is supposed to be in Berlin in early November, 2019 for the 30th celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to plot with other, like-minded subversives and revolutionaries the fall of our own wall and the downfall of America. Chevazmontez Messner is a Mexican filmmaker. Enrique Morones was forced out of the Border Angels for some reason that is not too clear just a few days before this article was posted.

México y Alemania: Patrias indivisibles

In June of 1987, Morones organized a concert in Tijuana with a group of radical socialist Germans, called “Tear Down This Wall“. The goal appeared to be to incite a cross-border, mass protest large enough to breach the border fence in Tijuana and elsewhere. The Border Patrol took action beforehand and they never gained enough momentum to accomplish their presumed goal.

As we learned during the caravans of 2018-19, very many Tijuanans are not in favor of chaos on the border, either. It turned out just to be a pleasant concert in the Las Playas neighborhood of Tijuana with a few dozen listeners. You can be pretty sure, though, the open-borders Mexicans have been plotting more such “fracasos” on the border in Berlin lately with their German radical socialist pals.

Morones is mentioned in this article, as well as Richard Griswold de Castillo, a radical professor of Chicano Studies at San Diego State University, and other open borders radicals from San Diego. It is just more confirmation of how they think. Below is the English translation of the original article from Spanish.


Mexico and Germany: Indivisible Homelands
by Julio Chavezmontes Messner,
Friday, November 8, 2019

Tomorrow marks thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The idea of ​​building it came from Walter Ulbricht (A Soviet agent who spent World War II in Moscow) and Erick Honecker (who ‘miraculously’ did not execute the Nazis who held him captive until 1945); Two traitors to Germany, who in addition to submitting to the dictates of Joseph Stalin, lent themselves to creating a Soviet colony under the FALSE name of the German Democratic Republic.

Both murdered hundreds of their countrymen and yet neither answered for their crimes against humanity.

The famous wall began to be built after having the meetings between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, succeeded by Truman who, following the Morgenthau Plan, intended to fragment Germany into three small provinces, in order to denying it any possibility of resuming any industrial activity.

Forty years before the date we are now commemorating, the ‘German Democratic Republic’ was invented, with the intention of carrying out the fragmentation of Germany and the separation of its people under contrary and irreconcilable regimes.

There has never been such a thing as ‘two Germanies.’

Germany has always been a single homeland for all Germans.

The homelands do not arise or disappear by decree of the victors.

After 30 years, the extinct wall is only the memory of an immense injustice that ultimately could not defeat the invincible will of a people capable of resisting any adversity, and rebuilding from its ruins.

Very few know today, that after officially ending World War II, more than three million German civilians died as victims of genocide when they were forcibly displaced from the eastern German provinces.

The general public also does not know that hundreds of thousands of German soldiers died of hunger and cold in the Allied concentration camps, known as the ‘Eisenhower camps’, despite being in theory, under the ‘protection’ of the Convention of Geneva.

In spite of all this, Germany today does not seem to have lost a war but, on the contrary, is the pillar that sustains Europe, and its economy occupies the fourth place in the world.

Similarly, there are no two Mexicos as a result of the territorial robbery committed against us by the expansionists and slave-smuggling gringos who believed they could prevail over the immemorial rights of our people.

In our case, the racist and corrupt Donald Trump, if he wants, can build a branch of the Chinese Wall on the banks of the Rio Grande, but not with that, can he divide or separate the only Mexico that exists.

The more than 40 million Mexicans who today live under the jurisdiction of the United States are an irreversible factor.

It is enough to point out that more than six million Mexicans live in Chicago; that there are important Mexican communities on the shores of Lake Minetonka and on the banks of the Hudson River in New York, where we have displaced Puerto Ricans as the first minority.

We are not only indispensable, but invincible and unstoppable.

Our people have continued to migrate northward, by means of “El Rio de los Regresos” (The River of the Returnees), guided by Cuauhtecui, the eagle of our ancestors who returns and points the way to the reconquest of our territories stolen by the United States.

As I write these lines in the small town of Stahringen, in southwestern Germany, the words of Senator Thomas Corwin of the State of Ohio, spoken before the United States Congress on September 11, 1847, return to me:

“You can steal those territories from Mexico; You could seize them by force; you can retain them by exercising the right of the strongest, but a peace treaty for that purpose, freely signed by the Mexican people, you will never have. ”

For some years now, I have had the privilege of knowing and being engaged with our compatriots, who lead and champion the exercise of our rights north of El Río; such as Enrique Morones who, as head of the “Border Angels,” accompanies the migrant brothers who venture through the desert on their way to the north with water and all kinds of help.

I have met and I am honored in the friendship of Juan M. Solíz and Nellie Cotton, who runs the NGO “Mexico defende lo tuyo” (Mexico defends what is yours) which I have the honor to represent before German human rights organizations.

I have had the honor of speaking with Professor Richard Griswold del Castillo author of the book “Guadalupe Hidalgo, a Legacy of Conflict”, whose information was more than valuable to me to write “El Rio de Regresos” (The River of the Returnees).

Just as California, New Mexico and Texas continue to be the territory of Mexico today under international law, East Prussia, Silesia and Breslau, continue to be part of Germany, as well as Austria whose name (Österreich) means Reich of the East, that is to say: True East Germany.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 9, 2019, MEXICAN artist Adrián Luz will star in Berlin, an event that brings together Mexico and Germany under the auspices of “One Day We Will Dance” and the Benhadj & Djilali Museum.

Enrique Morones will carry the voice of Mexico; an indomitable voice that demonstrates that the imposition of walls only serve to echo their messages of JUSTICE.

The wall that will be “demolished” is an artistic work of Adrián Luz.

This artistic day in the heart of Germany, joining in brotherhood with Mexico in the rejection of all the walls of inhumanity, demonstrates once again that Germany and Mexico: Mexico and Germany are unique homelands; INDIVISIBLE PATRIAS. __________________________________

Dedicated to Mexicans who, while writing these lines, continue to cross invincible and unstoppable towards our ancestral lands. The whole country, or nothing!

Julio Chavezmontes Messner,

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Enrique Morones Ousted From Border Angels

Enrique Morones, Founder of Border Angels

The Times San Diego first reported that Enrique Morones has been “retired” from the non-profit that he founded, called the “Border Angels”, after about six months of paid leave. Morones has been building the brand “Border Angels” for more than three decades. Morones is internationally known and has appeared frequently on Fox News and other national outlets. Many will remember his appearances on the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

It is not thought that he willingly left the Border Angels. He has not really retired, but is now trying to resurrect another nonprofit that he founded in 2005, called “Gente Unida“. Gente Unida has been inactive in recent years. Morones is trying to restart it from scratch. Gente Unida is the nonprofit that Morones claims he used in 2005 to “expose” and “shutdown” the Minutemen in California.

It appears more likely that he was forced out of Border Angels, because no reason is given and his departure does not appear to have been on friendly terms. That has provoked speculation that his unexplained departure may be due to a serious conflict with the board of the non-profit, a severe clash over direction of the nonprofit or perhaps some kind of embarrassing personal impropriety, such as financial or even sexual misconduct. At some point, maybe the truth will emerge?

Our major local media outlets have mysteriously remained quiet about this affair, though a couple of them reported a few weeks ago that he had been quietly put on paid leave. One would think that professional journalists would be interested in a follow-up story about the fate of this international news figure, but I guess not. They have not reported that he has now been completely removed from the non-profit organization. That was only reported by the relatively minor “Times of San Diego”.

Also, see this related video. It has been shown that Morones has associated with major cartel drug smugglers. This video is not the only reason to think that. KUSI broadcast this great report and posted on their server. Somehow, it got past the corporate censors, but by the next day it had been removed from their website. It has been re-posted on the freedom-of-speech video distribution service,

Open-Borders Radical Holds Cross-Border Wedding For Cartel Smuggler

NOTE:  Bitchute is a video distribution site that is fully committed to freedom of speech.  It makes use of a distributed, file-sharing technology, called “WebTorrent”, which makes it much more difficult to censor your video.  If you are interested in freedom of speech, create an account on Bitchute and start browsing, commenting and sharing videos of interest to you.  Of course, their service is not yet nearly as mature as YouTube, but it works pretty well and we can help make it grow.  

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Email Campaign Against Drag Queen Story Hour in Chula Vista

A Drag Queen Story Hour is scheduled for the Civic Center Library on F Street in Chula Vista on on September 10th, 2019 at 4pm. Requesting email campaign against it. See contacts at end of this post. Fill up their email boxes this weekend.

Stock photo of Drag Queen Story Hour,
not actual person doing this event.

The 10News article below actually provides a phone number to RSVP for the event, 619-397-5740, which is a number for the library. When I called, they said they are already full and can take no more reservations. If anyone can identify him, I will publish the name of this Drag Queen when available. (The man in the above photo is not the person doing this event.) You can contact me with the name at the “contact” link at the top of this page.

Drag Queen Story Time moved out of Otay Ranch library

Drag Queens, by nature, take perverse pleasure from shocking average citizens. For that reason, I don’t think hysterical protests at the library is such a good idea in this case. The Drag Queen enjoys that kind of response and it actually helps them. That is most probably the main purpose of this event, to make average citizens go berserk in public and thereby get publicity, which will helps with recruitment and fundraising to make possible more such events to indoctrinate more children. The last protest caused the event to have to move to a much larger library in order to accommodate an expected much larger attendance. Don’t help the Drag Queen by participating in hysterical public protests.

Protests of these Story Hour shock events remind me of the public protests years ago of Marilyn Manson, an avowed satanic, shock-rock performer, at his concerts. Those protests did not stop Manson, it only got him much more publicity and helped him make much more money than he otherwise would have. Some of his young fans were convinced Manson was God and actually killed people, as he sometimes suggested in his performances. Perverse persons, especially shock entertainers, know how to use provocation to their advantage, which depends on average citizens reacting emotionally without thinking. Some average citizens allow themselves to be manipulated in that way.

Think before you act. I believe it would be much more effective to complain to the the politicians, who set policy for the library and to complain to the library administration. Suggest you be civil when you contact them. Threats and offensive language will only be used to discredit the opposition. It is also recommended to go to the City Council meeting on September 10 to speak during public commentary.

It is not discrimination to prohibit events that promote sexual attitudes to children at a taxpayer-funded library as long as the rule applies to everyone and not just cross dressers. Would they allow otherwise straight, older, white men to promote the idea of sex with children at the libraries? I don’t think so! Prohibit all such events that promote a sexual agenda at public libraries and I don’t believe it can legally be considered to be discrimination.

Contact the Mayor, City Council and Library below. Most important are the politicians, because they can decide. An email/phone campaign will not generate the publicity in the media that the Drag Queen craves so much. Suggest that you ask them to prohibit all events that promote a sexual agenda, not just for transvestites. Also request that they postpone this coming event to provide a cooling off period and to consider the legal consequences of holding such events and prohibiting such events. Suggest they can be voted out for allowing these events and they are risking potential lawsuits. Even if you don’t live in the area, there is no reason at all not to state your outrage to these politicians. Please help. For that reason I am distributing this email nationwide, not just in the SoCal area.

Here are the relevant contacts.

Mayor Mary Casillas Salas
(619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax

John McCann – District 1
(619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax

Jill Galvez – District 2
(619) 691-5177 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax

Stephen C. Padilla – District 3
(619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax
NOTE: Padilla is openly gay and has denounced those in opposition as white supremacists.

Mike Diaz – District 4
619) 691-5044 | Phone
(619) 476-5379 | Fax
NOTE: Diaz is the most conservative member of the liberal council

Civic Center Library
Address: 365 F St, Chula Vista, CA 91910
Phone: (619) 691-5069

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Border Wall Contracts Granted 2017-19 (264 Miles)

Border fence construction
in Tecate, August, 2019

The table below lists the Border Wall Contracts awarded as of May 10, 2019. These contracts use only money appropriated by Congress in 2017-2019 and does not include any money redirected by Trump from the DoD or other government agencies. The total fence to be built under these contracts totals to 264 miles.

The money reprogrammed from DoD and other agencies under Trump’s executive order declaring an emergency will fund 2-3 times as much fence as listed in this Table. The contracts for this money, which is expiring this year, will have to be granted by the end of the government fiscal year, September 30, 2019 as the Supreme Court has approved already.

This list was obtained from an environmental group, which will not be named. It appears to to be accurate according to the media releases that I have seen from Customs and Border Protection. Either they did a FOIA request to CBP to get this information or they assembled it themselves from media releases. (Sometimes we can count on progressives to be accurate.)

Click on the “Full Screen” icon at the bottom right to be able to read the chart.

There are about 8-10 crews now (August, 2019) working at different locations on the border, building about 5-10 miles of fence per month. That should increase in coming months, as many more contracts are granted and more crews start work.

CBP has announced that they plan to complete 450 miles or more border fence by the end of 2020, if they are able to obtain the funding.

New Border Wall Project Completed in San Diego

Don’t let leftists and the liberal media fool you, even this much fence will have a big impact on the traditional illegal immigration, in which they run away from the Border Patrol. However, even more may soon be in the pipeline. Every mile of new fence or replacement of the old, inadequate fence counts.

Fraudulent asylum seeking, in which illegals run towards the Border Patrol to surrender, falsely claim asylum, demand government assistance and then disappear into the US to live illegally, is a different problem and has to be solved by legal means, not by a border fence.

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Frivolous SPLC Lawsuit Against Arizona Patriots

Fake refugee bus unloading

A lawsuit has been filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), naming several patriots in Arizona and California for allegedly conspiring to harass and defame several socialistic churches in Arizona. These churches providing services that encourage these alleged refugees to come the United States. According to the Department of Homeland security about 90% of these so-called refugees will never Obtain asylum from a court. If they bring a minor with them, they are released within 20 days into the US and most end up disappearing to live as illegal aliens. Most of them are not refugees in the legal sense of the term. Those fleeing poverty and crime are not legally eligible for asylum status in the U.S.

Donate to the defense fund here:

Below are several videos mentioned in the complaint that supposedly support the complaint. This material is being posted in one place, just to make it easy for interested persons to learn what this lawsuit is about. This page is in progress and will be editing and adding to it.

They may have been more aggressive than I would have been at some points, but I believe they are still within their rights to free speech. The SPLC is just trying to bully and suppress their free speech by suing them. The SPLC has access to regiments of high-powered attorneys and an endowment of about half a billion dollars. They are expecting that the defendants will not have the resources to stand up to them and defend themselves properly. These citizens should have full rights to speak out and to protest this without being threatened by the SPLC with financial ruin.

Protest at Monte Vista Church on December 28, 2018

If someone is trespassing or disturbing the peace, the owner has the option to call the police and/or obtain a restraining order. It’s not necessary to file a major lawsuit for minor offenses.

It is not clear that it is legal to ban persons, even from private property that is open-access to anyone else, just because you don’t like their political views. Recording images of people in public, even children, is not illegal either, but protected by the 1st Amendment.

Protest at Iglesia Alfa y Omega (Alpha and Omega Church)

An anti-SLAPP counter-suit should be filed against the SPLC, but the defendants need the funds and resources to be able to do that. The Arizona patriots ought to have national support against the SPLC bully, who supports the exploitation and abuse of children. National awareness and a real national debate on exploitation of children by the leftists and progressives for political purposes is dearly needed. There should be a big protest outside the courthouse at every important hearing for this case.

News Interview with Fox10News

It is pretty clear that massive numbers of children are being exploited for the sole purpose of gaining entry by fraud into the US. Organized crime controls this mass migration of fraudsters into the US. No one knows what happens with the kids, once they are in the U.S., since almost all of these fraudsters disappear to live illegally. It seems very reasonable to call this “child trafficking” and these churches are helping to enable people to do it. They have allowed themselves to become just another station in the cartel smuggling operation.

The accusation of child trafficking upsets them so much, exactly because it hits home. So, it should be yelled from the rooftops and this is exactly what the SPLC wants to prevent with their lawsuit. They want the child trafficking to continue unabated for their own political reasons. They know this entire criminal smuggling operation is very vulnerable to that accusation.

Protest at Iglesia Alfa y Omega (Alpha and Omega Church) on Jan 5, 2019

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to carry a gun to such a protest, but does not prove they did anything illegal, either, because open-carry is legal in Arizona.

Ihe SPLC filed this lawsuit mainly to intimidate and stop the defendants from exercising their free speech rights. If there were any petty offenses committed during the protests, there are more direct and appropriate ways to deal with that short of a major lawsuit against citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights regarding such a critical issue of national importance.

Read the SPLC’s complaint here.

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Chicano Park Militants Drive Cops Out During Diversity Training

A group of law-enforcement trainees taking a class in cultural sensitivity in San Diego receive an unexpected, real-life lesson, when their class is disrupted by the Chicano Park political cult and they have to leave due to verbal abuse and under threat of potentially being attacked. This took place on June 22, 2019.

This is a public park supported by tax money, but the Chicano cult claims it is their land and the first part of their national homeland, Aztlan, to be taken.

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Fake Refugee Airlift to San Diego – Arrival Info

ICE is flying planeloads of fake refugees to San Diego up to three times a week. Each plane carries an estimated 130 fake refugees. The airline is World Atlantic Airline (designator code WAL). The asylum fraudsters are transported by DHS buses to the Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station for processing or for further distribution to other local CBP stations. The Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station is the central hub for processing fake refugees in the San Diego sector. The buses exit the airport at the West Washington Street gate, on the east side of the airport.

Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station
7560 Britannia Ct,
San Diego, CA 92154

These flights, so far, follow a pretty dependable pattern of arrival on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon with an arrival time around 1-1:30pm. These are on-demand flights, so they may not run every day or the schedule could change. Will try to update the list of flights that have already come, at least once a week.

This is video of arrival of fake-refugee flight #6 on May 26, 2019.

This is video of flight #8 on May 31, 2019. The Harbor Police, who patrol the airport, do not like us taking video. A policeman interrupted my video this time.

A good place for viewing the transfer of the fake refugees to buses has been a small parking lot on the east side of the airport just off Admiral Boland Way, near the car rental garage, marked by the star in the map.

Many fake refugees are distributed to other CBP stations in the San Diego Sector for processing. This is the list of Border Patrol stations. If you live in these areas, watch for them. We want to know where they are going and what happens with them.

Imperial Beach Station
Brown Field Station
Campo Station
San Clemente Station
El Cajon Station
Theodore L. Newton, Jr. and George F. Azrak Station (Murrieta)
Chula Vista Station
Boulevard Station

These are some of the cities that ICE is shuttling these fake economic refugees around, to and from. They are distributing these un-vetted and un-screened, disease-carrying fake refugees all around the country. Look for them to show up near you.

US Destinations

San Diego, California
Miami, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia
Columbus, Georgia
Gary, Indiana
Alexandria, Louisiana
Memphis, Tennesee
Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota
Newark, New Jersey
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Toledo, Ohio
El Paso, Texas
Houston, Texas
McAllen, Texas
McLauglin AFB, Texas
Loredo, Texas
San Antonio, Texas
Brownsville, Texas
Richmond, Virginia

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How “Catch and Release” Works

Caravaners crossing border

Catch and release is the process by which alleged “refugees” surrender to the Customs and Border Patrol agents and then are released within a few days. The key to “catch and release” is that a minor has to be involved. This is the famous “loophole” in the law, that fraudulent asylum seekers exploit in order to be released very quickly into the US, when they bring a minor with them to use as a get-out-of-jail-free pass. It leads to mass abuse and exploitation of children by adults who want only to gain easy entry into the US. This two-page document provides a description of the process and a couple of important references.

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Caravan Safe House Layout in San Diego

The layout of the current caravan safe house at 1555 Sixth Avenue in San Diego is shown in the diagram below. This is the main location in San Diego and even all of California for transferring caravan-style, fake refugees into the US. It is funded by California and the County and City of San Diego, a factory for mass processing and distribution of tens of thousands of fake refugees across the nation, up to 90% of whom will never obtain asylum and ultimately just reside illegally in the US.

Progressives call it a “migrant shelter”. I call it a fake refugee “safe house”, because it provides the same function as a safe house does for illegal border crossers.

There is nothing else like it in the US, thanks to our state and local elected officials, so generous with our tax dollars. It is a little Ellis Island for illegal workers and future progressive voters. Besides our own radical progressives, the word is that intelligence agencies in Venezuela, Cuba and Russia have instigated and promoted the recent, growing flood of fake refugees to our border.

This diagram is provided for the benefit of citizen journalists, prospective protesters, neighbors or those, who are just curious about the site and want to come and take photos/video for uploading to social media.

The court is actually two buildings joined together, 1555 and 1501 Sixth ave. There is a wall separating the two roofs. There are stairs over the wall that make is possible to walk from one roof to the other.

Click the image for an expanded view.

Layout of old Family Court Building
1555 Sixth Avenue, San Diego, Ca

There is vehicle access from both Beech and Cedar streets, but access via Beech is blocked by a temporary fence. The only vehicle gate being used is on Cedar Street. A canopy has been setup next to the gate for the guard and there are at least 1-2 guards on site 24 hours. There were 3-4 guards on duty at times at the former location and that may often be the case at this new location. There are cameras all around the building. You might mistake this place for Fort Knox for all the security and surveillance they have.

A stairwell provides access to the building, where “exit” is marked. The caravaners access the roof from there and then are loaded into waiting vehicles as indicated by “loading”. DHS buses coming from the detainment center unload the caravaners directly in front of the building on Sixth Avenue.

The caravaners sleep and live in the courtrooms on the north side of the building and the south side is used for processing them in/out and office space for the radical, anti-American progressives, who operate the safe house.

Old Family Court House
Street view

Two tall buildings are directly behind the old court house, from which there is a clear view of the roof. We hope to see interesting video of the goings on there from some of their neighbors, residing above them.

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