The Real Border Fence – Where to Find the Videos?

These videos show the real state of the current border fence in California and some also so far in Arizona. Progress on building a new fence is also reported. It seems the videos were just getting too popular for the censors. So, without warning, YouTube deleted my channel where I was posting about the state of the current border fence as well as progress in building the new “Trump Wall”. Now I post on Bitchute, a free speech alternative. Fight censorship by sharing.

This is just a sample. To see all of videos, go to the following playlist:

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

You can also find these videos if you go to the Facebook page, click here and then scroll down to the Facebook playlist. Facebook provides higher resolution than Bitchute. Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide a direct link to playlists.


The Real Border Fence – California Progress Report

(under construction)
The Real Border Fence – Arizona Progress Report

(planned for future)
The Real Border Fence – New Mexico Progress Report


Calexico Border Fence Status – December 2019

Sand Dragon – Imperial Dunes Border Fence, Ca

Rapid Construction of 31-Mile Border Fence Near Yuma, Az

Otay Mountain – Smugglers Paradise To Be Secured, Ca

Border Fence Construction Started in Tecate, Ca

Border Fence Skips Reservation On Colorado River In AZ

To help share the cost of travel and lodging expenses for production of more videos like this, please donate at this link:

Support Production of More Videos – The Real Border Fence

$20 will buy about half a tank of gas and get me nearly 200 miles further down the road.

Start of construction in Yuha desert

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Caravaners Cross Into Mexico & Attack Police

The videos reportedly show fake refugee caravaners on 1/20/2020 crossing the river into Mexico

and attacking Mexican police.

Police trying to detain them.

This news report in Spanish shows Mexican police detaining some of the caravaners. If they would follow them as they cross mexico, picking them off as they have the chance, it would soon shrink to nothing. Not sure we can trust the president of Mexico, AMLO, to stop them, though.

Image for Facebook thumbnail:

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Why The Caravans Are Coming – In Their Own Words

In short, they are coming to take from American citizens, because they think we owe them something. Some also assign to themselves a delusional, self-serving, divine mission, equating themselves to the Israelites of the Old Testament, the Chosen People. Their exit from their homeland is often called an “Exodus”.

Our own role, according to their delusion, would then be Jericho, the evil empire with a wall. The URL to the Facebook page linked below has “Breaking Trump’s Wall” in it in Spanish, RompiendoElMuroDeTrump.

That these ideas are widespread among the caravan, explains their marching proudly behind the Honduran flag and other signs of triumphalism that have been obvious in these caravans. “Triumphalism” is not what one normally expects to see among real refugees, who would be humbly requesting assistance, not proudly and aggressively demanding reparations.

These caravans are an attack on our national sovereignty, organized and promoted by far-left radicals in Central America and Europe, as well as traitors in our own country.

The video below comes from the Caravana migrantes Hondureños, one of the main Facebook pages of the fake-refugee caravan movement.

Translation of the first screen of the video:
“And the waters are opened so that the Children of God may pass”

This is the translation of the video description:

Residents of Tecún Uman, Guatemala, build 4 boardwalks over the Suchiate River where migrants will be able to pass. These boardwalks will unite the two countries (Guatemala and Mexico) as the international fair approaches between the two sister towns: Ciudad de Hidalgo and Tecún Uman.

And the waters are opened so that the Children of God may pass. They are not Jews, they are Hondurans, fleeing the poverty created by US intervention in our country; They are desperate people, who travel north, because they realize that the wealth produced by the plundering, to which our country has been subjected, is in the USA.

Apparently the two border towns have a bi-national fair, for which they build temporary bridges across the river so that people on both sides of the border can cross back and forth. (They don’t really need a bridge at this time, the river is low enough now to be waded, but that’s beside the point.)

Here is the original video description in Spanish:

Pobladores de Tecún Uman, Guatemala, construyen 4 bordos en río Suchiate por donde los migrantes podrán pasar. Estos bordos uniran a los dos países (Guatemala y México) al aproximarse la feria internacional entre 2 pueblos hermanos: Ciudad de Hidalgo y Tecún Uman.

Y se abrieron las aguas para que los hijos de Dios pasaran. No son judíos, son hondureños, huyendo de la pobreza creada por la intervención de USA en nuestro país; son gente desesperada, que viaja hacia el norte porque intuye que la riqueza producto del saqueo que ha sido sometida nuestra patria esta en USA.

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AMLO: Mexicans Are Now Reconquering Their Lands (Video)

As a candidate for the Mexican presidency, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AMLO)says Mexicans are reconquering their (lost) lands using “human rights” as a justification.

This clip was uploaded in February, 2017 to a channel named Reconquista.Mx. This was early on during the campaign for the Mexican presidency.

Reconquista Territorial y de Derechos Humanos: AMLO


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GOP’s Scott Sherman for Mayor Embraces La Raza

Chicano Park is probably the most anti-American public park in America. City Councilman, Scott Sherman, is running for Mayor of San Diego. He claims to be a “Republican”, but he is an enthusiastic supporter of this radical park. Radical Chicanos claim the Southwest is their national homeland, “Aztlan”, which they are destined to control and that the Park is the first part of Aztlan to be taken. The Park murals refer to that and they also honor communist dictators and terrorists.

For this reason, some pro-American activists in San Diego will not be supporting Sherman for Mayor of San Diego. We feel he has demonstrated that he does not have pro-American values.

The video below shows Sherman’s gushing statement before the vote to fund the Chicano Park museum. The images that have been added to the video are photos of existing murals at Chicano Park.

Just one example of the seditious nature of the park is also presented in the video. David Rico, one of the original founders, head of the Brown Berets and long-time steering committee member is, himself, a domestic terrorist, who was convicted in the 1970’s of a plot to firebomb San Diego City College. Sherman voted to give the Chicano Park Steering Committee millions of tax dollars to fund a new museum that will be used to promote this radical, political ideology and indoctrinate young children. Rico, the unrepentant anti-American terrorist, has been a member of the Steering Committee probably since it was founded, several decades ago.

For more info about Chicano Park go to these links:

Chicano Park and La Raza Racial Identity Ideology – Bitchute Playlist

Chicano Park – WordPress Category

This image added to provide a thumbnail for Facebook shares.

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Scaling The New Border Fence, A Cartel Psyop?

The smuggling cartels control who crosses the border. There are tens of miles on either side of this short stretch of new border fence where the border can be crossed much more easily, because new fence has not been built, yet. The are many miles of border near Calexico where a person can still just walk across with no effort. There really is no need to go over this new 30-foot-high fence, except as a publicity stunt. Why risk your life crossing a short stretch of 30-foot-high fence when you can walk around it? You can say this was a kind of PsyOp, a demo that the fence could be crossed to embarrass the Border Patrol, to embarrass Trump and to demoralize supporters of border security. At the same time it enthuses those fanatical anti-Americans, who oppose border security and want to destroy America at any cost.

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

The Real Border Fence – Patriot Fire Blog.

This image just provides a thumbnail when shared on Facebook.

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La Raza and Aztlan Flag Raising in Chicano Park – Racial Aspects

The flags of Aztlan and La Raza are raised every year at Chicano Park in San Diego, during the Park Day celebration. Aztlan is the American Southwest, which Chicano militants claim as their national territory. They say Chicano Park is the first part of Aztlan to be taken from the USA.

The three-faced figure in the second flag symbolizes the mestizo race (La Raza), which has been created by the mixture of the white Hispanic with the Indian. “La Raza” is a racial supremacy doctrine that was formulated by Jose Vasconcelos in his book “La Raza Cosmica” (the cosmic race), published in 1925.

Vasconcelos was a revolutionary, a very prominant educator and philosopher, as well as a virulent hater of the USA. He was also the most important propagandist for the Nazis in Latin America at the beginning of World War II. The Nazis exploited his mestizo racial theory to try to gain influence in Latin America via promotion of “La Raza” racialism in an attempt to gain allies to fight the USA in the war.

On top of everything, there is a bill in Congress (HR-486) to make this park an affiliate of the National Park System, so they can obtain more federal grants to spread their anti-American propaganda.

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Border Fence Status in Jacumba, Ca

Report on the status of the existing border fence in Jacumba, Ca for November, 2019. Most of the the six miles of existing fence is already bollard fence that was installed in 2008 during the Bush presidency. A small part is landing mat fence that was constructed about 25 years ago, during the Clinton term. It is not known, whether there are any plans to upgrade or add to this existing fence at this time.

LA Times – Border wall built in 1990s cut illegal immigration, but it also brought problems for small town

Other video reports about the “The Real Border Fence” can be found at these links:

Patriot Fire Blog

Bitchute – Playlist

Facebook Playlist

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Aggressive Defense Against SPLC Anti-Patriot Lawsuit Begins

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has filed a lawsuit against the Patriot Movement Arizona (PMAZ) because they dared to speak out vigorously against mass asylum fraud. This punitive lawsuit is intended, not just to silence PMAZ, but anyone who dares to speak out too loudly against the leftist/progressive agenda of radical, “fundamental transformation”, as Obama called it, the destruction of America as we know it.

To donate go to the link below:

Help These Patriots Fight The SPLC

Ed Rose, the attorney for the Patriot Movement Arizona, has filed a response in Federal Court to the lawsuit that they are not entitled to relief, because the shelter operators (three churches) are encouraging illegal immigration and are also public figures themselves. See, the excerpt from the recently filed reply below.

The churches are aiding and abetting illegal aliens, because most of them don’t show up for their court hearings, but just wanted to get into the US by whatever means necessary to live illegally.

The leaders of the social-justice churches are not just innocent shelter operators, but are promoting a radical, leftist political agenda and therefore are public figures who have injected themselves into a controversial political issue and are not entitled to protection from defamation to the same extent that private citizens are.

Mostly asylum fraudsters being unloaded at a social-justice church in Phoenix

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SgtMaj Hidalgo Leads Veterans Day Ceremony in Chicano Park

Juan Hidalgo, Jr. is running for Congress in the 51 district and MC’d the 2019 Veterans Day ceremony in Chicano Park. The 51st is his hometown district. It’s a district that has struggled forever with unemployment, low incomes, drugs and crime. Juan is very determined to make a big change in the district for the better.

He had a very successful career in the military, He was a Sergeant Major in the Marines, the highest rank that a noncommisioned officer can obtain. Among many other things, he served in Iraq during the war and was part of the command team at Guantanamo.

I would have recorded the other speakers too, but the noise from the freeway was so loud that much of what they said couldn’t be heard. Among Hidalgo’s many other accomplishments, he was a drill instructor in the Marine Corps and he knows how to speak loudly enough to be heard!

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Sand Dragon – Imperial Dunes Border Fence

Video covers about 42-miles of border from just outside Calexico all the way to the Colorado River. 42 miles is a quarter of the Ca border and it’s nearly all 15-foot-high bollard fence already, pre-Trump Wall. There were news reports about it already in 2009. It was no doubt funded during the Dubya Bush era and the construction may have continued into Obama’s time. That seems to be the case with many, if not all of these pre-Trump bollard fences. They were all funded and constructed at about that same time.

Enter Sand Dragon: The $40m Floating Mexican Border Fence
The see the entire playlist of videos about the border follow these links:

The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

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