Attorney: Enforce Constitution or Close Chicano Park

The Patriot Fire attorney, Ed Rose, sent the San Diego Attorney a new letter that demands she honor the Bill of Rights and enforce the law or close Chicano Park. He also suggested, that if San Diego City Attorney, Mara Elliot, is not willing to enforce the law, that she is not qualified for her job and should resign.

Chicano Park is a political, La Raza park, where the City uses taxpayers money to promote Chicano ultra-nationalism and communism, in order to ensure political support. The City of San Diego has suspended the Bill of Rights in this supposedly “public” Park. Freedom of speech and freedom of assembly is not allowed for park critics and pro-Americans.

This is the second letter to the San Diego City Attorney by our attorney. In response to our attorney’s first letter, regarding the violation of our civil rights at Chicano Park, the City Attorney, Mara Elliott did not respond directly. Instead she released a purely political statement to the media that pandered to extremist supporters of the park and implied that we are a “hate group.” She did not address the legal issues at all.

Download the letters in PDF format here:

Ed Rose first letter about illegality of the Park

San Diego City Attorney’s purely political response

Ed Rose Letter – Obey the law or close Chicano Park

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Can Americans Raise the Flag in Aztlan (Chicano Park)?

Aztlan is the Chicano National Homeland

Patriot Picnic II has been scheduled for Chicano Park in San Diego at 10am on February 3, 2018 by an anonymous organizer. The issue to be tested, is whether Americans still have their constitutional rights in this 7.9 acre supposedly public park, which the Chicano Park Steering Committee calls the first part of Aztlan to be conquered. In particular, the American flag will be raised in Chicano Park that day.

The American Southwest “Aztlan” is claimed to be their national homeland and portrayed as a separate nation. The park is essentially a no-go zone for overtly pro-Americans and the police. The City has ceded ownership of what they call the “ombligo” (navel) de Aztlan to the Chicano ultra-nationalists.

Communists, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara memorialized at the Park

City officials pretend to control the property, but the Chicano Park Steering Committee has a paramilitary group, the Brown Berets of Aztlan, which, under orders of the Steering Committee, actually controls the park with the help of allied extreme left organizations, as the first part of American territory to be lost in 240 years.

It’s called the “Ombligo” (navel) of Aztlan, because the idea is that their Chicano national homeland will grow from this small beginning in Chicano Park led by a new “mixed” master race of brown people. This is a racial and ethnic, ultra nationalist concept.

The Park is also about socialism. Since their ideology is a mixture of Chicano ultra nationalism and communism, this blogger calls it Chicano national socialism or La Raza national socialism. The Chicano ideology is based on the “La Raza” concept that the ultimate mestizo (mixed) race will arise from the Hispanic world. The supporters of the Park also act in an intolerant way, like national socialists.

Only the flags of La Raza and Aztlan
are allowed to fly in the main area
American flag is banned

Last September 3rd, a small group of pro-Americans were chased out of of this Park by a threatening mob of angry park supporters, merely because they wanted to visit the park, have lunch and view the anti-American murals. The park supporters lied, saying the five visitors were there to vandalize the murals, slandering the visitors as “white supremacists,” “racists” and “Nazis” in order to whip up the crowd into a lynch-mob mentality. Here is video of that previous event.

This event is not against Mexican-Americans or Hispanic Americans, though the radicals (maybe on both sides) will try to make it out to seem that way. Hispanic patriots will be with us flying the flag on this day in Chicano Park. Everyone is invited to bring a flag and participate in a celebration of American unity. We realize very well that there are plenty of patriotic residents of Barrio Logan. We would be very pleased to have our Hispanic brothers join us in order to help prevent any violence from occurring.

Don Diego VFW Post in Barrio Logan, home of many Barrio patriots

Barrio Logan Firehouse honoring the 9/11 heroes

Warrior Foundation in Barrio Logan

Reies Tijerina is memorialized at the Park. He was the most senior and probably the most important of the four founders of the Chicano political movement. He was revolutionary and used violence to promote his political agenda. In his autobiography, he states

“My worst enemies were not the anglos, but those hispanic Americans, who had chosen the “American Way of Life”….

Mi Lucha por la tierra, Reies Lopez Tijerina, p. 80, paperback edition. See the scanned page from the book here.

Tijerina’s object was not to bring people together but to keep them resentful and separated. Unfortunately, that is also the purpose of the radical Chicano Park and many of its most passionate supporters.

Among other acts of violence, two Hispanic law enforcement officials (vendidos), who supported the American system, were killed in the 1960’s by Tijerina’s militants in northern New Mexico. Tijerina was diagnosed in prison as a psychopath.

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ABC10 News report before Patriot Picnic II in San Diego

10 News does a report two days before the event to try to beef up to opposition to us. I added my comments and replaced some of their imagery with more relevant imagery.

ABC10 is partly owned by TV Azteca and a large percentage of its viewers are Hispanics in the area of Barrio Logan, where Chicano Park is located.

Seems to be somewhat less interest among the opposition than last time. This time it is a little more difficult to demonize us than it was right after Charlottesville. Their propaganda is getting old and stale. It will be hard for them to keep up the hysterical response to our park visits. Some even admit that I may not be a Nazi, after all. I am not sure, but expect a somewhat smaller, less angry crowd of opposition this time. The police will be there in force to keep the peace.

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Barrio Logan Veterans Raise American Flag in Chicano Park

The Hispanic veterans in Barrio Logan have raised the U.S. Flag in their corner of the Chicano Park and have reportedly said the will not take it down until forced to do so. The Chicano Park Steering Committee has in the past (illegally) forbidden them to raise it, except for three days a year, Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veterans Day. It may be possible that the Steering Committee has lifted the ban on the veterans raising their flag on a shorter flagpole in their isolated, very low-visibility corner of the Park due to recent criticism of their ban and to take the pressure off themselves. The American flag is still banned in the center of the Park on the higher, main flagpole. Only the Aztlan flag and La Raza flag are allowed to fly on the main flagpole.

Only the flags of Aztlan, La Raza and Mexico
are allowed to fly freely in Chicano Park

We hope that the veterans will defend their rights. This ban by the Steering Committee has been humiliating and disrespectful of the veterans of Barrio Logan. It is also a violation of their civil rights. All of our great veterans and their civil rights deserve to be fully respected, no matter what their ethnic background. If their rights are being violated by other Hispanics, that still does not make it acceptable or legal. We owe all of our veterans a great debt of gratitude, I think especially our Hispanic veterans, because they served in spite of a history of not always being treated fairly or equally.

The City is responsible, because they allow the Chicano Park Steering Committee, the Brown Berets de Aztlan and their extreme-left allies to trample on the rights of everyone in the Park, who do not kowtow to their radical, anti-American agenda. In return for their support of the Park with our tax money, city politicos get support from the many Hispanic voters, who agree with the extremely anti-American theme of this political Park. Some also support the park evidently without fully realizing how anti-American the ideology is.

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San Diego City Attorney’s Response to Chicano Park Warning Letter

When our attorney, Ed Rose, sent a warning letter to the San Diego City Attorney, Mara Elliott, she released the following statement to the public. She did not reply to the attorney at all, which is not professional of her and is disrespectful to our attorney. She is implying that we are a hate group, including the attorney, because we think citizens and taxpayers have a right to visit a public park, have lunch and view the murals at the park, in order to have a critical discussion. She says it is ironic to get a letter from an attorney defending our civil rights on the day after Martin Luther King Day. That is very strange, because we thought Martin Luther King was all about defending civil rights. I guess, it is just our rights, which are not important.

San Diego City Attorney’s Statement regarding Patriot Picnickers

San Diego City Attorney’s Response

See the letter that evoked this weird response at the link below.

Ed Rose’s Letter to San Diego City

This is a short video of the “peaceful” and “family-oriented” Park, which is so “beloved” by all San Diegans. (sarcasm)

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Chicano Park: Attorney’s Warning to San Diego City

Slight change to the Park logo,
which normally features Aztlan.

Chicano Park is a park in San Diego that promotes a racial form of Mexican/Hispanic ultra-nationalism, communism and anti-Americanism. The city’s policies are responsible for creating a dangerous environment for those of certain ethnic and racial backgrounds who disagree with the radical ideological theme of the Park. The City’s political leadership illegally supports this political Park with our tax money, because it is a great help to them in keeping the Democrats in control of City government.

Below is a link to the letter sent by attorney Ed Rose to the San Diego City leaders warning about the discrimination and violation of civil rights in Chicano Park and asking them to respond and inform us how they will change their policies to provide equal rights for everyone at this Park.

Ed Rose Letter Mailed

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DISCLAIMER: We are not “The Real Chicano Park” site

Many think that I (Roger Ogden) own the Facebook page called “The Real Chicano Park.” However, that is not true. The page is owned by Jeff Schwilk. Some of his friends are probably admins, but it is controlled by Jeff Schwilk. They are not connected with this page or any of the “Patriot Fire” sites. Nor are they part of the Proud Boys or former Proud Boys. (The San Diego chapter has been disbanded.)

In fact, Schwilk and his cohorts will not even be at Chicano Park on February 3rd. They were not at Chicano Park last September 3rd, either, or involved in the organizing. They just want to incite potentially violent people against us and then sit back and enjoy the fun, without exposing themselves to any risk. I have requested that they remove any links to my blog posts and videos. They just banned me from the site in response.

I organized Patriot Picnic I, but am not the organizer of the next event. However, the organizers of the Patriot II event are trying to take a moderate approach and make this event primarily about just raising the American flag in Chicano Park, since the flag is banned there. If the extremist supporters of the Park will not allow the flag to be raised, we intend to take video and publicize that as widely as possible. With any luck and the cooperation of the extremist supporters of the Park, it could get national attention.

Below are some screenshots from The Real Chicano Park site. Alexis Del Castillo is an organizer of the opposition event. The Park supporters making the comments think that the owner of The Real Chicano Park is the same as the organizers of the Patriot Picnic events. None of those involved with the Patriot Picnics are responsible for these comments. I generally delete comments like this, myself, if they appear on my own websites.

In fact, Hispanic and any others patriots, no matter what ethnicity or skin color, are invited to join us in flying the American flag in Chicano Park on February 3rd. There is always the possibility that some provocateur will show up. However, we are not Nazis or white supremacists as some extremist supporters of the Park like to defame us.

There are people on both sides that want to encourage a violent clash. Those coming to the park would prefer to avoid violence. But we insist on having the same rights in Chicano Park as in any other public park in San Diego.

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Attempt Fails to Use Courts to Limit Freedom of Speech

William Johnson, far-left activist

William Johnson lost today (Jan.12, 2018) in his attempt to silence Kris Wyrick via manipulation of the court system. In San Diego, Judge Tamila Ipema dismissed his frivolous request for a restraining order against two other family members and an family friend. Johnson had also filed a restraining order on a “Shadow Wyrick,” which is a non-existent person, only a handle used by some anonymous person on the Internet.

Johnson and Wyrick are both political activists. The restraining order was motivated mainly by a brawl that broke out at a Border Wall Rally in Otay Mesa in December. During that brawl, Johnson charged Kris Wyrick’s minor son (17 years old) and was struck in the face in self-defense. This produced a small cut on his face. The younger Wyrick had already been attacked by three fully-grown, much older men when Johnson charged him in a threatening manner.

Johnson was very unprepared and ill advised. First of all, the judge dismissed the restraining order request on everyone except Kris, due to no proof that they had been served papers.

The Judge advised Johnson that he needed to prove a threat on his life or violence against his person to warrant a restraining order. There was no proof of either of these presented in court. She also told Johnson that, if a crime has been committed, he should report that to the police, not the courts. She asked, whether a crime has been charged and Johnson replied, “not yet.”

This case is similar to another abusive restraining order filed recently by Yvette Felarca. Felarca is the leader of the violent, far-left, anarchist group, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). In that case a court awarded the person, who was the object of the restraining order, $11,000 in court costs and other expenses.

Those, who may have advised Johnson to seek such a restraining order, advised him poorly. Will Johnson has now made himself vulnerable to similar penalties, due to his abuse of the court system for political reasons.


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