Progressive Agenda for Amnesty of Illegal Aliens – Openly Declared

Eliseo Median of the SEIU openly declares that the progressive agenda for amnesty for illegal aliens is to turn them into progressive voters in order to swamp the electorate, so that progressives can dominate the Government for the foreseeable future and thereby achieve Obama’s goal of total transformation (destruction) of America. It is the same goal for mass asylum, because asylum fraud is just another way to immigrate to the U.S. illegally.

The video was produced about 2009, but the goal for Amnesty has not changed. It’s not about humanitarianism, as many claim, but rare political power. Eliseo Medina was then an vice president of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which was a major supporter of Barack Obama in the 2008 election.

Media quotes the number of illegal aliens as being 11 million, This was the official government number, which has not changed much in many years. However, it is thought that the actual number of illegal aliens in the United States is much higher, probably somewhere around 20-30 million.

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Fake Refugees Pour Into Guatemala By The Thousands, Destination US

Several thousand fake refugees poured across the border from Honduras to Guatemala on the night of January 15th. The video below shows some of them crossing. Below that, there is an article that has been translated from Spanish into English, which claims more than 6,000 crossed and 3,000 more are reportedly on the way. In the video, the police at first block the asylum fraudsters, but then later step aside and allow them to cross the border without proper documents or Covid-19 test results.

Note that two international agencies, the United Nations and Red Cross, are providing assistance to the asylum fraudsters in their trip north to the promised land. The is the second caravan that has crossed in recent days. The first one was much smaller and is already in Mexico. The Mexico has sent hundreds of national guardsmen to the border, reportedly to attempt to stop this crossing.

Caravana migrante: más de 6 mil hondureños ingresaron a Guatemala y descansan en el país antes de seguir rumbo a EE. UU.

Migrant caravan: more than 6 thousand Hondurans entered Guatemala and rest in the country before continuing to the United States.

Thousands of migrants who travel on foot from Honduras to the United States were moving through Guatemala this Saturday, January 16, preparing to go to Mexico, the next obstacle to overcome in search of better living conditions, which they long to receive from the future government of Joe Biden.

On the night of Friday, January 15, some 6,000 migrants managed to cross the border line in El Florido, 220 km east of Guatemala City, after yielding to police controls. The figure was provided by the Guatemalan Migration Institute.

On the morning of Saturday, January 16, there were still more migrants gathering at that border crossing to enter, according to official reports.

Despite the fact that a decree empowered the police to use force to contain the advance on Friday, the decision to open the way was made after verifying that there were many families with children in the group, according to what a police chief told AFP. The caravan ignored the requirement to present documents and a negative COVID-19 test.

Numbers Growing
In a report presented this Saturday, January 16, at 11:15 a.m., staff from the Guatemalan Migration Institute indicated that they expect more than 3,000 Hondurans to come the next day.

That would raise the figure and register 9 thousand Honduran migrants in the national territory (Guatemala) in less than 48 hours.

The Road to Mexico
After resting in the surroundings, several groups entered Guatemalan territory, reaching Jocotán, Chiquimula department, bordering Honduras. Some went in search of institutions to support migrants, and others received support from the Red Cross and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“I decided to go to the United States because in my country there is no work, there is nothing, and I have to leave because the pandemic and hurricanes destroyed the country,” 20-year-old Honduran Carlos Flores explained to AFP.

The migrants say they are fleeing a Honduras heavily hit by the passage of hurricanes Eta and Iota in November and the lack of employment caused by the pandemic, which adds to the endemic evils of a country riddled by violence associated with gangs and the drug trafficking.

Almost all carry backpacks with their few belongings and most of them wear sandals. On the way, it is common to hear them chanting “out JOH”, the initials of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández, whom they blame for their situation.

“I have come on foot, penniless, suffering. Thank God we are now going here in Guatemala, now to leave (to the United States) ”, Agustina Rodríguez, 40, told the press.

Most of them left at dawn on Friday from the San Pedro Sula bus station, in northern Honduras, the usual starting point of caravans.

“We came about 400 (in his group), some grabbed from other sides, they all scattered. I had to go through some rivers with the wet clothes that I wear there. When they have given us food, we have eaten and, when not, we have endured hunger ”, added Agustina.

Most go on foot and some ask for a “hitchhiking” ride. On their way, they will still run into several police control checkpoints within Guatemala before reaching the border with Mexico, which has already announced that “it will not allow the irregular entry of caravans of migrants” and deployed 500 agents in Chiapas and Tabasco, border states with Guatemala.

After traveling 450 km within Guatemala, the bulk of the caravan will try to enter Mexico through the border crossing of Tecún Umán (southwest), according to the Migration Office.

Border Emergency
Many participants in this caravan are convinced that Joe Biden, who assumes the presidency of the United States on January 20, will be more flexible than his predecessor, Donald Trump, with the immigration rules.

But Washington has already ruled out the possibility of special treatment. “Don’t waste your time and money and don’t risk your health and safety.” “It’s a deadly trip,” said Acting Commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Mark A. Morgan.

Trump himself extended the “national emergency” on the border with Mexico on Friday, first imposed in February 2019 to unlock funds and build his much-heralded wall.

“More action is needed to address the humanitarian crisis and control illegal migration and the flow of narcotics and criminals,” said a statement from the White House.

More than a dozen caravans, some with thousands of migrants, have left Honduras since October 2018, but have encountered thousands of US military and border guards positioned on the southern border with Mexico by Trump.

However, through calls on social networks they insist on making this long journey that, if completed, will have made them travel more than 5,000 km (3,000 miles).

Caravan migrants

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(Video) Thousands of Fake Refugees Headed To US Border To Greet Biden

About 3,000 fake refugees have left Honduras headed for the border of the United States. Some reports say they have already broken through the Guatemalan border. Mexico has sent about 1,000 national guardsmen to try to stop them at the Mexican border with Guatemala.

This new update at the link below states that this caravan was stopped at the border by Guatemalan police and sent back to Honduras in buses.

Group of members of the migrant caravan clash with police on the border of Guatemala
Grupo de integrantes de la caravana migrante choca con la policía en la frontera de Guatemala

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Trump-Cult, Qanon, Mass-Brainwash Video For Inauguration Day

A Trump-cult, brainwashing film promoting the concepts of Qanon implies that Trump still has a plan for Inauguration Day, 2021.

View on Bitchute:

Trump-Cult, Qanon, Mass-Brainwash Video For Inauguration Day – Bitchute

Trump Cult Video

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Cuban News Report On Potential Migrant Caravan Forming

This report is from the Cuban website, Periodico Cubano, describing attempts to form a new migrant caravan for travel to the U.S., posted on 1/13/2021.

Tensión militar en Tapachula por posible caravana de cubanos y otros migrantes

Military tension in Tapachula due to possible caravan of Cubans and other migrants
A new migrant caravan would leave Honduras this week

Migrant Cubans continue to try to obtain a humanitarian visa in the city of Tapachula, on the border with Guatemala, to be able to move legally in Mexican territory to the United States.

Local media reports indicate that since December 23, hundreds of undocumented immigrants from the island and Central America have tried to process the document at the offices of the National Institute of Migration (INM).

The desperation for this situation caused a fight between Cubans and Hondurans who gathered enter these offices a few days ago.

On that occasion, the Mexican authorities decided to suspend the service, claiming that the migrants were not complying with the preventive measures to avoid contagion of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The Reuters agency reported that given the possibility of a new migrant caravan forming for traveling to the border between Mexico and the United States, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador deployed riot control teams in that city to prevent the advance of the contingent.

In addition, Guatemalan and Honduran authorities reported that they will also position troops from their respective armies to prevent the advance of a caravan from Central America.

The caravan that is supposed to leave Honduras this week led to a meeting on Monday between authorities from this country, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico in order to establish a comprehensive plan towards this situation.

“We just want them to give us an answer,” said a Cuban woman in a protest that was organized in front of the aforementioned INM offices and was captured by the cameras of said agency.

In addition, another Cuban citizen assured that the migrants will not move from the vicinity of the offices until they receive a response regarding their visa applications.

A Cuban woman interviewed by local media last week assured that several of her compatriots are initiating procedures at the INM and the Mexican Commission for Aid to Refugees so that they can legally be in Mexico.

She also said that at the moment thousands of others are crossing Central America and then entering Mexican territory.

A few hours after the end of 2020, hundreds of Cubans jumped over the controls of the Paso del Norte international bridge, located in Ciudad Juárez, to demand asylum in the United States. This caused the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency to activate one of its riot groups to prevent illegal entry into the United States.

Most migrants are confident that during the first days of Joe Biden’s administration, favorable immigration measures will be established for entering the United States, however, experts assure that this will not happen soon and for a while the policies established by Donald Trump will continue.

Note: This article was automatically translated from Spanish and a couple of minor errors corrected.

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Will Biden Stop The Border Wall Construction?

This is a report by Univision about the status of the border fence and whether Biden will stop the construction The was broadcast on New Years Eve and is subtitled in English. Ironically, English-language news outlets mostly ignore what’s happening on at the border. It seems that leftist, Democratic congressmen are also more open with a Spanish-language news organization.

A total of 450 miles of bollard fence on the border is being finished as this report was made. The only thing that Biden can stop is the secondary construction, such as road-building, border lights and sensors. It seems doubtful that any of this will be stopped when Biden takes office, much less the border fence torn down.

Congressman Cuellar told the reporter that the funds allocated to building the fence should be transferred to obtain technology and other resources for border security. However, the fence will be finished by the time that Biden takes office and funds for other technology and resources, such border lights, sensor networks and roads are already in the contracts. Work is already on-going to provide these other features to support border security.

Will Biden Stop The Border Wall Construction? – Bitchute Video

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Fake Refugee Caravans Forming In Mexico Already

Caravans of Fake Refugees are already forming in southern Mexico and Mexican authorities are not stopping the illegal migrants any longer. This report is about a small group of about 100 persons, but the caravans could soon become much larger. This news report is from 1/1/2021.

This is the direct link to the video on Bitchute, in case you want to share or embed that.

Fake Refugee Caravans Forming In Mexico – Bitchute

If the video is not playing it is because Bitchute is having connection problems. You can try again later.

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Biden Plans To Restart Refugee Caravans In Six Months

Biden is cited in this report as planning to revoke Trump’s restrictions on fraudulent asylum seekers in about six months after he takes office and restore the old asylum system, which was so easily abused by those who just wanted to enter the US illegally to work illegally or for other nefarious reasons. This will certainly revive the so-called migrant caravans from Central America.

He is discouraging people form coming at this time, because it will take some time to dismantle the Trump restrictions and restore the more lax, fraud-ridden, asylum system. Also, it would be a great embarrassment to him and animate his opposition, if huge caravans show up at our borders as soon as he takes office. So, he apparently wants to reopen the borders gradually over some months in a more orderly way.

Subtitled in English.

Biden Plans To Restart Refugee Caravans In Six Months – Bitchute video

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Illegals Demand Covid Stimulus Checks

This Univision report attempts to make the case that illegal aliens should receive Covid stimulus checks from the U.S. government, subtitled in English. One woman goes so far as to exclaim that all “citizens” in the Country, documented or not, should receive Covid stimulus checks.

Subtitled in English.

Illegals Want Covid Stimulus Checks – Bitchute video

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Trump Calls For Mob To Surround Congress For Election Confirmation Vote

Trump issued a tweet which calls on his fanatical supporters to show up in Washington D.C. on January 6, the day that Congress will confirm the electoral vote for a Biden presidency. Trump is the troll-in-chief and this may be leading up to his greatest troll of the American people.

This will be an act of intimidation, not unlike the time in March, 1933 that Hitler ordered the Brown Shirts and SS to surround the German Parliament (Reichstag) on the day that they voted for the Enabling Act, making Hitler a total dictator.

The so-called “Proud Boys” and various allied, alt-right groups remind are reminiscent of the Brown Shirts of Nazi Days, just as antifa is reminiscent of the communist street fighters that battled the Brown Shirts during the days of the Weimar Republic.

However, the Proud Boys and and allies do not have nearly the numbers that the Brown Shirts and SS had. Neither do they have the record and credibility for violence that the Brown Shirts/SS had. This is likely to turn out to be a farce, though perhaps a violent farce.

Profane, Paramilitary Trump street thugs marching in Washington D.C.

Trump will still be the commander-in-chief on January 6th. So, if violence breaks out, he will be in control of the National Guard and Armed Forces. Judging from recent events the crowd will likely be small enough, though, that the police in D.C. and surrounding area will be able to deal with the crowd. Trump probably hopes that hundreds of thousands will show up to intimidate Congress. No doubt there will be many violent anarcho-communist antifa and their supporters there, also.

Trump has reportedly also changed federal regulations recently to allow execution by firing squad, electrocution and poisonous gas. There is also a petition being circulated by some of his followers calling for him to invoke the Insurrection Act which would allow him to deploy troops in the US in order to stay in power. The law is intended to help put down physical rebellions not judges, who do not rule in the way a president would like.

Epoch Times: Insurrection Act of 1807 Explained; Martial Law is Coming?

Trump my be more crazy and erratic than some of us thought and some of his supporters are more delusional than we thought. Trump is not just egotistical, but seems pathologically egotistical. It is called extreme narcissism, a mental disorder.

Some insiders have called him “crazy” and they may be right, though a mental disorder is not technically considered insanity. I do not think he is a “Hitler” but maybe Trump is our King Ludwig, the crazy King of Bavaria. We may have to confine him to an isolated island somewhere. LoL.

This is a video that Trump tweeted in the early morning hours of 12/19/2020 to promote his intimidation event for Congress on January 6, 2021. It appears to me that he more or less calling for the overthrow of the American electoral system, so he can remain president.

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