Attempt To Disqualify DA In Antifa Conspiracy Due To Her Conservatism (Failed)

A motion has been filed in the first-ever, Antifa conspiracy case to disqualify the San Diego District Attorney, Summer Stephan, from prosecuting the trial because during her campaign she expressed conservative political and pro-law-enforcement views. Her views have been deemed hostile to the violent, anarcho-communist ideology of Antifa. Therefore, she is accused of being unable to fairly prosecute Antifa members, who conspire to commit violent crimes intended to suppress the free speech of others. This motion may be considered at an upcoming hearing on November 17th by Judge Daniel Goldstein. If this concept were accepted widely it would seem that only progressive Democrats could be allowed to try BLM and Antifa defendants.

UPDATE: This motion failed.

Twelve antifa have been charged with conspiracy to riot and other crimes. Seven of them have already pled guilty. One has been sentenced to nearly 5 years in prison. The intention was to disrupt a pro-Trump rally on January 9th, 2021 in Pacific Beach, a neighborhood in San Diego, just three days after the J6 event at the Capitol building.

First of all, pointing the finger at the crimes of someone else does not excuse a person from their own crimes. In the article below by KBPS, the writer summarizes the complaints in the motion to disqualify. He refers to elements that he claims are white supremacists and fascists and crimes that some have supposedly committed. This Leftist conspiracy theory holds that those on the Left are being prosecuted in San Diego, while others on the Right get off free. I can tell you from personal experience that’s not true.

Examples given in the KPBs article below as unpunished crimes the Right has committed are the following. One person giving a Nazi salute, another brandishing a knife and others assaulting Leftists. Giving a Nazi salute is not a crime and you don’t know whether it reflects the person’s own belief or whether he did it in sarcasm because they say Antifa are the real fascists.

Brandishing a knife and minor assaults are misdemeanors. Under current California law, a misdemeanor has to be witnessed directly by the police to be prosecutable, even if there is video. On the other hand, these Antifa defendants are charged with felony conspiracy.

Defense attorney asks judge to remove San Diego District Attorney from antifa conspiracy case – KPBS Article

Why BLM/Antifa Attract Attention Of Law Enforcement

If radical, revolutionary, far-left groups are getting more scrutiny from the DA and the police in San Diego than groups on the Right it may just be because they tried to burn down the La Mesa Police station in San Diego County. Here they chant in front of the San Diego Police Station that all police stations should be burned to the ground. That kind of thing somehow tends to get the attention of the police. Yet, if the DA and police act or even call it a “threat”, somehow they must be incurably “biased”.

Jonah Bigel was among the Antifa rioters on J6 — though he was not charged in the conspiracy. One of his actions on another day was apparently an attempt to burn down a San Diego Police Storefront office.

Antifa traces their roots back to the pre-WWII Antifa street fighters against Nazis and they use similar symbolism. But anyone who knows a little about that history knows that Antifa of that time were not just “anti-fascist”, they were violent, revolutionary communists, not really much different in their violent tactics than Nazis.

Text Of The Frivolous Motion To Disqualify

Below is the 243-page Motion to Disqualify, which is full of misleading information and falsehoods, but in “progressive”, communist-friendly California it may very well succeed.


Previous Disqualification in BLM Case

There is an earlier case, in which a DA was disqualified in the prosecution of BLM organizers. This happened in San Luis Obispo, Ca. In this earlier case 300 BLM protesters shut down a major freeway and vandalized some of the cars as well as put drivers at risk of being injured in accidents. It was claimed that the DA was biased, because of things his wife and other associates said, not him. See quote from the first article below:

The trial court found that a campaign email from Wendy Dow, wife of the DA, which made references to “crazy protest activity” and “the wacky defund the police movement and anarchist groups,” “established a disqualifying conflict of interest on the part of District Attorney Dow and his entire office.”

The court also found that District Attorney Dow had “associated with two media personalities who were critical of BLM and that he had participated in a Facebook group in which some members had posted statements that disparaged BLM.”

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Every Illegal And His Dog Crossing Border In San Diego

Illegals crossing on the beach as seen from Mexican side

The video below combines a couple of videos that were posted on Mexican news outlets. They are reused here to show illegal crossers at the beach in San Diego. According to reports, about 100 illegals per day are crossing the border at this place.

The section of a few hundred yards was not finished during the Trump term and is being finished now under Biden. I do not think Biden wanted to do it, but a judge ruled that he could not reprogram the money that had been reserved for it by Trump. So, he has to let it go forward and finish the part of the Trump Wall that has already been funded, apparently. Note the dog crossing near the end of the video. Reportedly, the dog was immediately repatriated to Mexico, but probably not the humans.

View of construction from the US side

They are building an 18-foot primary fence, bordering Mexico and a 30-foot secondary fence behind it. The secondary fence has been completed first. It will take many more months for the primary fence to be finished and presumably for that time, it will continue to be relatively easy to cross here at the beach.

View of Border to the west from US side

The silver color of the new fence is due to an anti-corrosive coating of some kind applied to the normally rust-colored, steel bollards. The brown fence in the distance was completed during Trump’s term in office.

View of the Border to the east from US side

Other Notorious illegal crossing places in San Diego Co.

When this construction is done, of course, you should not expect the unprecedented mass illegal crossing of millions to stop, at least not while Biden is in office. Here are some other places that they cross regularly. Of course, crossing in all of these places is controlled by the local cartel coyote and illegal crossers have to pay, about $8-9K in the San Diego area to cross from what I have heard.

  • Tijuana river border crossing – Just to the west of the San Ysidro border crossing, behind the Las Americas Premium Outlets there is a 350-yard gap here where there is no border barrier at all to stop fake refugees from walking into US territory to fraudulently claim asylum and be released.

  • Near the South Bay Water Reclamation Plant – At this location just off Monument Road, the cartel coyotes put fake refugees over the primary fence. They camp out there until the Border Patrol comes to pick them up with a shuttle bus. Progressive hypocrites provide food, water and other supplies through the secondary fence here. They claim it is a “humanitarian relief project”, but it is really about progressive (neo-Marxist) politics and cheap labor for big business. Click on these coordinates (32.540046, -117.068154) for a map to the location.

  • Marron Valley – Between Otay Mountain and Tecate Peak, there is no border barrier at all for about 6-7 miles of relatively flat land. The Tijuana river meanders across the border at this place, but it is dry most of the year and can be easily walked across. The Border Patrol has a shuttle bus stop here where they go regularly to fetch the new arrivals, most to be quickly released into the US. The Border Patrol discourages the public from driving all the way to the border in Marron Valley, because it is a hot spot for drug smuggling. Click on these coordinates (32.578056, -116.763056) for a map to the location. The Border Patrol warns that you NOT go past the gate in the road at this point.

  • Campo Creek – where the creek and an old railroad track crosses the border there is several hundred yards where there is no border barrier at all. It is easy to walk across the border here. To drive there you have to use the border road starting from Tecate or from Campo.

  • Jacumba Hot Springs. Near Jacumba there is a single low fence, built during the Bush era, where they climb over. In places the fake refugees can walk around the fence. Reportedly a number of camps are there of fake refugees. The Border Patrol also provides a regular shuttle service for them to the station.

This should be considered criminal endangerment of a child, as well as untold hundreds of other such cases occurring every week. Our government’s policy encourages it, as well other serious criminal behavior.

Illegal Mob Storms Border At Tijuana River into San Diego

An illegal mob storms the border at the Tijuana River near San Diego. This crowd of illegals is climbing the south levee of the Tijuana River channel. If they turn left at the top and walk/run about half a mile, there are about 350 yards of wide open border with no barrier where the Tijuana River crosses the border just west of the San Ysidro port of entry. They can just run across the border in this location. The Border Patrol is not allowed to stop them, but only escort them. This is most probably not a one-time event, but something that the local cartel controlling this part of the border does regularly. They are coming, of course, because Biden has invited them to come by relaxing the policy on who is allowed to remain in the US.

Even if the Border Patrol detains them, these illegal crossers will likely claim refugee status and be released into the US under Biden’s turbocharged catch-and-release policy. Since illegal border crossing is controlled by the cartels, they were without much doubt put across by cartel smugglers and may have been smuggled across Mexico by a cartel, as well. The point is that it is insane for us to be allowing the Mexican smuggling cartels to choose who immigrates to America. We are growing and empowering the cartels on both sides of the border.

They have a cartel contact when they arrive here. Many borrow money from the cartel to cross. They are then, in effect, indentured to the cartel until the loan is paid off. The quickest and easiest way to make a large sum of money is via illegal activities, which may be working for the cartel in the US.

There has been some talk of building a bollard fence across the river here. However, millions of gallons of sewage and toxic waste flow freely into the US territory at this place. US and Mexican officials are concerned that a fence across the river could cause, during rainy weather, the sewage and toxic wastewater to back up and flood Tijuana.

This video was published by a news outlet in Tijuana in early October of 2023.


Vivek Ramaswamy Is NOT A Natural Born Citizen

Vivek Ramaswamy seems to have admitted that he is not a natural-born citizen and therefore not constitutionally eligible to be elected President. In the following video, the moderator says his age is 38, and slightly later (00:34) Ramaswamy says his parents moved to this country 40 years ago.

Unless his parents were already citizens when they moved here, they were not citizens when he was born. A person has to live in the US for at least 5 years before they can even apply to become a citizen.

They probably were here on a temporary visa. They may have had Vivek to improve their chances of gaining permanent residency and eventually becoming citizens.

The requirement in the Constitution is that a candidate for the presidency be a natural-born citizen. If they had meant just born in the US, the Framers would have simply said that. The Framers of the Constitution were not stupid. They did not use words that had absolutely no meaning.

A natural-born citizen is a term from the philosophy of natural law. It means basically the child of American parents born in the US, who has no claim on the citizenship of another country. Vivek was the child of two Asian Indian parents when he was born and therefore had the right to Indian citizenship when he was born.

Some people, mainly progressives, think that public opinion or the decision of a judge — legislating from the bench — should be enough to change the Constitution. Americans should NOT go along with that.

This is the same way that judges legislating from the bench discovered a non-existent, right to abortion in the Constitution. They made it up on the fly!

Kamala Harris is not eligible for the vice-presidency in the same way and neither is Nikki Haley. To draw an analogy, because a bank has been robbed 3-4 times and the robbers got away with it does not change the law for the future. Americans should just refuse to vote for ineligible candidates. They should also publicly denounce such candidates. It is more than disgusting that two ineligible candidates were on the Republican debate stage, without anyone saying anything about it.

It is extremely dangerous to allow progressives and others of their ilk to just change the Constitution at will. They are also working hard to diminish and erase the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Should those parts of the Constitution also be changed on the fly according to the current public whim?

If any person born here would be eligible to become president, then two illegal aliens or a couple on tourist visas could conceive and give birth to an American president. That would be absurd and certainly not what the Framers of the Constitution intended. The 14th Amendment did not address or change the original, basic presidential eligibility requirement and it was never intended to do so. Yet, the 14th Amendment is often used to claim that anyone born in the U.S. can become president no matter how tenuous the connect of the family is to the US.

Americans should be a part of preserving the original intent of the Constitution, not its destruction. You can do that in this situation by denouncing those shameless candidates who are not eligible and refusing to vote for them.

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Constitutional Originalists Advocate Barring Trump From Election

Two very conservative constitutional scholars have submitted an article that will be published in the prestigious, University of Pennsylvania Law Journal. They argue that Trump is already legally disqualified from holding office under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment due to aiding and abetting an insurrection. Authors William Baude and Michael Stokes Paulsen are “originalists” and members of the conservative Federalist Society, as are two-thirds of the Supreme Court, including recent Trump appointees. The term “Originalist” means they believe in a strict interpretation of the Constitution as the Framers intended.

Conservative lawyers argue Trump is legally disqualified from holding office

Please forgive me for sharing a video from MSNBC. However, you can consider it intelligence information, because it shows what the plan of attack by the Democrats will be, to bar Trump from being a candidate. If this succeeds in only 1-2 key battleground states, it could become impossible for Trump to win the general election.

No conviction by trial is necessary. The appointed election officials in each state are authorized to decide who is qualified to be a candidate. The authors urge all officials and courts to uphold the Constitution in this matter. Of course, this would be challenged in court and probably go to the Supreme Court. In regard to this issue, Trump does not have a very good record of success in court. It appears that a couple of Congressmen and Senators could potentially be removed from office for the same reason.

Gavin Newsom already tried to bar Trump from the primary ballot in 2020 but was overruled by a court. This effort, though, will likely be much better received by the courts.

Of course, the idea of banning Trump from the ballot will greatly appeal to Democrats and Progressives. I expect a large movement of blue states seeking to ban Trump as a candidate for the presidency. If a precedent is created in court then probably many if not all of the Red states will end up going along with it, if for no other reason than a lawsuit is filed to compel them to comply and ban Trump as a candidate.

Six southern states also have there own state laws against insurrectionists holding office that may be used to assists those trying to ban Trump from the ballot in those very critical states, which might otherwise be considered solidly pro-Trump.

A federal court already ordered a county commissioner in New Mexico, Couy Griffin, to be removed from office and banned from future office, due to his participation in the J6 insurrection, found to be a violation of the 14th Amendment.

Text of the article by Baude and Paulsen

If nothing else, just read the abstract on the first page of the article, below.
Click here to download article or view full-screen

Thumbnail image: