Biden Has Outsourced Our Immigration System To Cartels

Biden is outsourcing a large part of our immigration system to the smuggling Cartels, who control human trafficking in Latin America. They murder about 30,000 people per year in Mexico. It is the Cartels who decide who can be trafficked across Mexico without the proper documents and those they smuggle will probably be here in the U.S. for the rest of their lives. Those who pay for the cartels to come are likely to continue working with them in the future after they arrive. This is obviously not the way we ought to be doing immigration. We should choose who can come, not the cartels.

We are helping the cartels enormously to expand their presence in the US. We could eventually being controlled by them. The cartels are most probably already paying off our politicians in some way. Once they feel secure enough to start blatantly murdering tens of thousands of us every year for opposing them, hanging bodies from overpasses as a warning to others, as they do in Mexico, the end will be near. Everyone should be really concerned about this.

The cartels franchise the entire border to their associates for a share of the money generated from the smuggling. There may be a few that cross without the cartel’s permission and get away with it, but it would be a very dangerous thing to do regularly in significant volume. These people pleading poverty have usually paid the cartels many thousands of dollars to be smuggled across Mexico and across our own border to their destination. The cartels already have their tentacles spread all across the US. The woman in the video may very well be getting paid by the local cartel for her work.

The Santa Muerte cult is a folk religion in Mexico, based on the pagan, Aztec goddess of death and queen of the underworld. The tattoo is not exclusively a cartel tattoo. Prostitutes, petty criminals and common people can also be followers of Santa Muerte, because they do not feel that they fit into the regular, traditional church. But the implication that this woman is helping to smuggle people is most probably correct and she most likely gets paid for it by the cartel for smuggling these people. I very much doubt that she’s an unpaid volunteer. She is likely acting as cartel coyote, herself, working on a daily basis in a US airport.

This local newscast by KUSI in San Diego also discusses Cartel influence in the current, record wave of illegal border crossing.

Border Patrol Co-Opted By Cartels, Gagged By Biden

This all needs to come out in the open. There should be a congressional investigation, but Congress is probably already intimidated by the cartels or worse some actually support what the cartels are doing.

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Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Child, Dumped In Desert

This is just one example of many thousands of children being trafficked by the cartels across Mexico and into the U.S. Univision reports that 17,000 of them are already in custody at this time and as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children are estimated to be trafficked this year into the United States. This is shocking mass abuse of children and Biden’s open-borders policies are directly responsible for this. Current policy will be to unite this boy probably with the very people responsible for his trafficking by the cartels and criminal endangerment. Current policy requires that this boy be re-united probably with the very people, who contracted to have him smuggled by a cartel, causing his criminal endangerment. They should be prosecuted and deported for this criminal behavior, not rewarded.

How many will be abandoned or die while being trafficked across Mexico or crossing the desert? How many will be sold to someone? The numbers won’t be reported, because what happens to them generally will not be known, especially when they are under the control of the traffickers. They will just disappear in Mexico or in the desert in the United States.

Law Enforcement saves lives, border chaos kills.

Bitchute Video – Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Child, Dumped In Desert

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The Illegal Migrant Camp That Biden Built – Tijuana Update (3April21)

The illegal migrant camp in Tijuana — inspired by Biden — is gradually growing, week by week. The camp is right on the border, about 200 yards away. A mob could suddenly rush the border and it seems doubtful that anyone could stop them from crossing the border to declare they want to claim asylum. Under Biden policies, if that happens, Customs and the Border Patrol is required to act like a welcoming party and usher them into the country to be quickly released.

The map image is from Google Earth and it’s old. It looks like a fence is still there across the incoming lanes, but the image is just a little out of date.

Bitchute video: The Illegal Migrant Camp That Biden Built

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Border Patrol Co-Opted By Cartels, Gagged By Biden

A retired Border Patrolman describes how the illegal border crossing is controlled by the cartels and says that the Border Patrol has been co-opted by them. This is a KUSI news report that discusses the tidal wave of unqualified refugees coming across the border in the spring of 2021. Past experience has shown that these “refugees” generally never receive asylum from a court. Most of them are coming to benefit economically and to obtain social benefits. The Biden administration has put a gag order on local Customs and Border Protection (CBP) commands in an attempt to stop embarrassing information about the border chaos from becoming public knowledge.

Bitchute video – Border Patrol Co-Opted By Cartels, Gagged By Biden

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The Hell Of Human Trafficking In Mexico

This news report describes the terror of 20-days of human trafficking in Mexico. That they put nearly 500 in one trailer seems impossible, but it did not see possible to jam 25 in an SUV as they just did in Holtsville, CA, where recently 13 died in a traffic accident.

These people survived, but the road from Mexico is no doubt littered with the bodies of those who didn’t survive. No one knows about them, because the coyotes will dispose of the bodies anonymously. Anyone that tells about it, may be killed. Their families will only know that they disappeared somehow.

Others may have been kidnapped by the coyotes, especially the pretty young girls and forced to live in sex bondage.

Biden and DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas are responsible for triggering this new wave of illegal migration to the border, which motivated people to put themselves in the hands of cartel smugglers, the same cartels that kill 30k people in Mexico every year. So, they have little concern about human life.

Biden is enriching the cartels and expanding their influence in the United States. With his recent actions, Biden has put the cartels in charge of deciding who can immigrate into the US via the southern border. He has turned the Border Patrol into a welcome wagon for illegal crossers, just another delivery tool for the cartels.

Bitchute Video – The Hell Of Human Trafficking In Mexico

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Cartels Tag Illegal Crossers With Payment-Status Bracelets

The flow of thousands of fake refugees daily across the border has forced the cartels to tag illegal crossers with payment status bracelets in order to keep better track of who has paid their crossing fees. Those who cross without paying will be beaten or killed, if caught. This just shows how much the cartels control this illegal, human trafficking business.

Smuggling people into the United States is a form of human trafficking and they call it that in this new report by Univision. The cartels control the entire border on the Mexican side and everyone that crosses illegally is required to pay. The cartels also smuggle people across Mexico and within the United States.

If a would-be border crosser doesn’t pay the necessary cartels in Mexico, he is much more likely to be beaten, abused, kidnapped or murdered. These are the same cartels who smuggle drugs and kill tens of thousands of people in Mexico every year.

Parents turning their children over to organized crime organizations that murder thousands to be smuggled across Mexico into the US is obviously very serious child abuse, but oddly it seems to bother almost no one. Biden, and the organizations that support this flow of trafficked people are guilty of enabling the crime and encouraging more to be trafficked.

Bitchute video – Cartels Tag Illegal Crossers With Payment-Status Bracelets

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Rally Against Asylum Fraud / Child Trafficking In San Diego, 3/27

There will be a small rally against mass asylum fraud and the associated child /human trafficking in San Diego. Hundreds of homeless Americans will be booted out of the Convention Center and replaced by the trafficked juveniles and children, starting on Saturday. This will be a peaceful, free-speech, street rally. All are welcome and you can express whatever view you want.

There is nothing personal against the specific persons moving into the Convention Center. People just believe this system of mass asylum fraud, supported by human trafficking by murderous smuggling cartels is incredibly detrimental to having a law-abiding, civil society. Allowing it to take place just promotes the trafficking of many more people.

Saturday, March 27rd, starting at 10am
San Diego Convention Center
111 W Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101

Those coming to the US border to “seek asylum” and be released into the US are generally trafficked here by the cartels, the same drug cartels that kill tens of thousands of people every year, often in the most gruesome way imaginable. Parents hire these cartels to transport their children and youth to the US, because they hope to gain some benefit from it.

The juveniles are often sexually or physically abused along the way and may even be killed. Just the act of putting their kids in the hands of these cartels for such a dangerous and grueling journey is already severe child abuse.

The cartels have been operating in the U.S. for a long time in areas such as drug distribution and money laundering. Releasing so many people into the country that already have a relationship with the cartels, just expands the influence of the cartels in the United States. If they run short of money, many will just call their cartel contact for a quick way to earn some money.

Former president Trump demonstrated that this could be stopped very easily by showing a determination to enforce the immigration law. However, all president Biden had to do to restart it bigger than ever and allow another huge surge in child/human trafficking was to signal that he had no intention of enforcing the law.

The motivation for this terribly misguided, mass-asylum-fraud, political movement is radical progressive politics and plain old financial corruption.

This rally will be to support a return of law enforcement to the border and put an end to the human trafficking and other social ills that go with the border chaos. Real border enforcement saves lives, border chaos kills.

Esther Valdes, an immigration attorney, discusses trafficking of asylum seekers in this interview.

Stop trafficking of these kids by eliminating the incentive to do it.

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Tijuana Fake Refugee Camp Update – March 19, 2021

Status update of the migrant (fake refugee) camp in Tijuana, which has been growing larger by about 20% per week. Support by the United Nations and other international organizations is indicated. Also, the tension between the migrants and local Tijuana residents is evaluated. This camp is very close to the vehicle border crossing going into Mexico and could be the cause of the a riot or another storming of the border as was seen in 2018. A young girl is spotted with an older man, who at least to me does not appear to be her father. You be the judge.

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Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

A coyote and woman describe the details of their plan for her and her two children to be trafficked to the US, presumably to claim asylum. The coyote, of course, works for the smuggling cartels. She is bringing small children, because they are her free ticket into the US when claiming asylum.

Fleeing poverty is not a legal justification to be granted asylum status in the US. So, what usually happens is that they claim asylum just to gain entry and then abandon the asylum process to live illegally in the country.

She talks about being short of money, even to start the journey. What often happens is that the cartel gives them credit. They may have to do something illegal to pay back the loan. The cartel will know where her mother and other children are to make sure that she pays the cartel back. If she doesn’t pay them back her family will be in danger. It is abuse of the children to exploit them in this way. Since she has to pay $5.5k just to start. I suspect the total cost is $11k and half of that will be a loan from the cartel.

The coyote will likely arrange for her to buy a humanitarian visa from a corrupt Mexican official, which makes it much easier to transit Mexico to the US border. The visa also allows her to obtain benefits from the UNHCR (aka the UN refugee agency) as well as other NGO’s, to provide for their basic needs. The UN refugee agency gives them cell phones and debit cards that they can use to withdraw cash from ATM’s to buy items that they cannot obtain from the nonprofits.

Bitchute video – Coyote Plans To Traffick Woman / Children To US

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United Nations Role In Refugee Crisis On SW Border

Though there are many groups and organizations involved, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is a key leader — if not the most important leader — in organizing, coordinating and funding the effort to bring economic refugees from Central America and other parts of the world and to help them to cross the border, which will result in the the great majority of them living illegally in America. Without assistance from the UNHCR, these masses of questionable refugees would most likely not be assaulting our southwestern border to nearly the extent that they are now.

This post is still a draft. As more information becomes available, this page will be updated and re-edited.

We have been hearing, since since the Fall of 2018, when the first contingent of the caravan vanguard rolled into Tijuana in air-conditioned tourist buses, that these so-called refugees are able to withdraw money at ATM’s. Also, they all seem to have cell phones. We wondered where they were getting the money and support.

The UNHCR has a program to provide cash assistance to refugees for the daily basic needs when they have enough funds. They also hand out cell phones to refugees. To learn more about the UNHCR programs of cash assistance and cell phone distributions for refugees, go to these links.

There is no doubt much funding for the so-called refugees from Central America, because it is a hot political issue for progressives and others, who so desperately desire to fundamentally transform America. So, they are probably have considerable funds for supporting Central Americans and others to invade the US en masse via our southern border.

Cash assistance gives refugees the power of choice – UNHCR

Planning a mobile phone distribution? – UNHCR

Large and small contributors can designate the use of their donations for specific purposes. So, the UNHCR can be used to funnel money from political special interests to provide cash to refugees coming to the US border. The UN is providing basic financial support to illegitimate economic refugees coming from Central America, the Caribbean, South America and Africa to gain entry to the US.

Most of them are committing asylum fraud, because neither fleeing economic hardship nor crime is legal justification for obtaining asylum in the US. The UNHCR has two offices in Tapachula in Souther Mexico new the border. The fake refugees can probably register with the UN when they cross the border, if not earlier, and are are able to obtain financial and other support from the UN or their associates along the way to the US border.

The cost to purchase a humanitarian visa from a Mexican official at the Southern Border is around $1,500-$2,500, according to a documentary produced by National Geographic, entitled “Blood on the Wall”. With a humanitarian visa from a corrupt Mexican official in hand, this is probably all that they need to register with the UN in Mexico as a “refugee”, obtain a new phone and begin receiving aid.

From top to bottom the banner reads:

Are you MPP? (in the Remain-in-Mexico program)
Did you enter the US, they returned you and you have a pending court date?
Register here to know what the process is.
If not the case, please, wait for more info.
For orientation and support connect.
From Monday to Friday:
Toll free number in all of Mexico: 800-283-2753
WhatsApp: 55 2535 2950
UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
ACNUR (the Spanish acronym for the same organization UNHCR)
UNICEF, for every child.

A very large shelter for refugees was opened in in Tijuana in December of 2019, the “Centro Integrador para el Migrante Carmen Serdan” (The Carmen Serdan Integration Center for Migrants). It has a capacity of 3,000 migrants. This and several other such shelters along the border were intended to house those asylum seekers returned to Mexico, but it seems now they will also house those seeking to enter the US, both returned asylum seeker, new asylum seekers and traditional illegal crossers.

It is widely reported that this is a Mexican federal center. The Mexican federal government may be operating it day-by-day, but it seems the United Nations is funding it and is the organizational force behind it as a kind of silent partner. It would not be good public relations for them to have a high profile while helping hundreds of thousands of illegitimate asylum seekers gain entry into the US, the most important donar to the United Nations.

Below is a solicitation in Spanish by the UNHCR for bids to renovate and expand that shelter, posted only days after the 2020 election. I guess it became obvious to the UNHCR that mass asylum fraud was by unqualified “refugees” was about to go forward again.

Most of the solicitation is not of much interest for this post, but here is the translation of the first part of it. They posted this two weeks after the election and apparently wanted the work done before Biden took office.

DATE: 11/18/2020
β€œREQUEST FOR A QUOTE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A CONTRACT FOR THE PROVISION OF SERVICES FOR Renovation and additions to the Integration Center for Migrants in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico
November 27, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Mexico City time)

Solicitation for Expansion of Serdan Center


The reporter in the video states that two of these centers existed at that time and two more are planned. Since that video was made, a third center has been opened in Mexicali, but has been closed in the last year, due to Covid. It will probably be reopened fairly soon. Apparently, one is still planned in Matamoros. If you want to find these centers and address does not work, the geographical coordinates are provides below that can be used in Google Maps or in you GPS navigator to find them.

Centro Integrador Para El Migrante, Carmen Serdan – Tijuana
Nave industrial. 1217 6306, Presidentes, 6306 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico
Latitud & Longitude (32.4904223, -116.8985084)

Centro Integrador Para El Migrante, Leona Vicario – Juarez
Latitud & Longitude (31.70048198, -106.4480297)

Centro Integrador para el Migrante, Elvia Carrillo Puerto – Mexicali
(not active right now due to Covid)
Calzada, Calle H. Colegio Militar No. 1700, Col el Porvenir, 21220 Mexicali, B.C., Mexico
Latitud & Longitude (32.628136, -115.505562)

Centro Integrador Para El Migrante (planned for Matamoros)

Refugee camp at El Chaparral, Tijuana

The International Rescue Center is another organization that helps fake refugees after they have been released into the US.

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