The Real Border Fence – Overview

Images and video of the old fence and construction of the new fence all along the California and Arizona border. Hope to add New Mexico in the near future. This page will summarize the state of the border fence and is still under development.

Go to the links to obtain more detailed video and photo reports on specific areas. The goal is to enable an interested person to become relatively knowledgeable about the real status of the border fence without it being distorted by any personal political spin.

With respect to a border fence, hundreds of miles of the border has until now been wide open. The current fence will not be perfect and is not a magic solution, but it will be a tremendous improvement in border security.

If you have questions leave, them in the comments section or sent them privately via the contact tab at the top of the page. I am, of course, still working on this page.

Calexico, California


California has a border with Mexico that is 160 miles long from the Pacific Ocean to the Colorado river. Around 50-60 miles or it already had a pre-Trump bollard fence which is identical to the new fence, though generally not as high (15 feet), but still serviceable. This pre-existing fence is not being replaced. If necessary, a second fence can be built behind it in places. Fence is being built on 60 miles of border, some of it (in San Diego) a double fence. There is some very mountainous territory in California, where probably no fence will be built. If it is much of difficult to cross these rocky ridges than it would be to climb over the fence, this is probably okay. The rough terrain can already be a sufficient barrier.

San Diego – An impressive double fence about 15 miles long from the beach to the foot of Otay mountain. The primary fence is 18 feet high and the secondary is 30 feet high.

Otay Mountain – There are 4 miles of pre-trump existing fence on the mountain, probably 18 feet high, can’t get close enough to tell. 1.5 miles of double fence is being built, apparently to join the San Diego fence with the already existing fence on the mountain. This leaves about a 6-mile gap on the other side of the mountain.

Tecate – Tecate got 4 miles of 30 foot bollard fence and that was joined up to 1-2 miles of pre-Trump bollard fence that runs up the slope towards Otay mountain.

Campo – Work on 17 miles of 30 foot bollard fence just started in Campo. Multiple contractor are working on this stretch and the goal is to finish it by December, 2020.

Jacumba – There are about 5.3 miles of 15-foot-high bollard fence in Jacumba area and 0.7 miles of 10-foot-high bollard fence. The rocky ridges in the area that have no fence. In particular that is 11.3 miles that have not fence over the Jacumba Wilderness towards the Yuha desert. There do not seem to be any plans to build more fence in this area at this time.

Yuha Desert – Work was started last fall on a 30-foot-tall bollard fence all the way across the Yuha desert where before only a low vehicle barrier had existed. This work is supposed to be finished but I haven’t been out to see it yet.

Calexico – 11 miles of 30-foot high bollard fence has reportedly been finished in Calexico.

Imperial Desert – 41 miles of pre-Trump 15-foot high bollard fence. built in 2009, run from the outskirts of Mexicali to the port of entry at Andrede. This fence has a unique design which allows it to “float” on the sand dunes. It is called the “Sand Dragon” due to the way it slithers over the dunes.

Organ Pipe National Monument, Arizona


Colorado River

Goldwater AF Range

Organ Pipe Monument / Lukeville

Tohono O’odham Indian Reservation

Sasabe / Arrivaca


San Rafael Valley

Coronado Memorial



Antelope Wells


Santa Teresa


The Real Border Fence – Bitchute Playlist

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