What Will Animate Democrats Before the Election?

The Republican leadership says that a push for impeachment will animate Obama voters before the mid-term election. However, a lot of Democrats are also fed up with Obama. Some prominent people on the left, such as Ralph Nader, have even called for Obama’s impeachment, themselves. Democrats are not going to be that outraged by a little debate and protest for impeachment of Obama.

The quisling Republicans are collaborating with Obama and just do not want to be pushed to impeach him. The Republican leadership is even helping Obama in the Illegal Alien Invasion with their newly proposed Border Bill that will assist Obama in caring for and attracting a greater flood of new illegal aliens into the US. The US taxpayer foots the bill for the destruction of our own national sovereignty with the help of the turncoat Republican leadership.

An Amnesty would make the Democrats the dominate party for the foreseeable future and Latinos are a huge voting block. For these reasons Democrats are much more animated by the prospect of an amnesty. They love to see those future progressive voters flooding across the voter.

So, before the election we actually get a crisis over mass illegal immigration? Surprise, surprise. This should cheer the Democrats and give them a boost going into the election. The Republicans have dropped their mask and are showing us that they are just the junior partners of the Democratic Party. What the Republican and Democrat leaderships both fear is that a large part of the American people will unite on the idea that the criminal, Obama, should be removed from office. If that happens, they will go down with him.

Do not just take what the Republican Quislings say at face value. The are trying to distract us away from impeachment. Continue to push for impeachment, because Obama is lawless and is encouraging massive illegal immigration as well as due to all the other good reasons that he should be impeached, convicted and jailed.

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