Obama impeachment: A ship that will never sail by Judson Phillips

This article is by the Founder of the Tea Party Nation, Judson Phillips.  The Tea Party national umbrella organizations have set up non-profit organizations, so that they can receive anonymous donations from fat-cat Republican donors and, in effect, feed on tax benefits from the hand of the Government.  (Tax-exempt status can be claimed on a  tax return even before it is approved by the IRS.)  They fear ultimate rejection of their status by the IRS, if they call for Obama’s impeachment.  All they really think about is what their Republican sponsors want.  They cannot afford to care about Obama being a criminal, who is subverting  the Constitution. 

If you wonder why few local Tea Parties participate in the impeachment movement, this is most likely the reason for most of them.  They take direction from their associated umbrella organization.  Even if the Republicans win the Senate, they are still unlikely to try to impeach Obama unless the public demands it loud and clear. This situation should make your blood boil.

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2 Responses to Obama impeachment: A ship that will never sail by Judson Phillips

  1. G. Miller says:

    Phillips and TPN are part of the problem- faux Tea Parties set up to undermine the movement. When I got thrown off TPN in 2012 for objecting to his pushing RINO’s like Rick Perry, I knew for sure that our hypothesis was correct.

    • Admin says:

      It is natural for people with money to try to co-opt organizations like this and unscrupulous people often rise more easily to the top. The Tea Party national umbrella organizations do no not reflect the ideals of the original Tea Party when it started.

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