Mexican President AMLO To Hispanics: Not One Vote For DeSantis

Mexico President Andres Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO) has told Hispanic Americans not to vote for Ron DeSantis. His demand has been broadcast widely in Spanish Language media. AMLO thinks he has a very large block of voters that he can control to vote against American interests and maybe he can.

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Two Illegal Crossers Murdered By Smugglers For Not Paying Cartel

Two would-be, illegal border crossers were killed with rocks and another one shot, but not killed by smugglers when they tried to cross the border in Tijuana without paying their crossing fees to the local cartel coyote. In this report they quote the crossing fee to be $7-8K per person. This agrees roughly with what I heard in Tijuana a couple years ago, $8-10K, and that is just the fee to cross the US border. To be smuggled across Mexico costs more.

The smuggling fee is much higher in Tijuana and the California Border because there are less places where it is easy to cross, due the border being much better protected with bollard fencing, than in places, like Texas. It is a supply versus demand issue. The limited number of places to cross easily in California drives up the crossing fee that the local cartel demands.

See the Border Report article at this link.

2 migrants stoned to death by smugglers along border wall in Tijuana

The border is divided up by the cartels and leased to coyotes for some amount of money and a share of the smuggling profits. It is a lot like franchising a chain of businesses. It anyone tries to cross and is caught by those that own the rights to that area, they are likely to be punished severely and/or held for ransom if not killed, as these two were.

In the article it sounds like the cartels took over border recently, but that is not true. The cartels took over the border a couple of decades ago. Before that illegal alien smuggling operations were largely independent, mom-and-pop businesses.

This is probably the more likely punishment for illegal crossers who do not pay the cartel fee. It is another previously posted video about a kidnapping of illegal border crossers, probably kidnapped and held for ransom, because they had not paid the local cartel for crossing. Most times, the Cartel would likely prefer to torture them and hold them for ransom. After the ransom is paid they are likely to be killed in private, without it ever being reported in the news.

Bitchute Video: Cartel Kidnap-Torture Video Of Illegal Border Crossers

Just think of the enormity of the lie the Leftists tell the public that allowing them to come by paying the cartels to smuggle them across is the humane thing to do.

Transgender Use of Women Facilities – Santee, California

Citizens testify before the City Council about whether transgender males should be able to use in this case a female locker room and showers. California and a few other progressive states have pass laws that allow men who identify as women to use public restrooms, whether they have a penis or not, unless they are a registered sex offender. A transgender, biological man, who goes by Christynne Lili Wrene Wood, originally Christopher Wood, was using a women’s locker room at a YMCA in Santee, Ca. A 17 year-old girl, Rebecca Philips, complained about it at a Council meeting and the video went viral.

Wood claims to have had surgery to remove his penis and testicles and create a vagina via plastic surgury. Several years earlier was involve in a similar situation with Crunch Gym in El Cajon. California state officials sued on his behalf and he received an undisclosed monetary settlement. In this earlier incident, he reportedly have not yet had a sex-change operation. To me, it seems that his action in Santee was a provocation, because he seems to enjoy the notoriety and may receive another monetary settlement from it.

Santee City Council Debate #2
Transgender Use of Women’s Facilities (2/8/23)

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Santee City Council Debate #1
Transgender Use of Women’s Facilities (2/8/23)

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Trans-Identified Male Charged With Indecent Exposure After Using Women’s Changing Rooms At Ohio YMCA

YMCA Transgender Update Video – Xenia, Ohio

A transgender, biological man exposed his erect penis in the women’s facility at a spa in Los Angeles. After much delay he was finally charged with feloney indecent exposure, but only because he was a register sex offender. It’s not clear from the law that he could have been charged if not already registered as a sex offence. Unregistered sex offenders may get a free pass under California law to expose themselves at will in women’s facilities.

Transgender biological male charged with felony indencent exposure at Wi Spa in Los Angeles

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Trump Negotiated Surrender To Taliban Terrorists

Everyone remembers the chaotic images of Biden’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, but many Trump supporters seem to have conveniently forgotten the fact that Trump negotiated the surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban terrorists. Certainly Biden executed very poorly Trump’s surrender agreement, but even if Biden had done it well, the end result would have been the same. The Taliban would be in total control of Afghanistan again.

The US followed for decades a strict policy of not negotiating with terrorists, because it encourages more terrorist attacks on American citizens.

Below are a couple of videos that demonstrate Trump’s role in the negotiated surrender to terrorists.

Trump arranged for a secret meeting with the terrorist leaders at Camp David just before the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on America. It was cancelled because the Taliban murdered an American soldier, apparently to set the tone for the meeting with Trump.

Trump continued to negotiate with the Taliban even after he cancelled the meeting at Camp David. Some people just do not want to believe Trump negotiated a deal with the terrorists. This video shows Trump, himself, talking about negotiating with the Taliban terrorist leaders. He complements the terrorists, calling them “tough”, “smart” and “sharp”.

The deal allowed them to take over the entire country again and rule it the same way they did before the 911 attack. Needless to say, it was the worst terrorist attack in US history with 3,000 innocent Americans slaughtered.


National Review: Taliban terrorists have no place at Camp David

The Taliban terrorists do not wish to hold “peace talks” with us. As shown by the humiliating negotiations that the Trump administration’s emissary has been conducting in Qatar, the Taliban wish, at best, to chat about the terms of our surrender — i.e., about how willing they may be to let the president’s determination to withdraw our troops look like an honorable armistice rather than a case of our being chased out of their country.

Fox News: Why Trump is taking flak for inviting the Taliban to Camp David

Marron Valley Wide-Open Border Update (9/22)

Marron Valley, between Otay Mesa and Tecate Peak is now probably the most open part of the California border. There are about 6-7 miles of border that have no barrier at all. The Tijuana river is dry most of the year and can be crossed easily on foot. The river crisscrosses the border in this area. The lack of any border barrier is likely due to the difficulty of building a barrier where the river crosses in this way. When it rains, this dry-wash turns into a raging river again, which can easily knock down even a very strong bollard fence.

Drug smuggling and traditional illegal immigration seem to be the main activity in Marron Valley, but there also appears to be a significant amount of fraudulent asylum-seekers crossing in this area in recent years.

There are lots of rat trails crisscrossing this entire area, as you can see in this image. These trails are used by drug smugglers, criminals and traditional illegal border crossers, who do not want to be caught by the Border Patrol to claim asylum. Click on the image to expand and see the rat trails better.

The video shows an agent driving down to the Tijuana river to make a pickup. Most places on the border that have a significant amount of fake refugee traffic have a place that is like a bus stop where they pick them up the future progressive voters and shuttle them to the Border Patrol station for processing and probable release into the land of milk and honey. I believe a government-funded nonprofit will even pay their airfare to their desired destination if they need it. What a country!!

The images below is trash that illegal crossers left behind at what I call the overlook. When the Border Patrol does not pick them up quickly enough, they may start walking up the hill. The Border Patrol gives them new clothes at the station and will only allow them to keep a few, small personal items. So the illegal crossers throw most of their things on the ground as soon as they have crossed the border and know that they will be picked up.

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If you wish to go to the border overlook in Marron Valley, you can search for South Bay Rod & Gun Club in your navigator. After you arrive at the Gun Club, follow the direction as shown in the map below to drive to the area overlooking the border. There is a gate there and I have been told by BP agents not to go past the gate, because it is not safe.

Also, your navigator may take you there, if you paste these latitude and longitude coordinates for the overlook into your navigator (32°34’41.6″N 116°45’47.8″W).

Map To Border Overlook in Marron Valley

You should be careful if you go there, because this place is a very active area for drug smuggling. A few years ago a Mexican employee of the American consulate was killed by drug smugglers just across the border in this area, because he was taking insect samples for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and they thought he was observing their smuggling operations.

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