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Citizens Complain About Chicano Park Anti-Americanism and Mestizo Racialism

This may seem like a local issue, but it can have national impact. Chicano Park was (illegally) designated a National Historic Landmark by the Obama administration. La Raza / Chicano-ism is a national movement. Chicano Park is the most prominent … Continue reading

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La Raza’s Nazi Link – Jose Vasconcelos

In the summer of 2017, the National Council of La Raza changed its name to UnidosUS. CEO Janet Murguia said the name change was to give the movement broader appeal. It seems, however, to be a concession to some their … Continue reading

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Border Wall Prototypes, Up Close 10/03/2017

I was able to slip up on the compound where they are building Trump’s border wall prototypes in Otay Mesa, near San Diego. I call it “Fort Apache” due to the high security, isolation and the wall around it, not … Continue reading

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Map/Images of Border Wall Prototype Construction Area

This is a map of the area where the prototype construction is taking place. There have been no protesters on site, so far. The prototypes must be completed within 30 days, according to the contract. Bring binoculars, if you want … Continue reading

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Mayor Attacks Concerned Citizen Over Unvetted Refugee Resettlement in Lemon Grove

Progressive Mayor Mary Sessom of Lemon Grove,Ca made unsubstantiated charges against this speaker, even before he could begin to speak against the national scheme by Obama to get cities, counties and states to sign up for un-vetted, dangerous refugee resettlement … Continue reading

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Trump Fundraiser / Rally / Protest in San Diego, July 13th

This is what we know about the time and place of the Trump Fundraiser on July 13th in Rancho Santa Fe, about 25 miles north of San Diego. It will be held at a private residence in the Del Mar … Continue reading

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What is the Definition of “Natural Born Citizen?”

The children of two American citizens, born in the territory of the United States, are “natural born citizens.”  Citizenship is their natural right, not a privilege granted by the Government. SIMPLE TEST: If you have to cite a law to … Continue reading

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