Al Nusra Front – Your Tax Dollars at Work (Al Qaeda)

These are the “moderate” Syrian rebels, whom Obama gives several hundred million dollars per year in aid with the permission of Congress to fight for a new Caliphate (Islamic theocracy). If they look a lot like Al Qaeda, it’s because they *are* a branch of Al Qaeda. If they succeed in setting up a Caliphate they will be attacking us next. The President and the Congressional leadership at just traitors. Most likely they are all being paid off by the Saudis to betray the US and aid in the establishment of a new Islamic Caliphate.

‘Operation American Spring’ Protesters March on White House

This may be the best video of the Operation American Spring protest. I respect the people, who went and tried to get something done, just think the concept was flawed. Such an event should focus on impeachment, conviction and punishment of Obama and not have a military-ops style or emphasis on the militia. Talk of potential bloodshed and overthrowing the government scares the hell out of people, who might otherwise have supported the effort. An American protest should not be modeled after a coup in a third-world, middle-eastern country, which brought the Muslim Brotherhood to power in a theocratic dictatorship. Finally, the organizers should not have lied in an outrageous way about the number of participants expected, exposing the event to ridicule.

The number of participants was not bad. It was just the pre-event hype that created disappointment and ridicule. Even 500 protesters is a good event and 5-10K would have been fantastic and could lead to something bigger.

The Seven Minute Symphony To Impeach Obama** New Haven 11/29/13

The overpass on Howard Avenue is perfect to demonstrate our disdain for President Obama’s war on the Constitution. Lots of traffic, easy access and parking.

Black Friday was cold and only four patriots gathered. But thousands of motorists got to see dedicated political activists do what they do.

The Liberal Stereotype Confirmation** New Haven

Near the end of our two hour stand out a motorist pulled up and initiated a brief dialog with Ron and I. As soon as he questioned Ron’s level of education he gave himself away. Inculcated by the liberal sense of superiority, the smarmy man never hesitated to be videoed.

Professor Francis Boyle: IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

This is an old, but still interesting discussion of impeachment and prosecution. They also talk about the importance of the impeach Obama overpass protests. This posting is not an endorsement of Francis Boyle. A quick Google shows that he has some very radical ideas, such as supporting the separation of Hawaii from the US.

You’ve seen them all over the country. Overpasses full of signs and people calling for the Impeachment of President Obama. Some have even got arrested for expressing this action against America’s Commander-in-Chief.

Like presidents before him Obama is facing congress to engage yet another sovereign nation in acts of war.

The last time Professor Francis Boyle joined us he had returned from convicting former president Bush of War Crimes at an international tribunal

Now, Professor Boyle is calling for Obama’s Impeachment and he is here to talk to us today to provide you with his reasons why.

Dr. Francis Boyle, a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He served as a prosecutor at the tribunal.

Interviewing the Interviewer Craig Kelly at Overpasses

This is just one priceless interview at the Overpasses for Impeachment of Obama Protest here in Lima, Ohio. That I (Brian Lange) turned the table and Interviewed the Interviewer. Listen closely to what the Newspaper man was saying, and notice what he was not saying, and then ask yourself… If you’re going to come out and join all the other’s from across this great nation of ours, in TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!!!
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