Cartel Kidnap-Torture Video Of Illegal Border Crossers

Two men are kidnapped at the border and tortured in order to extract a ransom. The reporter says the first one has been expelled (from the US). He probably crossed the border and was expelled immediately, due to Covid restrictions. Maybe both have been have been expelled. Often the Border Patrol expels repeat crossers in another part of the border, so that they won’t cross so quickly again. The cartel in the new area may be different. If the person has not paid the local cartel and wants to cross without paying, they may kidnap him to extort money from his family. If they cannot collect, they will likely be killed.

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Many are not going to be too sympathetic to be plight of those who try to cross the border illegally. However, even if you have no sympathy for their suffering, it destroys the pretense of the open-borders radicals of being so morally superior. By encouraging people to cross illegally, they promote the the innumerable murders, violence, kidnapping, drug smuggling and other crime on both sides of the border, which victimizes Americans as well, as the illegal immigrants, and Mexican society in general. Biden is directly responsible for this latest surge.

The illegal crossers generally pay one cartel to be smuggled. If they fall into the hands of a different cartel, they may be held for ransom and tortured like this. Even the cartel that they originally pay to smuggle them across Mexico and the US border is very likely to abuse them severely. This kind of cruelty is what open borders encourages.

Irineo Mujica appears in this video. He is head of Pueblos Sin Frontiers, meaning Nations or a People without Borders, and he organizes and leads some of the large caravans that came to the border.

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    1. The worst you don’t see, because a lot of them are murdered if they can’t pay the ransom. The more we allow to come, the more if these kidnapping and murders there will be, besides other crimes and violence.

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