‘The Infernal Twins’ by Winston Churchill (Fascism / Communism)

Winston Churchill wrote an essay comparing fascism/Nazism and communism, the “evil twins” he calls them, published in Collier’s Weekly magazine on July 3, 1937. They are very similar ideologies, he says, and they feed off each other.

This can be extended to any extreme political polarization, such as that of today. The factions may not call themselves “communists” or “Nazis”, but the two extremes are much the same in the way they act and think. Extremist wings of the Democratic and Republican parties provoke and reinforce the other, building potentially to an apocalyptic confrontation. The far left is anarcho-communistic and the far right is fascistic. Both parties are being driven by their extremist fringe.

The Infernal Twins - Winston Churchill

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