America’s Frontline Doctors Address Covid-19 Misinformation (uncensored)

A group of doctors, who call themselves, America’s Frontline Doctors, hold a press conference to talk about the ongoing panic over Covid-19 how it is harming the nation. Some of them tout hydroxychloroquine as a preventative and cure for the Covid bug.

I’m posting this in support of freedom of speech, not necessarily because I agree with everything they say or that I endorse the video. This video has been censored on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. No matter what you think of the presentation, the public ought to be treated like adults, allowed to to see it and decide for themselves.


Facebook is censoring my post of this link. warning that they will retaliate and restrict anyone that shares such information. Facebook has become a public forum, Why should they decide what is correct, what should be censored and what should be allowed to be seen by the public?

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    1. The video is on a hosting platform that doesn’t have nearly as much available bandwidth as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You have to be patient and try it again, if it doesn’t play right away.

    2. Look all you should need as proof that this covid shit is a joke abd has another agenda..thats where the fear tactic comes in btw having everyone so scared amd focused on covid..then they can di whatever it is they r doing without much notice because covid has everybodys attention…any think about this . .if this is so deadly and communicable…then why arent there bio hazzard bins for everyone to put their used gloves and masks…or for the necessary workers…or decontamination measures set up for the necessary workers to have to use before and after their shifts to make sure they dont carry it out of the work place…or the fact tht fast food restaraunts were considered necessary…weve given them exactly what they wanted and became puppets and rats to their pied piper…

  1. What fear? Don’t talk about fear, society, economy if you are doctors. Just talk about covid as a doctor.

    1. You don’t think that doctors deal with fear in their patients on a daily basis? Doctors treat the whole person, not just their medical condition.

      1. Fear can be such an overwhelming feeling. Remembering to take time to breathe deep and full breaths in succession for at least 4 times, slows down the pulse, the fear level boosted by adrenaline and the cortisol levels go down. Deep breaths allow all the fight or flight hormones to recede.

    2. Depression caused by fear has caused the suicide rate to go up 600%! That is your health!

    3. Fear causes disease. You do know this, right? Fear weakens your immune systems. Fear shuts down and limits access to healthcare, preventative medicine, children’s support systems, mental health and suicide support.

      1. I had lunch with my friend on Friday. She is 90 but is always out and about and dressed up. When I saw her on Friday She looked 10 years older and wasn’t herself. She is depressed because of having to stay inside for several months.

    4. They are just talking about the adverse effects of the media suppressing the truth that there is a cure. That seems to be the point they are making here.

    5. The patient is cared for in a holistic way because we are a complex entity where the physical, mental and spiritual make up the human being who, at the same time, interacts with society and has basic needs to satisfy, and by not being able to satisfy those needs, health is affected.

    6. From your comment, I would venture to say that the months of lockdown, masks, food slowdowns, closing of restaurants, exercise gyms, theatres, schools, everyday activities have had their impact on you along with everyone else.
      Consequently, Anyone conversing about this travesty of an insurrection supported by foreign hostile nations and Marxist radicals within the USA, that are touted by and glorified by our mainstream media, deep state operatives in public office or heads of corporate empires, not to mention the twisted entertainment empires.
      This is our world right now, so instead of complaining about what well-intentioned people have to say that don’t necessarily go along with the view you’ve adopted, listen to and read all you can about not only viruses, but world and American ideologies and how they diverge compared to how we as a nation of Western Culture and the American Ideal rise above all issues to the benefit of its People.

      1. Knowing that many good doctors are standing up for America says a lot about courage and how we all should be standing up and saying HELL NO! #weDoNotConsent. #WeDoNotComply. #NoVaxzines

      2. By making their views known one of the doctors got fired as she was accused of causing embarrassment to her organization.
        At least they had the audacity to fight back against the establishment of
        what appears to be corruption and cover-up in the medical profession.
        It’s disgusting.
        The hydroxy is an example of killing so many that should have been saved. The far left rules in this case.

  2. Thank you for speaking up and telling us the truth. May God guide n protect you as you protect us in the pandemic! Again thank you!

  3. Could i please have all the names of these doctors and what kind of doctors they are i know two are pediatricians im trying to prove a point some people are saying they are all eye doctors im trying to prove otherwise.

    1. Are any of these doctors infectious disease experts? If not, they would have no clue how an infectious disease would affect the population.

      1. Does not take a DR to figure that out. They treat covid patients first hand so i think they know what they are doing. More damage is being done to this country over the hype and fear mongering of this virus and it is being fueled by the fake MSm that is also in collusion in hiding this essential truth of the cure.

      2. First of all I believe you mean epidemiologist instead of infectious disease expert, also known as Internist. The Internist is the expert in diagnosing and treating populations of disease, Whereas, the epidemiologist is not a physician because they do not treat populations. Rather they study the sources, populations affected, cultures and their living styles, tracking disease growth or spread that are then used in models for coordinators, (i.e., Dr Birx and Dr Fauci) to report on. These models are simply a perceived conjecture of epidemiologists based on their studies. THE CAPITOL THING TO KEEP IN MIND IS THIS: the Models are made on the premise NO mitigation efforts by Medical doctors are made to intervene.
        So, keeping this mind, if we as a People accept social distancing and masks, WHY, OH WHY can’t we accept the possible mitigating impact and healing miracles of HCLQ, Azithromycin and Zinc?
        You have to ask that question along with, Why are our medical doctors, who in my case is an Internist I trust implicitly, being censored by pharmacists for ordering HCLQ treatment? They are being hampered by our government and big Pharma for following their professional knowledge.

      1. This is why free speech is important. All aspects of the issue should come out, including credibility, and in the end people can decide for themselves.

    We MUST get this OUT to the PUBLIC!
    FB keeps censoring it & blocking it on my page.
    Emailing this to EVERYONE I know!
    THANK YOU!!! \O/ HalleluYAH!

    1. So, you wear masks, and stay 6 feet from everyone? What else?
      What if you start with symptoms? What will you ALLOW for treatment? I can see it on the cover of your chart now: NO HYDROCHLOROQUINE, NO AZITHROMYCIN, NO ZINC
      Slap you on a respirator!!! That’ll do it! Or do him!! Quicker!!

      1. Really, it’s not a matter of whether it works or not, but whether we get to decide for ourselves or be subjected to mind control by the monopolistic giants of social media. There needs to be some regulations put in force that prohibits censorship.

    2. Another example of continuing the cycle of censorship to prevent the truth from getting out and exposing the W.H.O and the fear mongering lies being used to shut down the economy for a Globalists Communist take over of the USA. Facebook’s Fake Fact Checker from their partners at the worlds most discredited fake news network CNN, is perpetrating the propaganda spread by the W.H.O., which is the very reason they were defunded, to silence the Doctors, Scientists and science which they have been screaming out across the country, yet are continually silenced and banned to keep you from seeing the facts about the Chinese Virus that Dr Fauci, Bill Gates and the W.H.O. funded the research to create, So the very Bill Gates who has been preaching the use of vaccines for Population Reduction, to bring the population down to the regulations of their Georgia Guidestones, while raking in trillions from their forced mandatory vaccines, the very thing many of us have been warning you was planned for decades.Bill Gates invest a billion for Covid 19 before it was released, get a hefty 8 Billion to develop the vaccine that they plan to make mandatory, forced vaccinations on everyone in the world with whatever Bill Gates wants to inject you with, making trillions more for whatever he wishes to charge for the vaccinations.You have been told repeatedly for decades that this was coming, not only did you not listen, but even now that it is happening before your very eyes, you are still falling for it, Censorship on Steroids to conceal the facts so you only see the constantly discredited lies of Facebook’s Fake Fact Checkers from the discredited, constantly caught lying and fabricating Fake News – CNN pointing too the discredited lies of W.H.O.

  5. These are actors . my niece is a nurse in Germany and they are NOT using hydroxichloroquin nor the other stuff. In fact she works at a old folks home where there has NOT been 1 case there.What they did was lock down and social distancing. Now since some borders were opened some cases has gotten into the country . You would think since Europe has been through MANY more plagues diseases than the USA in their lifetime, you would think we would take notes from them. This video is fake. This IS the ONLY platform that this video is surfacing . Fact check your shit .

    1. It is posted here, because it was censored everywhere else. Germany has had a lot more experience with censorship, too. Should we follow their example on that, also?

      That’s not true that there have been no cases in Germany in nursing homes. There have had a a lot of deaths in nursing homes, just like any other country.

      Nursing homes in Europe struggle with COVID-19 pandemic

      Germany has a relatively low overall death rate. That could be partly due to differences in deciding who dies of Covid-19. Since almost all of those who die have underlying conditions, you can’t determine for sure who died due to Covid without an autopsy.

      WHO’s guidelines say count everyone, who dies with Covid, as a Covid death, unless it’s due to an accident, but I have a feeling that some countries have their own, different guidelines. They may not count as many as some other countries.

      It has also been know for a long time that how contagious a virus is depends on the society. It’s more contagious in NYC, say, than Kansas.

    2. These aren’t actors! They are real doctors. Maybe you should fact check before you post!

    3. What are you going to keep people in lock down for the rest of there life. Staying in lock down does not beat the virus it is not going away. “Lock down” words they use for being locked up in prison.

  6. We already know about the kids being carriers to an adult, but adults can transmit it to children.

  7. Scientists have NEVER isolated the mythical particle called a “virus” nor have they proven it to cause any disease…Koch’s Postulates, the classic scientific proof for the “germ theory” (NOTE: it’s a ‘theory) of disease cannot be used for viruses..”THE SCIENCE”, the new worship word for scientific research is NOT being used to prove the existence of “COVID-19” virus..
    Moderna has been given over a BILLION of your taxpayer $ to develop a m-RNA genetic modification injection to ostensibly protect humans against the mythical COVID-19 “virus” which will give anyone who takes this vaccine ( and MSM says 30,000 “volunteers” have already taken it) become a “transhuman” and are now genetically modified….
    The Black woman doctor is the only one of these doctors that make any sense!@!

  8. There is no scientific basis for viral disease…there has never been a scientific paper published showing the isolation of a virus that causes ANY disease…you cannot use Koch’s Postulates to proves viruses cause disease…that goes for all “flu bugs”, the so-called “AIDS virus” and all diseases claimed or suspected of being caused by a particle called a “virus”

  9. My family thinks maybe these people believe this, but look at what happened after they opened everything up—THE COVID19 NUMBERS SPIKED LIKE CRAZY!
    We are back to base one!
    My family is going to wear masks because we believe this is how the virus will be contained.
    Play it safe and wear a mask. Wearing a mask isn’t going to harm anyone-it might just help us?

    1. Face Masks: End the Argument Here and Now [video] ~ July 15, 2020

      Masks Cause Damage: Study Reveals Mask-Hypoxia-Blood Clot Connection

      “Since hypoxia is under oxygenation, wearing masks could lead to serious or even lethal health issues for some people….
      A serious and potentially lethal hypoxia-blood clot connection…May 2020 CDC study (with WHO involvement) has concluded masks are not effective to stop transmission of influenza, how much more evidence do people need to stop wearing masks and cooperating with their own enslavement?

      “It is difficult to free men from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire”It is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they’ve BEEN deceived” – Mark Twain

      If we do not like what is happening to us, it is a sure sign that we are in need of a change of mental diet. For man, we are told, lives not by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. And having discovered the mouth of God to be the mind of man, a mind which lives on Words or inner talking, we should feed into our minds only loving, noble thoughts. For with Words or inner talking we build our world. covid hoax, symbol of oppression.

    2. Hard to say the correlation of the increased cases is due to opening things back up when the testing increased around the same time. Not to mention, the number of cases are being falsely reported due to the inaccuracy of the testing. Don’t be a puppet.

    3. Common sense look it up the virus is to small to be stopped by a “mask” its about compliance…its proven by the fact that no one mask your mask can be anything cloth, handkerchief, drywall mask from lowes, medical mask doesnt matter what you use…not about safety its about compliance

    4. Most (all?) masks are made in China….nuff’ said? No telling what toxic chemicals they are embedding in that paper…plus CA Gov. Newscum has made BILLIONS on face mask contracts

    5. “C-19 numbers spiked like crazy”, do you recall what sources from which you received this information? Were they trusted, unbiased sources? How many people do you know, personally, who have or had C-19 or died from the same? Now remember, personally. It’s curious when you start asking others the same question….

  10. ******* Everyone post this info like a Flood, Tidal wave, Tsunami!! Post it so often, from so many different sources that Facebook “fact checkers” can’t keep up!!!! flood, Flood, FLOOD!! Drown Facebook in this info!!!!

  11. This clearly demonstrates that the social media fact checkers and out favourite celebrities are far more trust worthy for reliable news, especially about our health. I for one am glad they have deleted these radical, so-called doctors from the Internet. I heard they even deleted their web page. So when social media platforms act in unison to censor information, you know they are working in our best interests. Unfortunately, right wing extremist platforms like Bitchute and Parler still have the full press conference on their platform for anyone to see. I for one wont watch it, and instead put my faith in the fact checkers and celebrities.

      1. Yes. Great idea! Its about time the left wing Marxists became censored like the conservatives are being censored!!!

    1. And what were these Doctors from some of our highest institutes with thousands of FACTUAL cases to back up their statements, but some of the highest authorities of their professions?
      Don’t be narrow minded and blinded by ‘feel good’ machinations of others who know how to catch pigs.
      If you don’t know how to catch pigs, you’re really in a fix.

    1. First of all, get online and order all three drugs, Hydrochloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc from Canada. BOOM! DONE.
      Second, Time to be an American Spirit – take responsibility and call:
      1. Your State Governor
      2. Your 2 state senators
      3. Your State Representative
      And ask each one – if it’s available in your state. If not, WHY? and WHEN?
      Demand as a representative of the Republic of the United States of America that it be done for those Americans who want it. You may use the word DEMAND as a citizen because the Government is run For and By the American People, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

      1. can you leave a link to buy these at please? I’ve had no luck finding one.

      2. Woooo-Hooooo!! One in the WIN column for Americans in Ohio.

        Our Governor DeWhine backed down on July 31,2020, the eve of when the prohibition of pharmacies selling Hydroxychloroquine as prescribed by a patient’s physician!!

  12. A tiny percentage of kids are dying of Covid?! Really? One child dead of Covid is ONE TO MANY!!

    1. One death resulting from anything is too many. That is a poor argument at best. I understand your feelings but it isn’t logical which is what is needed in combating any deadly force.

      1. It points out what the real problem is, though. Some people have a utopian mentality, expecting a perfect world. In their quest for perfection they always reach too far and you end up like Venezuela, the USSR or North Korea.

  13. when a good doctor prescribed medication to a patient they consider age weight gender and health not one dose fit all.

  14. This is an absolute blessing of knowledge. Thank you Doctors for coming together bravely to encourage the American people. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least, to see the fear that’s devoured our communities. I believe there is a bigger plan at play. A plan that silentley lurks in the shadows of media hysteria, celebrity opinion and the conflicting knowledge surrounding many hot topics such as masks and the medications you recommend in this video. There seems to be no way to gather real honest truth because the opposing opinion is out of sight and question most of the time. I’d warn the American people to be on guard and diligent about understanding the impact of all the hype sorrounding COVID-19 because this so called “pandemic” may just be the start of something truly terrible. Who’s going to believe the boy who cried wolf? It’s all a scam, a well written script that needed few words to initiate division, immorality, deception and the obsurde Idea that America needs radical change that will inevitably shake the firm foundation of power we have over the world. Slow and steady wins the race so keep it together America. If we give in and hide away behind our masks, our home doors and our close minded political views the real pandemic will be the rotten lies, hatred for your fellow neighbor and the unwanted control by politicians. This has already started to take root so let’s rip it out before is goes to seed.

    1. You can go to and search for the title. Several copies are on Bitchute.

      Then you should be able to use this website to download Bitchute videos.

      Very Ninja Bitchute Video Downloader

      Paste the URL of the video in and hit “download”.
      When the video displays, click on the three dots in on the lower right of the video and click on “download” again.
      The video should then start downloading.

  15. How is the situation here in Puerto Rico? To much preasure here it is unbearable. when is this going to end in Puerto Rico? please keep me anonymous. thank you.

    1. Sorry to here you are suffering in Puerto Rico. It should be getting better soon with monoclonal antibodies being available for some time and 1-2 new antiviral drugs coming out just now that are supposed to help.

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