Bill O’Reilly Defends Obama and His ‘Cultural Marxism’

Bill O'Reilly Defends Obama and His Cultural Marxism

Bill O’Reilly says the “far right” is making a mistake thinking that Obama is out to harm the US and that much-maligned president Obama (sarcasm) is only a great believer in “social justice” and sincerely wants to help the downtrodden. He attempts to brand all, who believe Obama has malicious intent, as “extremists” in spite of mountains of evidence that Obama is a subversive anti-American.

Social justice is a concept often used by Marxists and other subversives to brainwash the public and justify why the rule of law should not be followed. Every dictator uses some form of the concept of social justice to justify his dictatorship.

O’Reilly makes Obama out to be just another politician, lying to protect his career. This would actually an improvement for Obama having the public believe that he is just another liar and not a traitor. So, O’Reilly is making propaganda for Obama, though it may not sound like it at first. If Obama is just another lying politician, as O’Reilly projects, there is no good reason to remove him from office. O’Reilly is protecting Obama, in reality.

O’Reilly: ‘The Far Right Is Making A Huge Mistake In Saying Obama Is Going Out Of His Way To Harm The Nation’

Either O’Reilly is a simpleton or he has traitorous intent. I do not believe his is a simpleton and there are many prominent traitors among us these days, who portray themselves as being loyal Americans. O’Reilly’s main interest is to continue to receive the many millions of dollars that he is paid every year.

Fox News is owned by a partnership between a foreign-born globalist, Rupert Murdock, and a Saudi Prince, Al-Waleed bin Talal.

Rupert Murdock has said that illegal Mexicans are “natural Republicans.” He has also said that, if you find yourself living in a community in America that has become majority Spanish-speaking to get used to it, that that is just the way globalization works. Murdock supports colonization of the US by Latin Americans.

The other controlling partner of Fox News, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed, bragged once that it only took him one phone call to make Fox News commentators stop using the term “Islamic terrorist.” All of the Fox News commentators are on a leash that the Saudis can jerk at any time.

Al-Waleed’s American adviser, Khalid al Mansour, helped Obama gain admission to Harvard and also helped him financially when he was a student. Al-Mansour is a supremacist Muslim and Black Nationalist. He was associated with the original Black Panthers. He has genocidal beliefs against whites and Christians.

Henry Wallace, the head of the New Progressive Party mentioned in the clip above, chose a black man, named Paul Robeson, as his vice-presidential running mate in 1948. A communist sympathizer, Robeson happens to have been the mentor of Frank Marshall Davis, Obama’s own childhood mentor. Robeson sent Davis to Hawaii to help foment communist revolution there and separate Hawaii from the US.

Murdock and Al-Waleed are O’Reilly’s bosses and O’Reilly defends Obama as not having ill intent towards America. Fox News will never report the complete story. They tell you just enough to keep you complacent, like sheep being led to slaughter. O’Reilly is a extremely well-paid tool of the un-american globalist and the Saudi prince. He is a very talented covert propagandist for Obama.

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