Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Child, Dumped In Desert

This is just one example of many thousands of children being trafficked by the cartels across Mexico and into the U.S. Univision reports that 17,000 of them are already in custody at this time and as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children are estimated to be trafficked this year into the United States. This is shocking mass abuse of children and Biden’s open-borders policies are directly responsible for this. Current policy will be to unite this boy probably with the very people responsible for his trafficking by the cartels and criminal endangerment. Current policy requires that this boy be re-united probably with the very people, who contracted to have him smuggled by a cartel, causing his criminal endangerment. They should be prosecuted and deported for this criminal behavior, not rewarded.

How many will be abandoned or die while being trafficked across Mexico or crossing the desert? How many will be sold to someone? The numbers won’t be reported, because what happens to them generally will not be known, especially when they are under the control of the traffickers. They will just disappear in Mexico or in the desert in the United States.

Law Enforcement saves lives, border chaos kills.

Bitchute Video – Border Patrol Rescues Migrant Child, Dumped In Desert

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