Covid-19: Global-Warming Reduction By Other Means

Covid-19 may not have been planned, but progressives and globalists of whatever stripe would certainly use any opportunity to further their political agenda of world governance, run by an alliance between socialists and global corporations. If their exploitation of a crisis for political reasons is opposed, then they finger the opposition for making it “political”. Covid-19 has become a part of a much broader social-engineering and political agenda.

With the devastation of the global economy, unemployment approaching Great Depression levels of about 30% and entire populations of healthy people being put in house arrest, we are generating a lot less global warming gases. They could not obtain large reductions in global warming gases directly, but now they have achieved just that with a pandemic. The same people pushing the economic catastrophe of the reaction to Covid-19 are generally the ones most in favor of reducing global-warming gas emissions.

Propagandists like Dr. Tony Fauci are telling us that things will never go back to normal. If it were just about a virus, you would expect things to go back to the way they were rather quickly. Our elites must have something else in mind, if they want to make this the new normal. It seems that they think that there are just too many of us, we are living to well and we are consuming too much. So, they need to drastically curtail our lifestyle in order to save the planet. It goes hand-in-hand with the Covid-19 pandemic. It is not clear that the release of the virus was planned, but the resulting economic depression certainly is planned.

Every death is a tragedy, but a pandemic is a natural process and it should to be put in perspective. If you divide the US population (~330 million) by the average lifespan (~79 years) you have the expected number of people who will die every year from all causes. That is, about 4.2 million deaths every year.

If 100k deaths are attributed this year to Covid-19 that is an increase in the death rate of only about 2.4%. This would be presumably a one-time increase. Is a 2.4% increase in the natural death rate really justification for changing the US drastically, probably forever?

If you wanted to save 100k lives per year and were willing to use draconian measures several things could be done. For one, people could be prohibited from driving, except for “essential purposes”. Auto accidents could be declared a health issue and that would justify dictating who can drive.

Smoking tobacco could be prohibited to prevent cancer. The diets of the entire population could be controlled in minute detail in order to prevent diabetes, high blood pressure and many other health problems.

There are many things, which could be done to save hundreds of thousands of lives, not just one time, but every year. We do not do it, because it would require implementing a dictatorship, which actually we are already beginning very much to resemble.

I don’t think our global political elites have any intention of ever going back to the way things were, unless we (peacefully) force the situation. If not, we might as well start getting used to our new lifestyle in growing poverty and the ongoing overthrow of our Constitution.

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