The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD

The is the famous podcast episode, The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD calling out the Covid response as being a historic mass hysteria, similar to the mass hysteria of the Nazi era. He calls it “Mass Formation Psychosis”. Someone else uploaded it to Bitchute and I am just posting his upload here to help spread it around, because it is being censored. It seems we are beginning to see the first signs of the final collapse of the Covid hysteria.

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It is a long video and may take some time to start, be patient.

POWERFUL: Cop Urges Citizens, Rise Up Against Vaccine Mandate

San Diego is a battleground city in the fight against arbitrary and oppressive vaccine mandates. In this very powerful speech below a Sergeant in the San Diego Police Department urges Citizens to rise up against the vaccine mandate which has a deadline of December 1st.

Police offices had to work every day dealing with the public and being exposed to Covid. Now, they want to oppose on them and other City employees an unlawful dictate mandating they be vaccinated. SDPD has already been understaffed for years by about a 200 officers, over 10% of the force. If this mandate is not lifted hundreds more will quit, caused a serious threat to public safety. National attention ought to be focused on this fight in San Diego.

These cops need to know that the Citizens of San Diego and across America are with them. A rally will be held in support of the police at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park, San Diego on November 19th at 3:00PM. Everyone is requested to take part in it. It is being organized by Reopen San Diego. Sign up for their email updates here.

EMERGENCY RALLY for San Diego Police, Firefighters & all First Responders

At this link is an informative interview of the rally organizer, Amy Reichert. ReOpen San Diego is very well organized and you can support here a winning team.

ReOpen San Diego to hold rally featuring first responders at Balboa Park

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Mayor and City Councilmembers Contact info

Those who cannot participate directly can also apply pressure to the appropriate, mostly radical-progressive San Diego politicians using the contact info and links below. You don’t have to live here to give them a piece of your mind. Please do write anything that might be used to discredit the effort, though, such as threatening or very offensive language. Some have links to their social media, if you click on their name.

Suggest something like asking them if they really want to be held responsible for creating a public safety crisis that could last for years.

Mayor Todd Gloria

Joe LaCava
District 1

Council President
Jennifer Campbell
District 2

Council President Pro Tem
Stephen Whitburn
District 3

Monica Montgomery Steppe
District 4

Marni von Wilpert
District 5

Chris Cate
District 6

Raul Campillo
District 7

Vivian Moreno
District 8

Sean Elo-Rivera
District 9

Government Mandates – “Just Trust Science And Your Doctor” (Sarcasm)

Americans should not give up their individual rights and comply with illegal, authoritarian orders from the Government, just because people say it’s based on science and the advice of doctors. This video is a re-enactment of what happened in the T-4 program in Germany. Nazis claimed mass murder was based on perfectly sound science, Darwin’s theory of evolution, survival of the fittest, but it was also about fanatical, totalitarian politics.

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Doctor’s were used to justify the killing and to supervise from the initial murders of thousands of handicapped children, to the killing of hundreds of thousands of handicapped adults in the T-4 program and eventually to the factory murders of millions of Jews, political dissidents and other “undesirable” people in extermination camps. Having doctors supervise the killings also helped those, who actually did it, rationalize it in their own mind as a “medical operation”, necessary to remove unhealthy influences from German society.

This is an extreme example, but it is similar in concept, giving up basic individual human rights for the collective welfare. Nazi mass murders started with the euthanasia of one crippled child, ordered by Hitler. It was justified in the minds of many people as putting the child out of its misery. Hitler called it a “gnadentod”, a mercy killing, but he had much bigger plans. He started small, usurping the right to live of one child and gradually expanded the concept to mass murder of millions, after people had accepted such initial mercy killings as a precedent. We are also on a slippery slope of our own when we accept that the President and governors have the right to order us to accept unwanted and unnecessary medical procedures on our own bodies, a vaccination.

Science is not based on ethics or morality. It is only about discovering how nature works. Doctors are fallible humans and can be influenced by political ideology, social pressures or financial rewards, just as any other human can be.

Americans also had their own eugenics program in the early 20th century of forced sterilization of undesirables, which actually inspired the Nazis. Progressives were also leading this eugenics program un the US, as they are now leading the current Covid health mandates. More than 30 US states passed eugenics laws and an estimated 30,000-60,000 people were forcible sterilized by court order from about 1907 to the 1930’s. This forced sterilization program in America was also justified then as being scientific and in accordance with the advice of doctors.

Citizens Speak Out Against Covid Mandates – San Diego

About 120 people speak out against irrational Covid mandates at a raucous meeting of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors on August 17, 2021. They belonged to several groups, who had just had a joint protest attended by several hundred in front of the building. This video has been edited and condensed down to about 60 speakers in 1.5 hours.

Watch this video on Bitchute or on Facebook

Excerpts of this meeting went viral and it was mocked on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in an obvious attempt by the leftist media to stifle such criticism or Covid mandates. However the great majority of the comments were serious, thoughtful and informative. Besides that, they are overall actually in the right. We should have our choice whether we will be vaccinated against Covid or not.

Anti-Vaxxers Bring The Crazy At Public Meetings In California – The Late Show

The best comment may be the last one, when a microbiologist calls in to explain why the statements of Dr. Fauci and other medical administrators and Researchers should not be trusted when large amounts of money are at stake.

Afterwards the County Supervisors voted 5-0 to pass the measure in question. In general, I have noticed that public commentary seldom changes how board members will vote on a specific issue. They stonewall in the hope that their opposition with be demoralized and eventually give up.

The real benefit of this kind of event is to rally the opposition and obtain publicity for the opposition. Vote them out in the next election if they do not change their ways. Citizens have to have their eye on the longer term.

Covid19 Fatality Rate Down Whopping 97% In San Diego

The Covid monthly fatality rate is down a stunning 97% from the high last year. The high was about 4.33% and on May 2, 2020 the current value on August 15, 2021 is .136%. This is about the same fatality rate as the regular, seasonal flu. However, the seasonal flu only lasts a couple of months. The pandemic will probably last for for some time yet and the fatality rate could potentially go up again as the virus mutates, though the normal evolutionary trend of such viruses is to become more mild, not more deadly.

The San Diego County Health Department continues to post the fatality rate as the average for the entire time from the start of the pandemic, which makes the fatality rate seem much higher than it currently is, almost 10 times as high at this time. This misrepresentation makes it seem that patients are almost 10 times as likely to die from Covid19 as is currently the case and contributes to the continuing public hysteria surrounding Covid.

The graph shows that although there are many more cases of Covid19 now, relatively few people are dying. It is a 30-day moving average of the case fatality rate derived from numbers provided by San Diego County. The case fatality rate is the percent of reported cases that will result in the death of the patient.

This only includes cases reported to the County. As we know, many infected people have very mild symptoms or no noticeable symptoms at all. For this reason, the case fatality data represented in the graph is no doubt over estimated. If the unreported cases were counted, the fatality rate would be even lower than the current 0.136%, maybe by half or more.

The reasons the fatality rate has gone down so much are development of more effective treatments by doctors, vaccination of the most vulnerable segments of the population and new variants may be less fatal than the original virus, as is the usual trend with such viruses. A less fatal virus provokes less reaction to it and tends to spread more easily and replace other variants.

If the San Diego County health officer, Wilma Wooten, refuses to publish the current fatality rate as it is for the current month, I will continue to post it here. You can subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the box on the upper right.

Probably this situation in San Diego is not too much different from what is happening in the rest of the country.