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Chicano Park Cop-Beater Found Dead in Jail – Background

Frederick Jefferson was found dead in jail during the night of August 31, 2018 in San Diego. He had just been sentenced to seven years in prison the previous day (August 31), for the beating and serious injury of a … Continue reading

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Cop Puncher At Chicano Park Gets 7 Years Prison

Frederick Burnett Jefferson was one of the thugs waiting for the Patriot Picnickers to come out of the free speech zone at Chicano Park on February 3rd, 2018. Before we came out he punched and seriously injured a San Diego … Continue reading

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Nazi Father of “La Raza”, Jose Vasconcelos

Jose Vasconcelos was a prominent Mexican writer, philosopher and politician, known thoughout Latin America. He produced the β€œLa Raza” racialist concept for mixed-race Hispanic peoples, on which the La Raza and Chicano political movements are based. This is formalized in … Continue reading

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Nazi Collaboration in Mexico during WWII

The clip shows a few details of how many Mexicans collaborated with the Nazis and had sympathy for Nazi Germany during the first part of WWII. Mexican audiences used to applaud the Nazis in newsreels shown in the cinemas. To … Continue reading

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The Chicano Bomb Plot in San Diego (1970)

Read here some of the secret history of San Diego and Chicano Park. The local Chicanos, media and politicians hope that it will be forgotten. In 1970, three members of the militant Chicano group, Brown Berets de Aztlan were, arrested … Continue reading

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Jury Rigged in Cop-Beating Trial in San Diego?

It appears that the jury may have been rigged in favor of the defendant in this cop-beating case. Even one determined person can hang a jury or sway a divided jury towards a not-guilty verdict and at least one blatant, … Continue reading

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Chicano Federation Grand Jury Investigation

This 79-page report describes a grand jury investigation in 1979 of the incestuous relationship between the Chicano Federation and Chicano Park Steering Committee in San Diego. Both were then residing in the same building next to Chicano Park. As a … Continue reading

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