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The Chicano Bomb Plot in San Diego (1970)

Read here some of the secret history of San Diego and Chicano Park. The local Chicanos, media and politicians hope that it will be forgotten. In 1970, three members of the militant Chicano group, Brown Berets de Aztlan were, arrested … Continue reading

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Jury Rigged in Cop-Beating Trial in San Diego?

It appears that the jury may have been rigged in favor of the defendant in this cop-beating case. Even one determined person can hang a jury or sway a divided jury towards a not-guilty verdict and at least one blatant, … Continue reading

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Chicano Federation Grand Jury Investigation

This 79-page report describes a grand jury investigation in 1979 of the incestuous relationship between the Chicano Federation and Chicano Park Steering Committee in San Diego. Both were then residing in the same building next to Chicano Park. As a … Continue reading

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Funding of Radical Chicano Park Museum Discussed by San Diego Council

San Diego City Council discussed last Monday creation of a museum for radical, anti-American Chicano ultra nationalism and socialism. According to my understanding, the “museum” still has no funding. David Alvarez had a amendment passed to create a Capital Improvements … Continue reading

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Patriots Tour of Chicano Park

This is a draft of a tour guide for patriots for Chicano Park in San Diego, a taxpayer-funded public park. It will likely be edited for quite a while. Am making this draft document below public so you can have … Continue reading

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Facebook Validates Nazi-like Symbols at Chicano Park, San Diego

The Chicanos claim that the swastikas that are found all around the park are just indigenous symbols. They often use ambiguous symbolism with dual interpretations to disguise their subversive, anti-American message. This is the “Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl” mural at Chicano … Continue reading

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Chicano Founder: Take Pride in Killing Cops

These are two excerpts from a speech made by Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales in 1969 at UCLA, one of the four founders of the radical Chicano political movement. The “Mission” incident he talks about is apparently a then famous case, in … Continue reading

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