Pro-Nazism Of Jose Vasconcelos, Founder Of “La Raza” Supremacy

Rafael Barajas, under the pen name of El Fisgon, wrote a book about the Nazi roots of PAN, the right-wing political party in Mexico. In this video, Barajas talks about the pro-Nazism of Jose Vasconcelos, who was an agent of the Nazis and the leading propagandist for the Nazis in Mexico, as well as all of Latin America. Vasconcelos developed the “La Raza” supremacist concept in the 1920’s and published his book about it “La Raza Cosmica” in 1925. The Nazi-like, mestizo racial theories and Anti-Americanism of Vasconcelos had a major influence on the development of the militant, Chicano political movement in the US of the 1960’s.

After WWII, the Nazis and the extreme right were discredited among most people. For that reason the fascist-like, extreme right-wing, Mexican-American followers of these mestizo racial supremacist theories allied themselves with the far left, revolutionary Marxists, communists and leftist anarchists.

This is a Chicano graffiti with swastikas in the place where Chicano Park is now in San Diego. This Chicano Nazi graffiti was made about a year before the takeover of what is now Chicano Park. There are still a number of swastikas scattered around Chicano Park, a reminder of the pro-Nazisn of radial Chicanos as well as Mexican nationalists just before and during WWII.

Chicano Graffiti with Nazi Swastikas


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Nazi Collaboration in Mexico during WWII

The clip shows a few details of how many Mexicans collaborated with the Nazis and had sympathy for Nazi Germany during the first part of WWII. Mexican audiences used to applaud the Nazis in newsreels shown in the cinemas. To Mexicans, the USA was the evil empire and not the Nazi Reich. Mexico did eventually declare war on Nazi Germany, because the Americans pressured the Mexican Government, but they did not contribute much to the war effort directly.

Widespread Nazi sympathy and collaboration did not stop at the US/Mexico border and this sympathy helps explain some similarities of the La Raza / Chicano nationalist movements with the symbols and concepts of Nazism. Hispanic ethnic nationalists aligned with Marxists in the United States after the war, however, and that explains why political La Raza / Chicano-ism have features of a hybrid of both Nazi-like, ultra nationalism and neo-Marxism.

Jose Vasconcelos, who appears in this clip, developed the mestizo racialist concept of “La Raza” and documented it in his book “La Raza Cosmica” (The Cosmic Race), published in 1925. Vasconcelos is featured in this clip and was the most important pro-Nazi propagandist in Mexico during WWII. His concept of “La Raza” is a Nazi-like, racial theory for the Hispanic, mestizo (mixed) race.

To see subtitles in English, start video, then click on the settings wheel and turn on “captions”.

The image below shows the Nazi Battle flag and the original United Farm Workers flag. The UFW is a part of the Chicano political movement and a part of the greater “La Raza” movement. It’s just one example of the similar symbolism and concepts that La Raza shares with Nazi ultra nationalism.

Nazi Battle Flag vs. Chicano United Farm Workers Flag

Both flags are red with a white circle that contains a national symbol. The Nazi flag has a swastika and the UFW flag a Mexican eagle. The eagle in the UFW flag, however, still looks more like a Nazi reichsadler than a Mexican eagle.

Nazi Reichsadler (Reich Eagle)

This is an article in Life Magazine from 1940 about the Nazi influence in Mexico and Mexican collaborators. One of the most important collaborators was Jose Vasconcelos, an important Mexican, educator, writer, philosopher and cultural figure. Vasconcelos was the father of the “La Raza” racial theory, which became a basic concept for the Chicano political movement in the United States.


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Adolf Hitler: Islam Is Religion For World Conquest

This is a clip about what Adolf Hitler thought about Islam. (Hint: He did NOT think it was the religion of peace!) He believed that conversion of the Germans to Islam would have helped him conquer and dominate the world. At the end of the clip this idea is compared to the current radical Progressive / Leftist / Globalist plan to use Islam to help destroy nationalism and bring about their own global dominance and world government. A world government needs a religion that supports global dominance. Presumably, that is why Leftists and Globalists prefer Islam.

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Hitler actually admired and praised Islam. He said that if Charles Martel had not defeated the Muslim invasion of Europe in 732 AD that Germany would have become Islamic. He claimed it would have helped Germany conquer the world, because it is a religion that glorifies warriors. Here is the exact quote.

“Had Charles Martel not been victorious at Poitiers —already, you see, the world had fallen into the hands of the Jews, so gutless a thing was Christianity !—then we should in all probability have been converted to Mohammedanism, that cult which glorifies heroism and which opens the seventh Heaven to the bold warrior alone. Then the Germanic races would have conquered the world. Christianity alone prevented them from doing so.”

This quote comes from the Book Hitler’s Table Talk, 1941-1944. It’s on page 667 in the paperback edition from a talk recorded on the 28th of August, 1942.

Hitler also allied himself with Muslims during the war. He worked with the Grand Mufti of Palestine. The Grand Mufti recruited three predominately Muslim divisions in the Balkans for Hitler’s Waffen-SS.

Globalists see Islam as a tool that can help break down national borders and advance their agenda. Actually, this is similar to Hitler’s original idea that Islam can enable the conquest of the world.

Or, here is a scanned page 667 directly from the paperback version of Hitler’s Table Talk:

Hitler’s Table Talk – scan of page 667

Those who admire Hitler and do not like Islam often claim that “Table Talk” is a fraud or poor translation. However there is also a second, better-authenticated source for Hitler’s praise of Islam. Albert Speer, Hitler’s Architect also wrote about his preference for Islam over Christianity in his book, “Inside the Third Reich”.  He also praises Japan’s warrior religion, Bushido, in the section below.

Go to this link to see a full-page scan from “Inside the Third Reich”.

Inside the Third Reich – scan of page 96

Inverting the US Flag – What Does It Mean?


Many will tell you that an upside down American flag means “the country is in distress.” The US Flag Code allows this use of the flag in situations of “dire distress,” but the intention was distress as in immediate danger to life and limb, such as your ship is sinking at sea, an SoS signal. It does not explicitly sanction use of the flag in this way at political rallies, where no person or property is in any real immediate distress or danger. This is a political extension of the meaning and therefore not in accordance with the flag code. It is just gratuitous abuse of the flag, in order to express a political message.

Anti-Americans invert flag at pro-illegal immigration rally

If you use a black and white flag, though, it would not be disrespectful to the US flag and would not represent destruction of America, because it would not be the actual US flag. The black color would further symbolize your mourning. Black and white flags are available on Amazon for only about $7. Why not use that instead? It does not send a confusing, potentially, anti-American message that would cause pain and would be less likely to anger veterans.

Definition of “dire”

adjective \ˈdī(-ə)r\
: very bad : causing great fear or worry
: warning of disaster : showing a very bad future
: requiring immediate action : very urgent


Klansmen protest Obama election in 2008
Klansmen protest Obama election in 2008

Nazis, the KKK and other such subversive groups have long been flying the flag upside down as a symbol of their goal of overturning the current constitutional republican system. Symbols often have dual meanings, one that is told to the general public and another subversive meaning, known to a smaller group of insiders.

Inverting a symbol normally means the negation or destruction of that which the symbol represents. So, an inverted American flag is ambiguous and can either represent a SoS signal of distress or a symbol of opposition and destruction of the system. It can have both meanings to different people at the same time. So, there is a possibility for an inverted American flag to be used to send a covert signal.

The image below, from the documentary “Nazis in America: A Secret History,” was taken in 1999 at Richard Butler’s Aryan Nation compound in Couer d’Alene, Idaho. (Click the photo below to go to the documentary.) Notice the Nazi flag is higher than the original American colonial (Betsy Ross) flags, some of them inverted. Butler taught that the Founders had established an Aryan nation. So, in this case, the meaning of the inverted flag can be taken to be the Aryan Nation is in distress. To non-insiders, it could mean the American republic is in distress.

Neo-Nazis fly inverted American flags, as a
Neo-Nazis in Idaho fly inverted American colonial flags in 1999 as a “distress signal.”

The Nazis/KKK started using the flag in this way. Some Tea Partiers have evidently copied it and abuse the flag themselves in this way. At best, it is a confusing and obnoxious symbol that associates the user with Nazis, communists and anarchists. It is an odd form of protest that provokes mostly veterans and patriots, not Obama supporters or leftists. It does not bother Obama and his supporters at all, if his opponents abuse the American flag in their protests. They do not respect the flag, either.

Of course, most Tea Partiers are not intentionally abusing the flag, but it is still disrespectful of the flag to use it for a narrow political cause. Fly the flag with respect in a way that cannot be misinterpreted and assigned perverse meaning or don’t fly it at all. The flag is the symbol of our Nation and should not be cheapened by using it to send your own personal messages. Why would any true American patriot want to use the very same symbol, of which there is a long-standing tradition of its use as a symbol of anti-Americanism and the destruction of America???

Occupiers fly desecrated American flag with Marxist and anarchist flags
Occupiers fly desecrated American flag with Marxist and anarchist flags

If you are using the same symbol as anti-American Jihadists, illegal-immigration advocates, Mexican nationalist reconquistas, communist occupiers, Klansmen and Neo-Nazis, maybe you should re-consider your choice of symbols?

Mexican flag flown over inverted American flag
Mexican flag flown over inverted American flag
Jihadists disrespect inverted US flag in embassy takeover
Islamists destroy inverted US flag
in embassy takeover in Egypt
Iranians desecrate US flag
Iranians desecrate modified US flag with only 14 stars


Warning: Profuse use of profane language.

If you don’t want to be chased down by a US Marine and combat veteran, just do not abuse the flag by flying it upside down. Too many saw their friends and fellow soldiers die or be horribly wounded fighting for what that flag symbolizes.


Trump Supporters Abuse, Deface American Flag