Pro-Nazism Of Jose Vasconcelos, Founder Of “La Raza” Supremacy

Rafael Barajas, under the pen name of El Fisgon, wrote a book about the Nazi roots of PAN, the right-wing political party in Mexico. In this video, Barajas talks about the pro-Nazism of Jose Vasconcelos, who was an agent of the Nazis and the leading propagandist for the Nazis in Mexico, as well as all of Latin America. Vasconcelos developed the “La Raza” supremacist concept in the 1920’s and published his book about it “La Raza Cosmica” in 1925. The Nazi-like, mestizo racial theories and Anti-Americanism of Vasconcelos had a major influence on the development of the militant, Chicano political movement in the US of the 1960’s.

After WWII, the Nazis and the extreme right were discredited among most people. For that reason the fascist-like, extreme right-wing, Mexican-American followers of these mestizo racial supremacist theories allied themselves with the far left, revolutionary Marxists, communists and leftist anarchists.

This is a Chicano graffiti with swastikas in the place where Chicano Park is now in San Diego. This Chicano Nazi graffiti was made about a year before the takeover of what is now Chicano Park. There are still a number of swastikas scattered around Chicano Park, a reminder of the pro-Nazisn of radial Chicanos as well as Mexican nationalists just before and during WWII.

Chicano Graffiti with Nazi Swastikas


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