Dr. Corsi Discusses Plans For Trump Military ‘Coup’ And Tribunals

Dr. Jerome Corsi Discuses plans for a “legitimate coup” by Trump and setting up military tribunals for “traitors”, such as Hilary Clinton and Obama. He implies that they could be executed for a “capital crime”.

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Judging from what Corsi says, he made this speech shortly before or during the first impeachment of Trump in 2019. I assume that because he is assuring people that Trump will not be removed. He says, that Trump planned a legitimate military coup in coordination with the military.

In addition, Corsi says that Qanon is military intelligence and is very close to Trump. I can well believe that Trump is close to Qanon, but I would not believe that such a thing as Qanon is connected to military intelligence or has anything to do officially with the military.

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