Obama Flees The American Public

Obama zombies at a campaign rally
Obama zombies at a campaign rally
Remember the days when Obama could still fill stadiums to overflowing with starry-eyed, robotic messiah worshipers? He seemed invincible then. Now, Obama is literally afraid to face the public. Lately, he has been meeting behind closed doors with small, select groups of wealthy donors or illegal aliens and their radical, activist supporters.

Last week he gave a speech at a military base in New Jersey, where the soldiers feel obligated to be in attendance and applaud politely. It has become nearly impossible for Obama to find adoring masses willing to feed his pathological, psychopathic ego. The trend that is well in place by now of utter rejection of Obama and his collaborators in Congress is likely to continue and even accelerate in the near future.

He avoids going before the public due to the bad reaction he may receive, which will damage his carefully cultivated image of invulnerability. His announcement of the dictated amnesty for millions of illegal aliens was not even broadcast on the major American networks, because it was rightly feared that it would enrage the American public. The broadcast was instead broadcast on major Spanish-language networks to Latin America for the purpose of inciting massive numbers of additional illegals aliens to head for our border for the many expected free benefits, including free cash credits from the IRS and paid living expenses for fraudulent, so-called “refugees.”

Those relatively few Americans, who realized early on that he is a subversive and would actively try to undermine our system of government, were in the beginning often too intimidated by his massive support to oppose him personally in public. It can now also work in the other direction, if we will push it. Lately, some have been showing that they are not afraid to come out and protest directly in his face.

Obama meets with a few illegal aliens  and lawless radical supporters in Nashville
Obama meets with a few illegal aliens
and lawless radical supporters in Nashville
Then, in 2009, many were naively asking why he cannot seem to figure out how to help us? Now, it is pretty widely accepted and discussed openly that Obama’s malicious goal is to destroy America as we have known it and to subjugate its citizens. It is also becoming apparent that even many greedy and power-mad Republicans like John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and others are lying backstabbers, who are collaborating with Obama in his dictatorial power grab. It is a larger problem than just a few RINO’s, because Republican congressmen continue to vote for the same treasonous leadership, who refuse to act to protect the Constitution and rule of law. Their political careers and coveted future financial wealth depend on their toeing the party line in the sell out of the American Republic. Just look at what they did to Michele Bachmann for daring to speak just a little politically-incorrect truth that had not been pre-approved by John Benedict Boehner. They ran her out of Congress. It was the Republican traitors, who did that, not the Democrats. Benedict Boehner and the other Obama lackeys should be run out of Congress instead.

Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston
Protesting the Stamp Act in Boston
Things have now changed since 2009. Public wrath can have a huge impact on politicians. In their day the American colonialists often hung their tyrant, King George, in public effigy. King George was safely across the ocean and that was why a violent revolution was eventually necessary.

Our corrupt and treacherous politicians of today are not distant from us. They have to live among us. A violent revolution is not necessary to bring them down. All that is necessary is the united will of a large part of the American people. The political survival and even physical liberty of this small, treasonous gang depends on keeping the public in awe of the power that they wield. Like it is said about prisons, the few guards are in control only so long as the much more numerous prisoners allow them to be in control.

Some have begun to speak out publicly and vehemently against the tyrant, Obama, and his backstabbing crew of collaborators in the Republican party. See this video of the recent Las Vegas protest, where he gave a speech celebrating his illegal “amnesty” at a school that includes many illegal aliens as students. Hundreds turned out to show their disgust with Obama and his collaborators in Congress. Let us keep this trend growing more and more. If you live in an area that Obama is likely to visit, be prepared with signs, bullhorns and organization ahead of time, because his visits are announced on very short notice, usually only a few days. This kind of protest can be much easier, less expensive and more effective than a march on Washington. Let Obama come to you.

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