Enrique Morones Fired From ‘Border Angels’ For Sexual Harassment

Notorious America-hater, Enrique Morones, was fired as Executive Director of Border Angels due to sexual harassment charges that were made in 2019. The charges have been held secret until now to protect the anti-American, open-borders nonprofit that he founded nearly 40 years ago. Now, it has been exposed by the San Diego Union / Tribune.

Many know Morones nationally, due to his appearances on Fox News and other national news outlets. Two of the very young female workers at Border Angels in their early 20’s, — who no doubt at one time idolized him — accuse him of sexually harassing them.

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This development adds irony to his favorite slogan, “Amor, si se puede!” (Love, yes we can!) At Border Angels, it turns out that Enrique could not always coerce “love” on the very young interns, whom he treated as a fringe benefit of his position. One strong, young woman finally stood up to him and she should be commended for that. Another young woman was then empowered to support the accusations.

It seems likely that he has in the past exploited other young, female workers at Border Angels. The others probably just did not have the strong will necessary to expose him, especially when other staff members of the Border Angels were reportedly trying to shield Morones from accusations. Apparently, Morones got a large, monetary separation bonus after the harassment, the young women did not receive any monetary relief at all for their ordeal.

Read the article at the link below:

San Diego Union/ Tribune Article: Before Border Angels founder retired, two women alleged sexual harassment

In case you cannot access this article, you can view it in PDF format here or the Press Reader posting here.

The truth is that Morones exploits the misery of illegal immigrants, much as he exploited the vulnerable young women at Border Angels. Not for sex, but still for his own personal benefit and to satisfy his own (anti-American) political passion. It is all about what Enrique wants and needs, not really about the misery and troubles of others, as he likes to propagandize his efforts. Border Angels was founded 40 years ago for Enrique’s own self-glorification and personal benefit.

Enrique Morones on Tucker Carlson show

Tucker should have realized that Enrique Morones is a loyal Mexican Citizen. That is, he is a dual citizen, however, he says in Spanish to Mexican officials that he is 100% Mexican, who just happened to be born aboard, in effect informally renouncing his American citizenship. He says that it’s not his fault that he was born in the US.

How can we expect someone who identifies as 100% Mexican to be loyal to the US? What is the point of debating with this Mexican ultranationalist, about our own American interests and the welfare and sovereign rights of our own American citizens when he does not even identify as an American, but as a Mexican ultranationalist who just happened to have been born here?

Border Angels Founder Rejects Being American – Enrique Morones

Morones speaking in front of one of his murals at anti-American, mestizo-racial-nationalist, Chicano Park

Si, Amor se puede
(Yes, we can love)

Amor, no se puede, Enrique (Love, no you can’t)[/caption]

Enrique Morones Interview, Fake-Refugee Bus Block In Murrieta

Enrique Morones is interviewed in July, 2014 by the progressive news outlet, Democracy Now, about the “bus block” in Murrieta. These buses carrying mostly — if not all — fake refugees to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta.

The so-called refugees were exploiting children as a free pass into the United States, according to the catch-and-release procedure. If they would bring a child or minor with them on the dangerous journey to the border, a perverse Supreme Court ruling required that they be released within a 20 days into the US, most just to disappear and live illegally. This ruling actually encouraged people to abuse children by bringing them along as a free pass into the US to live illegally. The buses carrying fraudulent asylum seekers were stopped by a large group of patriots and they were returned to San Diego.

Morones was born in the US, but has publicly repudiated his American identity, saying that he considers himself 100% Mexican, a Mexican born abroad, as he says. He is an extreme Mexican nationalist and a subversive, who is working against American interests. He is a trained propagandist, having worked for the San Diego Padres as a public relations representative.

He is also a habitual liar. This and other videos show how the bus caravan of fake refugees was stopped and it was not the police who did it. Morones lied about that.

Morones has aided smuggling operations by leaving water in the desert for illegal crossers. He has been known to associate with major drug smugglers, having arranged the marriage of a convicted drug smuggler on the border, duping the Border Patrol in the process.

His self-described, right-hand man in the Border Angels, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped and beaten in Southern Mexico trying to run fake refugees to the US border. Morones operated a shelter in Tijuana for those, who would attempt to cross the border by illegally or by asylum fraud.

Morones was ousted last November from the Border Angels, a non-profit that he founded more than 30 years ago to assist illegal aliens in gaining entry into the US.


How the Fake Refugee Buses Were Stopped in Murrieta

Enrique Morones Archive:

Enrique Morones Sponsors Cartel Border Wedding At Friendship Park

Enrique Morones, arranged a cross border wedding in San Diego at Friendship Park for a convicted cartel drug smuggler with the Border Patrol in attendance. This KUSI news report is from December, 2017. Morones is founder of the Border Angels, a far-left, open-borders, nonprofit organization that operates on both sides of the border. Since the time of this narco wedding, Enrique has been ejected from the nonprofit that he founded many years ago, under less than friendly terms.

Watch on Bitchute.

One of Morones’ underlings, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped by “organized criminals” — which appears to mean members of a cartel — a few months earlier while apparently working to smuggle fraudulent asylum seekers across Mexico to the US border. Enrique had a shelter in “Playas de Tijuana” for housing illegal immigrants and fraudulent asylum seekers at that time.

The “wings” mark the Border Angels shelter in Playas de Tijuana

Due to this and the work that he does, assisting illegals to cross the border illegally. It is believed that Enrique’s group has had contact with illegal smuggling cartels for some time. It might be supposed that Hugo Castro was kidnapped, because some organized criminals group along the route were not paid, who thought they should have been. Castro ran the shelter in the photo.

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Border Angels Founder Rejects Being American – Enrique Morones

Enrique Morones is the Founder of the Border Angels, a group that promotes and aids illegal immigration and asylum fraud. He says in this video that he is not a hyphenated Mexican-American, but identifies proudly as 100% Mexican. Morones is obviously embarrassed by his American citizenship. Apologetically, he says his US citizenship is only birth, that he had no choice in where he was born.

Watch this video on Bitchute

This video was posted by the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, on the occasion of their giving Morones the Othli Award in 2009. The award is one of the highest honors given to Mexicans living abroad. The Ohtli Award recognizes Mexican expatriots who promote the interest of Mexicans and Mexican culture in the United States and other countries.

Morones is a subversive, anti-American propagandist, who has been promoting illegal immigration and aiding illegal aliens and fraudulent refugees trafficked by cartels for over 30 years. In the next video, he denied being American on CNN Latino:

Watch this video on Bitchute

Mexico enacted a dual citizenship law to enhance Mexican influence in the United States. The United States does not actually recognize dual citizenship. The oath of nationalization still requires new citizens to renounce allegiance to any other country. The authorities just ignore dual citizenship and don’t enforce the law.

The benefits we have as American citizens, should be reserved for American citizens only, who have a overriding interest in the welfare of our country, not for those who want to promote the interests of another country to the detriment of our own welfare.

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Enrique Morones Stripped Of His Angel Wings

Las Playas is a beach neighborhood of Tijuana, which is on the border and a hot spot for open-borders political activity. This is where Enrique Morones, founder of the Border Angels, had his so-called refugee shelter, called the “Embajada Migrante shelter”. Morones is internationally know and was a frequent guest on national talk shows, such as Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

Morones appears to have been fired by the Border Angels last fall for unknown causes after six months of paid leave. To learn more, see this post, Enrique Morones Ousted From ‘Border Angels’.

Enrique and the new management of the Border Angels had a public spat recently about plans o close his shelter on the beach in La Playas.

There was a dramatic mural of the Border Angel wings on the side of the building and a sign with their logo was above the door. This is the way it looked last Fall (of 2019).

In March of 2020, the wall has been repainted and all traces of the Border Angels removed as seen in this second photo.

The new management of Border Angels closed the shelter, saying that it’s not in livable condition. Morones was known for charging those “refugees” and illegal border crossers, who stayed there, daily rent.

In addition the Border Angels has fired the manager of the shelter, Hugo Castro, on February 21, 2020, whom Morones often called his “right-hand man”.

It appears that he used the space mainly for propaganda purposes and for storage and probably charged a couple dollars rent per day to encourage fake refugees and illegal crossers not to move in and, if they did, not to stay too long.

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