Cartels Make Up To Million Dollars Per Trailer Smuggling Illegals

A re-post of an article by Mexican newspaper “Excelsior” provides some details about the current cost for illegals to cross the border, estimating that the cartels make as much as a million dollars for every truckload of illegals that they smuggle.

Enrique Morones is quoted in the article, trying to justify illegal immigration. Morones is a Mexican nationalist and a dual citizen who says he is a Mexican, who just happened to be born in the US. A lot of what he does encourages illegal immigration and asylum fraud and helps the cartels in that way.

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As detailed in this article illegal immigration takes many billions of dollars of capital out of poor neighborhoods in Latin America that could be used in businesses to employ people and gives it to the cartels to use in their smuggling activities or to invest it elsewhere.

Cartels Make Up To Million Dollars Per Trailer Smuggling “Migrants”

USA.- The transfer of migrants in trailers to the United States is a practice that has been going on for decades, but the risks, costs and hierarchies have changed.

A migrant who traveled by trailer, but refused to give his name, said that the transfer by that means costs between four and 5 thousand dollars (between 80 thousand 492 and 100 thousand 615 pesos).

However, everything depends on where the transfer begins, whether from Central America, southern Mexico or near the border, says Abigail, the cousin of a human trafficker, or smuggler, who requested anonymity.

‘It also depends on what route they want and if it’s going to be, for example, just crossing the Rio Grande,’ she says. Before, the coyotes were the ones who controlled the business, but with the advance of drug trafficking, that has also changed. According to records from authorities on both sides of the border, the drug cartels most involved in the human trafficking business are the remaining remnants of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

“Those guys are in everything, they don’t miss one thing and there is no other way than to pay them what they ask for or give them a percentage. Sometimes they put their men as smugglers, but here it is their law and there is no way to do it. The government —federal and state— is pure bullshit, they are not good for mothers,” describes Abigail.

According to the Current Population Survey, carried out by the United States Census Bureau, in 1992 a crossing from Mexico to the neighboring country, by trailer, crossing the Rio Grande or by other means, cost an average of 300 dollars (6 thousand 37 pesos, at today’s exchange rate). Twenty years later, in 2012, the same type of crossing cost between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars (between 40,246 and 60,369 pesos). Today, depending on the type of crossing, it costs between 5,000 and 15,000 dollars (up to 301,846 pesos).

Seen this way, the trailer where 53 migrants died, 27 of them Mexicans, was a business of around one million dollars (20 million 130 thousand pesos).

Many factors influence the price change, from the growing difficulty for migrants to cross, the strengthening of border security in the United States, to those who control the illicit business of human smuggling.

According to the migrant who traveled by trailer, the price also varies depending on the nationality of the person who is going to be transferred. A Mexican is charged less, for example, than a Central American.

Despite the high cost, migrants are willing to make any sacrifice, to go into debt for decades, in order to achieve the American dream. Because if before with 15 thousand dollars they could start a business in their countries of origin, today they cannot do it. “Whatever you put in, now you have to pay for a flat and pay for security and even so, be on the lookout so that you or one of your family is not kidnapped or robbed. Today it is more business to risk it to get to the gabacho”, Lidia and Jorge, a married couple from El Salvador, tell this newspaper. [Note: “gebacho” literally meaning “dude” is a racial slur used for for white Americans.]

Neither risks nor tragic cases like Monday’s will stop those who want to reach the United States.

“These people – the migrants – are desperate. It is very easy to say ‘don’t cross, hold on’, but if they don’t cross they are going to die of hunger or violence,” laments Enrique Morones, director of Gente Unida and founder emeritus of Angeles de la Frontera. He acknowledges that the way migrants traveling in trailers are treated is getting worse.

‘They treat them worse than animals, they don’t take precautions.’ Putting steak seasoning on them to disguise their smell is new, but he’s not surprised. Traffickers will do anything, she says, to ‘seal the deal.’ On top of everything, “now it is much more expensive to hire a crossing like this, and nothing is safe”.

But in their places of origin their lives are also at risk, she explains. At least by traveling they hope to achieve a better quality of life.

Taken from Excelsior.

Enrique Morones Interview, Fake-Refugee Bus Block In Murrieta

Enrique Morones is interviewed in July, 2014 by the progressive news outlet, Democracy Now, about the “bus block” in Murrieta. These buses carrying mostly — if not all — fake refugees to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta.

The so-called refugees were exploiting children as a free pass into the United States, according to the catch-and-release procedure. If they would bring a child or minor with them on the dangerous journey to the border, a perverse Supreme Court ruling required that they be released within a 20 days into the US, most just to disappear and live illegally. This ruling actually encouraged people to abuse children by bringing them along as a free pass into the US to live illegally. The buses carrying fraudulent asylum seekers were stopped by a large group of patriots and they were returned to San Diego.

Morones was born in the US, but has publicly repudiated his American identity, saying that he considers himself 100% Mexican, a Mexican born abroad, as he says. He is an extreme Mexican nationalist and a subversive, who is working against American interests. He is a trained propagandist, having worked for the San Diego Padres as a public relations representative.

He is also a habitual liar. This and other videos show how the bus caravan of fake refugees was stopped and it was not the police who did it. Morones lied about that.

Morones has aided smuggling operations by leaving water in the desert for illegal crossers. He has been known to associate with major drug smugglers, having arranged the marriage of a convicted drug smuggler on the border, duping the Border Patrol in the process.

His self-described, right-hand man in the Border Angels, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped and beaten in Southern Mexico trying to run fake refugees to the US border. Morones operated a shelter in Tijuana for those, who would attempt to cross the border by illegally or by asylum fraud.

Morones was ousted last November from the Border Angels, a non-profit that he founded more than 30 years ago to assist illegal aliens in gaining entry into the US.


How the Fake Refugee Buses Were Stopped in Murrieta

Enrique Morones Archive:

Enrique Morones Sponsors Cartel Border Wedding At Friendship Park

Enrique Morones, arranged a cross border wedding in San Diego at Friendship Park for a convicted cartel drug smuggler with the Border Patrol in attendance. This KUSI news report is from December, 2017. Morones is founder of the Border Angels, a far-left, open-borders, nonprofit organization that operates on both sides of the border. Since the time of this narco wedding, Enrique has been ejected from the nonprofit that he founded many years ago, under less than friendly terms.

Watch on Bitchute.

One of Morones’ underlings, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped by “organized criminals” — which appears to mean members of a cartel — a few months earlier while apparently working to smuggle fraudulent asylum seekers across Mexico to the US border. Enrique had a shelter in “Playas de Tijuana” for housing illegal immigrants and fraudulent asylum seekers at that time.

The “wings” mark the Border Angels shelter in Playas de Tijuana

Due to this and the work that he does, assisting illegals to cross the border illegally. It is believed that Enrique’s group has had contact with illegal smuggling cartels for some time. It might be supposed that Hugo Castro was kidnapped, because some organized criminals group along the route were not paid, who thought they should have been. Castro ran the shelter in the photo.

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Border Angels Founder Rejects Being American – Enrique Morones

Enrique Morones is the Founder of the Border Angels, a group that promotes and aids illegal immigration and asylum fraud. He says in this video that he is not a hyphenated Mexican-American, but identifies proudly as 100% Mexican. Morones is obviously embarrassed by his American citizenship. Apologetically, he says his US citizenship is only birth, that he had no choice in where he was born.

Watch this video on Bitchute

This video was posted by the Mexican Consulate in San Diego, on the occasion of their giving Morones the Othli Award in 2009. The award is one of the highest honors given to Mexicans living abroad. The Ohtli Award recognizes Mexican expatriots who promote the interest of Mexicans and Mexican culture in the United States and other countries.

Morones is a subversive, anti-American propagandist, who has been promoting illegal immigration and aiding illegal aliens and fraudulent refugees trafficked by cartels for over 30 years. In the next video, he denied being American on CNN Latino:

Watch this video on Bitchute

Mexico enacted a dual citizenship law to enhance Mexican influence in the United States. The United States does not actually recognize dual citizenship. The oath of nationalization still requires new citizens to renounce allegiance to any other country. The authorities just ignore dual citizenship and don’t enforce the law.

The benefits we have as American citizens, should be reserved for American citizens only, who have a overriding interest in the welfare of our country, not for those who want to promote the interests of another country to the detriment of our own welfare.

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Enrique Morones Stripped Of His Angel Wings

Las Playas is a beach neighborhood of Tijuana, which is on the border and a hot spot for open-borders political activity. This is where Enrique Morones, founder of the Border Angels, had his so-called refugee shelter, called the “Embajada Migrante shelter”. Morones is internationally know and was a frequent guest on national talk shows, such as Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News.

Morones appears to have been fired by the Border Angels last fall for unknown causes after six months of paid leave. To learn more, see this post, Enrique Morones Ousted From ‘Border Angels’.

Enrique and the new management of the Border Angels had a public spat recently about plans o close his shelter on the beach in La Playas.

There was a dramatic mural of the Border Angel wings on the side of the building and a sign with their logo was above the door. This is the way it looked last Fall (of 2019).

In March of 2020, the wall has been repainted and all traces of the Border Angels removed as seen in this second photo.

The new management of Border Angels closed the shelter, saying that it’s not in livable condition. Morones was known for charging those “refugees” and illegal border crossers, who stayed there, daily rent.

In addition the Border Angels has fired the manager of the shelter, Hugo Castro, on February 21, 2020, whom Morones often called his “right-hand man”.

It appears that he used the space mainly for propaganda purposes and for storage and probably charged a couple dollars rent per day to encourage fake refugees and illegal crossers not to move in and, if they did, not to stay too long.

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Founder Denounces ‘Border Angels’ For Not Protecting Illegal Immigrants

Ironically, Enrique Morones, the founder of the Border Angeles has denounced the nonprofit that he founded for not protecting illegal border crossers. The article below was posted by Zeta, a newspaper in Tijuana. The English translation of the article is below the link to the original article in Spanish.

Morones was put on 6 months paid leave in 2019 and was removed from the non-profit in November of that year. It is not publicly known exactly why he was removed from the organization that he founded in 1986 and built into a well-known brand name, but the separation was evidently not on friendly terms.

This current controversy over the “Migrant Embassy” seems to be a fairly transparent attack on the new management of the Border Angels. The Migrant Embassy has never seemed to be a serious shelter, but used more as a prop to make it appear Morones was helping illegal border crossers. Those staying there even had to pay rent.

“Gente Unida” is a defunct organization, founded by Morones about 12-13 years ago that Morones is attempting to resurrect and make active again. Morones is now competing with his former nonprofit for donor funds. So, discrediting the new management of the Border Angles would be helpful for his new nonprofit.

Morones has been a frequent guest on conservative talk shows. To see an interview of him by Tucker Carlson of Fox News, go to this link.

Translation of Zeta Article

Fundador denuncia que “Border Angels” ya no protege a los migrantes

Founder denounces that ‘Border Angels’ now not protecting migrants

The association that historically was dedicated to protecting migrants, Border Angels, has completely changed its mission, some of it’s members charged, among which is its founder Enrique Morones.

When demonstrating this Saturday in Tijuana, activist Hugo Castro, a member of the same organization, said that on February 21, around 9:00 p.m., a woman arrived at the “Migrant Embassy” shelter, located on the Paseo Costero, in Playas de Tijuana, to try to take out the migrants who were staying in said property.

The woman identified herself as “Lorena” and presented a card from the current director of “Border Angels” while asking people to leave the place because they would be taken to another site.

Fortunately in the shelter was Esperanza Lozano, director of “Migrant Embassy”, who did not allow migrants to be evicted, said Hugo Castro; And stressed that these migrants have experienced extreme violence in their countries of origin, are survivors of kidnappings, and have physical conditions.

‘It is not fair that for years the doors have been opened to support the shelters, as a human rights defender I feel somewhat used,’ said Hugo Castro.

The complainant also noted that ‘Border Angels’ received donations of $57K, that was going to be used to improve the facilities of ‘Migrant Embassy’, but the resource has not been delivered.

‘Border Angels’ was founded by activist Enrique Morones, who left the organization last year, and since then a number of changes have been noted. Morones said that what happened on February 21 forced him to come to this border city to denounce the change of mission of the association.

He explained that ‘Border Angels’ is based in San Diego, California. Its board of directors was made up of 11 people, however, many have already resigned. He considered that those who still form the board of the association only seek to earn money.

Enrique Morones also explained that in the last days two migrants drowned trying to cross via the ocean, and three women lost their lives trying to cross the hills, without ‘Border Angels’ denouncing it.

‘That is why I decided to come to Tijuana, I have had health problems, I do not go out so much, but it is very important to raise my voice and say that we demand justice, transparency, honesty and this is something that has not been seen,’ said Morones.

Both Hugo Castro, Enrique Morones and other members of ‘Border Angels’ and ‘Gente Unidos’ said they will continue to defend what is most important: migrants and their human rights.

Response from the Border Angels

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Enrique Morones’ Reconquista Friend in Berlin

Julio Chavezmontes Messner
Mexican ultra nationalist
I came across this article in Spanish by a Mexican reconquista friend of Enrique Morones, the former head of the Border Angels. Morones is supposed to be in Berlin in early November, 2019 for the 30th celebration of the fall of the Berlin Wall and to plot with other, like-minded subversives and revolutionaries the fall of our own wall and the downfall of America. Chevazmontez Messner is a Mexican filmmaker writer and attorney. (Correction, he says he is not a filmmaker.) Enrique Morones was forced out of the Border Angels for some reason that is not too clear just a few days before this article was posted.

México y Alemania: Patrias indivisibles

In June of 1987, Morones organized a concert in Tijuana with a group of radical socialist Germans, called “Tear Down This Wall“. The goal appeared to be to incite a cross-border, mass protest large enough to breach the border fence in Tijuana and elsewhere. The Border Patrol took action beforehand and they never gained enough momentum to accomplish their presumed goal.

As we learned during the caravans of 2018-19, very many Tijuanans are not in favor of chaos on the border, either. It turned out just to be a pleasant concert in the Las Playas neighborhood of Tijuana with a few dozen listeners. You can be pretty sure, though, the open-borders Mexicans have been plotting more such “fracasos” on the border in Berlin lately with their German radical socialist pals.

Morones is mentioned in this article, as well as Richard Griswold de Castillo, a radical professor of Chicano Studies at San Diego State University, and other open borders radicals from San Diego. It is just more confirmation of how they think. Below is the English translation of the original article from Spanish.

Mexico and Germany: Indivisible Homelands
by Julio Chavezmontes Messner,
Friday, November 8, 2019

Tomorrow marks thirty years since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The idea of ​​building it came from Walter Ulbricht (A Soviet agent who spent World War II in Moscow) and Erick Honecker (who ‘miraculously’ did not execute the Nazis who held him captive until 1945); Two traitors to Germany, who in addition to submitting to the dictates of Joseph Stalin, lent themselves to creating a Soviet colony under the FALSE name of the German Democratic Republic.

Both murdered hundreds of their countrymen and yet neither answered for their crimes against humanity.

The famous wall began to be built after having the meetings between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, succeeded by Truman who, following the Morgenthau Plan, intended to fragment Germany into three small provinces, in order to denying it any possibility of resuming any industrial activity.

Forty years before the date we are now commemorating, the ‘German Democratic Republic’ was invented, with the intention of carrying out the fragmentation of Germany and the separation of its people under contrary and irreconcilable regimes.

There has never been such a thing as ‘two Germanies.’

Germany has always been a single homeland for all Germans.

The homelands do not arise or disappear by decree of the victors.

After 30 years, the extinct wall is only the memory of an immense injustice that ultimately could not defeat the invincible will of a people capable of resisting any adversity, and rebuilding from its ruins.

Very few know today, that after officially ending World War II, more than three million German civilians died as victims of genocide when they were forcibly displaced from the eastern German provinces.

The general public also does not know that hundreds of thousands of German soldiers died of hunger and cold in the Allied concentration camps, known as the ‘Eisenhower camps’, despite being in theory, under the ‘protection’ of the Convention of Geneva.

In spite of all this, Germany today does not seem to have lost a war but, on the contrary, is the pillar that sustains Europe, and its economy occupies the fourth place in the world.

Similarly, there are no two Mexicos as a result of the territorial robbery committed against us by the expansionists and slave-smuggling gringos who believed they could prevail over the immemorial rights of our people.

In our case, the racist and corrupt Donald Trump, if he wants, can build a branch of the Chinese Wall on the banks of the Rio Grande, but not with that, can he divide or separate the only Mexico that exists.

The more than 40 million Mexicans who today live under the jurisdiction of the United States are an irreversible factor.

It is enough to point out that more than six million Mexicans live in Chicago; that there are important Mexican communities on the shores of Lake Minetonka and on the banks of the Hudson River in New York, where we have displaced Puerto Ricans as the first minority.

We are not only indispensable, but invincible and unstoppable.

Our people have continued to migrate northward, by means of “El Rio de los Regresos” (The River of the Returnees), guided by Cuauhtecui, the eagle of our ancestors who returns and points the way to the reconquest of our territories stolen by the United States.

As I write these lines in the small town of Stahringen, in southwestern Germany, the words of Senator Thomas Corwin of the State of Ohio, spoken before the United States Congress on September 11, 1847, return to me:

“You can steal those territories from Mexico; You could seize them by force; you can retain them by exercising the right of the strongest, but a peace treaty for that purpose, freely signed by the Mexican people, you will never have. ”

For some years now, I have had the privilege of knowing and being engaged with our compatriots, who lead and champion the exercise of our rights north of El Río; such as Enrique Morones who, as head of the “Border Angels,” accompanies the migrant brothers who venture through the desert on their way to the north with water and all kinds of help.

I have met and I am honored in the friendship of Juan M. Solíz and Nellie Cotton, who runs the NGO “Mexico defende lo tuyo” (Mexico defends what is yours) which I have the honor to represent before German human rights organizations.

I have had the honor of speaking with Professor Richard Griswold del Castillo author of the book “Guadalupe Hidalgo, a Legacy of Conflict”, whose information was more than valuable to me to write “El Rio de Regresos” (The River of the Returnees).

Just as California, New Mexico and Texas continue to be the territory of Mexico today under international law, East Prussia, Silesia and Breslau, continue to be part of Germany, as well as Austria whose name (Österreich) means Reich of the East, that is to say: True East Germany.

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 9, 2019, MEXICAN artist Adrián Luz will star in Berlin, an event that brings together Mexico and Germany under the auspices of “One Day We Will Dance” and the Benhadj & Djilali Museum.

Enrique Morones will carry the voice of Mexico; an indomitable voice that demonstrates that the imposition of walls only serve to echo their messages of JUSTICE.

The wall that will be “demolished” is an artistic work of Adrián Luz.

This artistic day in the heart of Germany, joining in brotherhood with Mexico in the rejection of all the walls of inhumanity, demonstrates once again that Germany and Mexico: Mexico and Germany are unique homelands; INDIVISIBLE PATRIAS. __________________________________

Dedicated to Mexicans who, while writing these lines, continue to cross invincible and unstoppable towards our ancestral lands. The whole country, or nothing!

Julio Chavezmontes Messner,

Enrique Morones Ousted From ‘Border Angels’

Enrique Morones, Founder of “Border Angels”
The Times of San Diego first reported that Enrique Morones has been removed from the non-profit that he founded, called the “Border Angels”. This came after about six months of paid leave. Morones has been building the brand “Border Angels” for more than three decades. He is internationally known and has appeared frequently on Fox News and other national outlets. It seems highly unlikely he would have given up his brand of more than 30 years and left his pet project voluntarily.

It is not thought that he willingly left the Border Angels. He has not really retired, but is now trying to resurrect another nonprofit that he founded in 2005, called “Gente Unida“. Gente Unida has been inactive in recent years. Morones is trying to restart it from scratch. Gente Unida is the nonprofit that Morones claims he used in 2005 to “expose” and “shutdown” the Minutemen in California.

It appears more likely that he was forced out of Border Angels, because no reason is given and his departure does not appear to have been on friendly terms. That has provoked speculation that his unexplained departure may be due to a serious conflict with the board of the non-profit, a severe clash over direction of the nonprofit or perhaps some kind of embarrassing personal impropriety. At some point, maybe the truth will emerge?

Morones has had some kind of association with major cartel drug smugglers. In 2017, Morones sponsored a cross border wedding for a drug cartel smuggler. His underling, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped in April of 2017 by “organized criminals” when he was in Southern Mexico apparently to pick up a group of fraudulent refugees and illegal border crossers for smuggling to the US border. These scandals may have been an embarrassment that motivated the board of the Border Angels to remove Morones from the nonprofit, Hugo Castro also left and continued to work for Morones for a while, before moving on.

Our major local media outlets have mysteriously remained quiet about this affair, though a couple of them reported a few weeks ago that he had been quietly put on paid leave. One would think that professional journalists would be interested in a follow-up story about the fate of this international news figure, but apparently not. They have not reported that he has now been completely removed from the non-profit organization or why he was removed. His separation from the nonprofit was only reported by the relatively minor “Times of San Diego”, but they did not give the reason.

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