Enrique Morones Sponsors Cartel Border Wedding At Friendship Park

Enrique Morones, arranged a cross border wedding in San Diego at Friendship Park for a convicted cartel drug smuggler with the Border Patrol in attendance. This KUSI news report is from December, 2017. Morones is founder of the Border Angels, a far-left, open-borders, nonprofit organization that operates on both sides of the border. Since the time of this narco wedding, Enrique has been ejected from the nonprofit that he founded many years ago, under less than friendly terms.

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One of Morones’ underlings, Hugo Castro, was kidnapped by “organized criminals” — which appears to mean members of a cartel — a few months earlier while apparently working to smuggle fraudulent asylum seekers across Mexico to the US border. Enrique had a shelter in “Playas de Tijuana” for housing illegal immigrants and fraudulent asylum seekers at that time.

The “wings” mark the Border Angels shelter in Playas de Tijuana

Due to this and the work that he does, assisting illegals to cross the border illegally. It is believed that Enrique’s group has had contact with illegal smuggling cartels for some time. It might be supposed that Hugo Castro was kidnapped, because some organized criminals group along the route were not paid, who thought they should have been. Castro ran the shelter in the photo.

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