Leftist-Engineered ‘Hate’ Incident at Coronado Basketball Game

Serna, radical Leftist and SEIU Union leader distributed tortillas
and asked young students to throw them at the Latino opposition

After a high school championship basketball game, between Coronado High and Orange Glenn High of Escondido, tortillas were thrown, which was taken as an racist act against the majority Latino team from Orange Glenn. It appears that the racist act was “engineered” by an Democratic operative in order to pressure Coronado to implement the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other such Marxist racial ideology in Coronado, which is a Republican enclave in San Diego, Ca. Lucas Serna, brought the tortillas and encouraged impressionable, young Coronado students to throw them, saying it was a celebratory thing and okay to do, even that it was approved by the Coach.

Coronado – Orange Glen High School Basketball Game Food Throwing Incident

According to a local Talk Show host, Carl DeMaio, Lucas Serna turns out to be a member of the local Democrat Club, a Democratic Socialist and a leader in the SEIU. It is believed he set Coronado up for a charge of racism, a dirty trick.

The school superintendent and most of the school board jumped to the conclusion that Coronado High students were guilty before the investigations were done. The California Interscholastic Federation also jumped the gun and issued a statement stripping Coronado High of the SoCal Championship and putting the school on probation for three years.

UPDATE: Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey calls on School Board to Apologize for Smearing Coronado and Students

As a result of this incident, a couple of professional leftist agitators have gotten involved and are exploiting it for publicity and fundraising purposes. Enrique Morones and Tasha Williamson are two of them. Yusef Miller is probably another, though I have not been following him. I have posted links to archives for Enrique Morones and Tasha Williamson in the upper right margin.

Enrique Morones is known for tricking the Border Patrol, arranging a cross border wedding (see video) for a convicted, major cartel drug smuggler in December, 2017.

Tasha Williamson was arrested when she threatened to burn down National City in 2018 (see video) and was the most prominent BLM leader with the mob burned La Mesa’s downtown to the ground during a BLM protest turned riot.

This post provides one page where interested persons can obtain an overview of what happened and links to relevant internet resources. Whether you live in Coronado or not, this is a good example of a leftist dirty trick and anyone can learn something about their tactics and how they operate from this example. Around the time that Trump was elected president, we saw many incidences of fake hate crimes and/or over prosecution of minor incidents, deemed hate, for political purposes.


Enrique Morones hypocritically rails against racism, when it seems not to be about racism at all, but trying to frame others as being racist for political purposes. In public comments at a special CHS board meeting, he called the tortillas, “bombs of racism”.

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This veteran confronted the BLM marchers head-on. The BLM radicals were lead by Tasha Williamson and marched down the middle of Coronado’s main street, flying a Mexican flag, vandalizing public property and chanting insulting slogans. I can totally understand how he feels, but I would not personally recommend this approach. It can get you in more trouble than it’s worth. As said already above, Tasha Williamson threatened to burn down National City in June of 2018 and was the BLM leader in La Mesa (as well as all of San Diego County) when downtown La Mesa was burned to the ground during a BLM/Antifa riot. She toured La Mesa’s downtown with her entourage as it burned during the riot. See the video here.


Carl DeMaio has really been on top of this story, publicizing much critical information that others media outlets censor. Click on the ling to go to Carl’s KOGO podcast to see his updates.

Serna admitted to Carl DeMaio and other reporters that he is a Democratic activist and leftist / progressive union leader.


The Coronado School Board had a special meeting on June 22, 2021. There are the comments at that meeting by the trustees and the public.


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Citizens of Coronado mostly opposed the rush-to-judgment by the School Board. Three leftist agitators (outsiders) also spoke out trying to brand Coronado as an enclave of racism, Yusef Miller (8:30), Enrique Morones (14:20) and Tasha Williamson (18:10).

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5 thoughts on “Leftist-Engineered ‘Hate’ Incident at Coronado Basketball Game”

  1. KEEP IT UP!!!
    This is new racism AGAINST WHITES. Johns Hopkins Univeristy is now RACIST giving advantages to blacks that are denied to whites because of skin color!

    1. Thanks for the comment, but I don’t think it’s good to have a racial response to it. That’s just what the leftists want most. That plays into their hands. It’s not a white racial thing. It’s it’s about American individual rights vs. collective guilt and leftist political tyranny.

      1. They want to punish collectively the entire basketball team, the entire school and the entire town for something, for which a Latino leftist was primarily responsible. He apparently hooked several naïve, unknowing students into it. It’s a provocation and professional provocateurs, like Enrique Morones and Tasha Williamson are involved. If it’s made into a white racial thing, that would be exactly what the provocateurs are hoping for.

  2. CNN was quick to brand Nick Sandmann as a “racist” when he was confronted by a Native American at the Lincoln Memorial following the annual March for Life. Sandmann, a Catholic High School student, was quickly condemned by his Covington bishop, and the neighboring Lexington bishop, who believed the “Fake News” reports. Sandman successfully brought a $250 million dollar suit against CNN along with suits against other media sources that spread the false story. The CHS basketball coach and players should bring suit against the San Diego media and all of those who falsely accused them of being racist. See: https://patriot-fire.net/2021/07/03/leftist-engineered-hate-incident-at-coronado-basketball-game/

    1. Good point, but I believe there is a limit to how many people in a group can sue for slander, like 25 people, I think. That is you can’t slander a group of more than 25 people. They claimed they didn’t fire the Coach for the tortilla throwing incident, but because he behaved badly himself towards the other team. He could maybe still sue, saying they really fired him due to the racial accusations. In any case, there will be more to come later, I’m sure. We’ll see what happens.

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