Republicans Have Not ‘Surrendered’ to Amnesty

Senator Jeff Sessions said today that the Republicans have surrendered, because their proposed Border Bill actually helps Obama continue and increase his Illegal Alien Invasion of the US. The Republicans have not surrendered, they have actually gone over to the other side.

It is not that the Republicans are afraid, either. They have sold out. There is a tremendous amount of anti-American money floating around the world. Why does it never occur to people that the Republican leadership has been bought and paid for?

Akin to prostitution, corruption in politicians is literally one of the oldest and most common activities in the world. Why should the Republican leadership be immune? It is very easy these days to transfer enormous amounts of money to politicians. Americans need to open their eyes real fast, before irreversible damage has been done to the US by these greedy bastards.

People like John Boehner, John McCain and Lindsey Graham need to swing from the same lanyard as Obama, after a fair trial, of course.

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