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ABC10 News report before Patriot Picnic II in San Diego

10 News does a report two days before the event to try to beef up to opposition to us. I added my comments and replaced some of their imagery with more relevant imagery. ABC10 is partly owned by TV Azteca … Continue reading

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Attorney: Enforce Constitution or Close Chicano Park

The Patriot Fire attorney, Ed Rose, sent the San Diego Attorney a new letter that demands she honor the Bill of Rights and enforce the law or close Chicano Park. He also suggested, that if San Diego City Attorney, Mara … Continue reading

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Barrio Logan Veterans Raise American Flag in Chicano Park

The Hispanic veterans in Barrio Logan have raised the U.S. Flag in their corner of the Chicano Park and have reportedly said the will not take it down until forced to do so. The Chicano Park Steering Committee has in … Continue reading

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San Diego City Attorney’s Response to Chicano Park Warning Letter

When our attorney, Ed Rose, sent a warning letter to the San Diego City Attorney, Mara Elliott, she released the following statement to the public. She did not reply to the attorney at all, which is not professional of her … Continue reading

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Chicano Park: Attorney’s Warning to San Diego City

Chicano Park is a park in San Diego that promotes a racial form of Mexican/Hispanic ultra-nationalism, communism and anti-Americanism. The city’s policies are responsible for creating a dangerous environment for those of certain ethnic and racial backgrounds who disagree with … Continue reading

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DISCLAIMER: We are not “The Real Chicano Park” site

Many think that I (Roger Ogden) own the Facebook page called β€œThe Real Chicano Park.” However, that is not true. The page is owned by Jeff Schwilk. Some of his friends are probably admins, but it is controlled by Jeff … Continue reading

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Attempt Fails to Use Courts to Limit Freedom of Speech

William Johnson lost today (Jan.12, 2018) in his attempt to silence Kris Wyrick via manipulation of the court system. In San Diego, Judge Tamila Ipema dismissed his frivolous request for a restraining order against two other family members and an … Continue reading

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