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How Mass Illegal Border Crossing Aids Terrorists and Drug Smugglers

Former Border Patrol Chief, Rodney Scott, explains how mass illegal border crossing is used as a distraction to aid smuggling of those on the terrorist watch list, as well as smuggling of drugs across the border, an huge threat to … Continue reading

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1,800 Ukrainian Refugees Now In Tijuana

There are currently 1,800 Ukrainian refugees waiting to cross in Tijuana, as reported by El Imparcial, a news outlet that serves the Baja California border area. Below is the translation of the original article in Spanish, which is linked. The … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Refugee Encampment in Tijuana

These are scenes from the Ukrainian encampment in Tijuana from April 5th, 2022. It is growing rapidly and they told me there that there are well over 1,000 Ukrainians seeking asylum now in Tijuana, whereas there were only a couple … Continue reading

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People Are Dying, Trump Just Needs To STFU

Tens of thousands of people are likely dying right now, defending their homeland, Ukraine, from a brutal, murderous attack, yet Trump is still blaming it, not on the neo-fascist dictator Putin whom he greatly admires and envies, but on his … Continue reading

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Trump Praises Putin Terrorist Tactics In Ukraine (Audio)

Trump gushes praise of Putin’s ruthless, murderous, terrorist tactics in Ukraine. Trump has frequently shown in the past that he admires dictators and despises those who follow a constitutional system of law. Putin has been insinuating that he will nuke … Continue reading

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Sex Trafficking Of Minor Girls Across US/MEX Border

A news report about the trafficking of underage girls across the southern border with Mexico to be exploited as prostitutes in the US. This is just one small part of the criminal networks that are expanding in the US, fueled … Continue reading

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Hundreds of Fake Refugees Removed From Border Crossing

Here is a little bit of good news, for a change. After nearly a year, the fake refugees have finally been evicted from their encampment at the “El Chaparral” border crossing in Tijuana. The filthy encampment was completely blocking pedestrian … Continue reading

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Interview: Michael The Black Man Of ‘Blacks For Trump’

A reporter for One American News Network (OANN) interviews “Michael the Black Man” before a Trump rally. Michael the Black Man, aka Maurice Symonette, is leader of the Blacks for Trump movement. Watch on Bitchute RELATED POSTS Click to see … Continue reading

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The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD

The is the famous podcast episode, The Joe Rogan Experience #1757 – Dr. Robert Malone, MD calling out the Covid response as being a historic mass hysteria, similar to the mass hysteria of the Nazi era. He calls it “Mass … Continue reading

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Biden Creates Big Loophole in “Remain in Mexico” Program

Univision explains to the Spanish-speaking public how Biden has created a loophole in Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program and how fraudulent asylum seekers can exploit this loophole to avoid being sent back across the border. They just have to claim … Continue reading

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