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Caravaners Cross Into Mexico & Attack Police

The videos reportedly show fake refugee caravaners on 1/20/2020 crossing the river into Mexico and attacking Mexican police. Police trying to detain them. This news report in Spanish shows Mexican police detaining some of the caravaners. If they would follow … Continue reading

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Why The Caravans Are Coming – In Their Own Words

In short, they are coming to take from American citizens, because they think we owe them something. Some also assign to themselves a delusional, self-serving, divine mission, equating themselves to the Israelites of the Old Testament, the Chosen People. Their … Continue reading

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AMLO: Mexicans Are Now Reconquering Their Lands (Video)

As a candidate for the Mexican presidency, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (aka AMLO)says Mexicans are reconquering their (lost) lands using “human rights” as a justification. This clip was uploaded in February, 2017 to a channel named Reconquista.Mx. This was early … Continue reading

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GOP’s Scott Sherman for Mayor Embraces La Raza

Chicano Park is probably the most anti-American public park in America. City Councilman, Scott Sherman, is running for Mayor of San Diego. He claims to be a β€œRepublican”, but he is an enthusiastic supporter of this radical park. Radical Chicanos … Continue reading

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Scaling The New Border Fence, A Cartel Psyop?

The smuggling cartels control who crosses the border. There are tens of miles on either side of this short stretch of new border fence where the border can be crossed much more easily, because new fence has not been built, … Continue reading

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La Raza and Aztlan Flag Raising in Chicano Park – Racial Aspects

The flags of Aztlan and La Raza are raised every year at Chicano Park in San Diego, during the Park Day celebration. Aztlan is the American Southwest, which Chicano militants claim as their national territory. They say Chicano Park is … Continue reading

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Border Fence Status in Jacumba, Ca

Report on the status of the existing border fence in Jacumba, Ca for November, 2019. Most of the the six miles of existing fence is already bollard fence that was installed in 2008 during the Bush presidency. A small part … Continue reading

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Aggressive Defense Against SPLC Anti-Patriot Lawsuit Begins

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has filed a lawsuit against the Patriot Movement Arizona (PMAZ) because they dared to speak out vigorously against mass asylum fraud. This punitive lawsuit is intended, not just to silence PMAZ, but anyone who … Continue reading

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SgtMaj Hidalgo Leads Veterans Day Ceremony in Chicano Park

Juan Hidalgo, Jr. is running for Congress in the 51 district and MC’d the 2019 Veterans Day ceremony in Chicano Park. The 51st is his hometown district. It’s a district that has struggled forever with unemployment, low incomes, drugs and … Continue reading

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Sand Dragon – Imperial Dunes Border Fence

Video covers about 42-miles of border from just outside Calexico all the way to the Colorado River. 42 miles is a quarter of the Ca border and it’s nearly all 15-foot-high bollard fence already, pre-Trump Wall. There were news reports … Continue reading

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