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Oscar Garcia, San Diego’s Deputy District Attorney of Hate

Oscar Garcia is the assistant district attorney in charge of the hate crimes department in San Diego. The impact of his political prosecutions better fits the definition of a hate crime than the alleged crimes that he prosecutes. Below is … Continue reading

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Meet The Fake Hate Crime “Victim” in San Diego Deplorable Case

A week before the election three San Diego men were arrested and charged with a “hate crime.” They made the mistake of getting into a minor scuffle with the son of a member of San Diego’s new Somali Muslim refugee … Continue reading

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How Many Sanctuary Cities Are In California? Answer, 482!

There are exactly 482 sanctuary cities and towns in California and 58 sanctuary counties. That is because California is a sanctuary state. The state passed a law that mandates a minimum sanctuary status for all law enforcement in the state. … Continue reading

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(Video) Patriots Assaulted By LA County Security for Opposing Aid to Illegal Aliens, Trying to Talk to County Supervisor

Patriots were assaulted when trying to meet with an LA County supervisor to express their opposition to a measure designed to defeat Trump’s expected enforcement of the immigration law in LA County. They want to make the borders open to … Continue reading

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Help Stop La Raza From Making Chicano Park A National Historic Landmark

Leftist politicians are trying to slip the Chicano Park Preservation Act (HR 3711) through Congress and have it approved in the last days of the Obama presidency. This is an extremely anti-American, revolutionary Marxist / Mexican ultra-nationalist park, which has … Continue reading

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KUSI: Welcoming ISIS To San Diego

This video is an intended to counteract a little a propaganda piece put out by our local media. The pro-refugee, special interest groups are media-savvy and probably pressured KUSI to broadcast this pro-refugee propaganda. Otherwise, KUSI is generally a good … Continue reading

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Trump Supporters Charged With Fake Hate Crime By Refugee in San Diego

Three San Diego men, Sean Arevalo, Terrance Crow, and Scott Peretti, are accused of having “beat down” a young Somalian refugee with a chair and brass knuckles in the “Zappy Pizza” take-out shop at 5971 University Ave in San Diego. … Continue reading

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