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Frivolous SPLC Lawsuit Against Arizona Patriots

A lawsuit has been filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), naming several patriots in Arizona and California for allegedly conspiring to harass and defame several socialistic churches in Arizona. These churches providing services that encourage these alleged refugees … Continue reading

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Chicano Park Militants Drive Cops Out During Diversity Training

A group of law-enforcement trainees taking a class in cultural sensitivity in San Diego receive an unexpected, real-life lesson, when their class is disrupted by the Chicano Park political cult and they have to leave due to verbal abuse and … Continue reading

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Fake Refugee Airlift to San Diego – Arrival Info

ICE is flying planeloads of fake refugees to San Diego up to three times a week. Each plane carries an estimated 130 fake refugees. The airline is World Atlantic Airline (designator code WAL). The asylum fraudsters are transported by DHS … Continue reading

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How “Catch and Release” Works

Catch and release is the process by which alleged “refugees” surrender to the Customs and Border Patrol agents and then are released within a few days. The key to “catch and release” is that a minor has to be involved. … Continue reading

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Caravan Safe House Layout in San Diego

The layout of the current caravan safe house at 1555 Sixth Avenue in San Diego is shown in the diagram below. This is the main location in San Diego and even all of California for transferring caravan-style, fake refugees into … Continue reading

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Protected: Meet The Caravan Safe-House Workers

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Secret Caravan Safe House in South Bay, San Diego

There is a secret way-station for the migrant caravan in the South Bay of San Diego. Videos are below. Please copy and print this flyer for distribution to the neighbors of the Quinta de Guadalupe, the secret Migrant Caravan safe … Continue reading

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