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Black Lives Matter Has To Admit **San Diego Is NOT Portland!**

About 300 people showed up for a sympathy-with-Portland event in La Mesa, a suburb of San Diego. Some BLM terrorists declared that there would be “war” that night. However, after finding themselves greatly out-numbered and surrounded by hundreds of police … Continue reading

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Black-Lives-Matter Bank Burning Was Professional Arson – La Mesa, Ca

A young activist for Black Lives Matter activist, Arturo Gonzalez, says that a professional group of arsonists was hired to burn down Chase Bank and Union Bank in downtown on the 30th of May in La Mesa, CA. Presumably, the … Continue reading

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Resistance Rising To Black-Lives-Matter Terror In La Mesa

These are a few scenes form the protest held in La Mesa, CA by Black Lives Matter terrorists on August 1, 2020. Just two months earlier on May 30, 2020, Black Lives Matter rioted in La Mesa, looted a number … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Plans More Terror in La Mesa For Aug. 1

Black Lives Matter is scheduled to attempt again to terrorize in La Mesa on Saturday, August 1, 2020. After having vandalized the small city, looted many stores and burned down three major buildings and multiple vehicles, any event they have … Continue reading

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America’s Frontline Doctors Address Covid-19 Misinformation (uncensored)

A group of doctors, who call themselves, America’s Frontline Doctors, hold a press conference to talk about the ongoing panic over Covid-19 how it is harming the nation. Some of them tout hydroxychloroquin as a preventative and cure for the … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter – Huge FAIL In La Mesa (Video)

On the 25th of July Black Lives Matter tried to have another event in La Mesa, a small city that they had massively burned, vandalized and looted on May 30 (mis-stated in video). Neither Amaurie Johnson nor Leslie Furcron were … Continue reading

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VIDEOS: Leslie Furcron Shot In the Head With Bean Bag At Black Lives Matter Riot

Leslie Furcron is a 59-year-old grandmother. She was “wilding” with the Black Lives Matter mob in La Mesa when she was shot between the eyes with a beanbag. This came 3-4 hours after violence started. The protest had been declared … Continue reading

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Funny Business: WHO Guidelines for Covid-19 Cause Of Death

The guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) state that Covid-19 should always be listed as the cause of death as long as the is no clear alternative immediate cause of death, such as trauma from an accident. I would … Continue reading

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Enrique Morones Interview, Fake-Refugee Bus Block In Murrieta

Enrique Morones is interviewed in July, 2014 by the progressive news outlet, Democracy Now, about the “bus block” in Murrieta. These buses carrying mostly — if not all — fake refugees to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta. The so-called … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter Mob Hijacks Denver Council Meeting

Profane mob of Black Lives Matter fanatics and their communist allies takeover a Denver Council meeting for about 2.5 hours. The council members totally cave to the mob and let them run the meeting. The extremists promised to come back … Continue reading

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