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How Some Countries Fight COVID-19 Without Lockdowns

Some countries and other local political entities are developing ways to deal with the Wuhan corona pandemic, without government-dictated formal lockdowns causing so much economic disruption and trampling on peoples rights as individuals. At the bottom of these posts are … Continue reading

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Damn Fool Politicians Collapsing Economy In COVID-19 Panic

The response to COVID-19 will probably go down in history as one of the greatest mass panics and hysterias of all time. It’s a hysteria like the Y2K panic, but with much worse consequences than Y2K had. Government officials are … Continue reading

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A Humble Proposal For Stopping the COVID-19 Pandemic

The new corona virus, COVID-19 does not appear to be stoppable at this point. It has escaped control around the world. Estimates are that a vaccine cannot be expected for 14 months or longer. There is no guarantee that a … Continue reading

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How COVID-19 Can Be Controlled – Stop The Panic

Government officials, media and bloggers are spreading panic and hysteria about the new corona virus. It is a huge crisis, COVID-19 would eventually infect about 50-60% of the global population and kill maybe somewhere around 2 percent, if nothing is … Continue reading

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Removal of Columbus Statue Meetings in Chula Vista (audio)

Pushing for removal of the statue is a coalition of Left-wing extremists. That is, anarchists, communists, neo-Marxists, La Raza racial ultra nationalists and followers of radical indigenous movement. One of the critics, Rafael Bautista, at a media conference in February … Continue reading

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Founder Denounces ‘Border Angels’ For Not Protecting Illegal Immigrants

Ironically, Enrique Morones, the founder of the Border Angeles has denounced the nonprofit that he founded for not protecting illegal border crossers. The article below was posted by Zeta, a newspaper in Tijuana. The English translation of the article is … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Chinese Coronavirus Checkpoint

Chinese police check drivers for corona virus infection.

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Communist Rhetoric at Columbus Statue Removal Meeting

These are the public comments of the communists, Raza Ultra Nationalists, anarchists and other, various types of far-leftists at the Human Relations Commission meeting in Chula Vista on January 23, 2020, where removal of the Columbus statue was discussed. To … Continue reading

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See RINO Slate for Republican Central Committee in San Diego

There’s a robocall going about San Diego County asking folks to vote for these candidates for the Republican Central Committee. Whoever paid for the robo call withheld his identifying information. The law requires the sponsor of political robocalls to be … Continue reading

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Communists Invade Save-Columbus-Statue Media Event

Self-described communist, Rafael Bautista, and friends crash a media conference, held by citizens supporting the Columbus monument in Discovery Park in Chula Vista, Ca. This stature has been vandalized at least three times. Now a group of leftist extremists are … Continue reading

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