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Biden/Harris Complicit In Mass Border Crimes

If the open borders radicals hold the Border Patrol/CBP responsible for holding illegal border crosses in “cages”, why should not Biden be held responsible for the crimes committed by the cartels who smuggle them across them border, since it was … Continue reading

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Cartel Kidnap-Torture Video Of Illegal Border Crossers

wo men are kidnapped at the border and tortured in order to extract a ransom. The reporter says the first one has been expelled (from the US). He probably crossed the border and was expelled immediately, due to Covid restrictions. … Continue reading

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Fake Refugee ‘Children’ Boarding Plane Bound For Midland, TX

About 80 of Biden’s fake refugees boarding a plane bound for Midland, Texas. DHS has leased a fleet of dozens of Boeing 737 jets to distribute these fraudulent asylum seekers to all parts of the country. The great majority will … Continue reading

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Lateral Expulsions Of Illegal Aliens Back to Mexico Stopped

The daily flights from Brownsville to San Diego of families and single men stopped recently. The were flying about 100 of them every day to San Diego to be expelled immediately back to Mexico, due to Covid19 restrictions, per Title … Continue reading

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Cartel Human Trafficking Case In Texas

Trafficking of illegal aliens and fraudulent refugees enriches the cartels and expands their influence in the US. We can safely assume that the cartels are already bribing some of our top politicians of both parties to allow this human trade … Continue reading

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Americans Last Again – Legal Aid Approved For Illegal Aliens

Our new progressive-dominated San Diego County Board of Supervisors decided to put Americans last, once again, when they voted to give illegal aliens financial aid for their legal defense against deportation. Deportation proceedings is a civil action and American citizens … Continue reading

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How Much Do Coyotes Charge To Cross The US Border?

According to the reports below, it can cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000 dollars just to cross the actual border, depending on where you want to cross. It can cost $5,000 to $14,000 to have a coyote smuggle a person … Continue reading

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Tijuana Refugee Camp Update And Background Info

These are images (from 4/26/2021) of the refugee camp at El Chaparral pedestrian crossing in Tijuana, also called PEDWEST on the US side. It had been about three weeks since I last took video. Every week it grows a little, … Continue reading

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Live-Streamer Oscar El Blue ‘Outed’ As ‘White Supremacist’ By Progressive Journalists? LoL!

Progressive journalists Amy Goodman of Democracy Now and Jean Guerrero of the Daily Beast attempt to brand several Mexican live-streamers as racist, white nationalists and racial supremacists. LoL! Oscar “El Blue” Ramirez and Anthony Agüero work for Border Network News … Continue reading

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Border Fence Gap At Trestle Valley Near Tecate, Ca

Between Tecate and the small town of Campo there is valley with 1.3 miles of border where there is no barrier, at all. Campo creek crosses the border at this location. The community is called “Canyon City”. The Border Patrol … Continue reading

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