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Zero Tolerance Prosecution of Illegal Border Crossers

A reliable source, who understands Border Patrol procedures and practices, says that “Zero Tolerance” is a great idea that has worked extremely well in the past where it was implemented. The earlier implementation was called “Operation Streamline”. However, he said … Continue reading

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Rise of Anti-Illegal Alien Groups in Southern California – Univision

This is a badly distorted report by Univision (subtitled in English) about so-called “radical” anti-illegal-immigration groups in Southern California. It may be amusing to those, who know better.

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Funding of Radical Chicano Park Museum Discussed by San Diego Council

San Diego City Council discussed last Monday creation of a museum for radical, anti-American Chicano ultra nationalism and socialism. According to my understanding, the “museum” still has no funding. David Alvarez had a amendment passed to create a Capital Improvements … Continue reading

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Patriots Tour of Chicano Park

This is a draft of a tour guide for patriots for Chicano Park in San Diego, a taxpayer-funded public park. It will likely be edited for quite a while. Am making this draft document below public so you can have … Continue reading

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Trump Idolaters Desecrate the American Flag

Flag desecration is usually offensive to those, who consider themselves to be patriots. Congress has tried to outlaw flag desecration, but the Supreme Court ruled that it is protected free speech. Congress has also attempted to pass a constitutional amendment … Continue reading

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Patriot Fire Voters Guide for San Diego County – 2018 Primary

This year there is a concerted effort by progressive, Islamic and pro-Mexico, open border forces to takeover key political positions in San Diego County and promote Islam in the schools. Some have even purchased their endorsement from the local Republican … Continue reading

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Facebook Validates Nazi-like Symbols at Chicano Park, San Diego

The Chicanos claim that the swastikas that are found all around the park are just indigenous symbols. They often use ambiguous symbolism with dual interpretations to disguise their subversive, anti-American message. This is the “Prophecy of Quetzalcoatl” mural at Chicano … Continue reading

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