Antifa Charged In Criminal Conspiracy For Pacific Beach Riot

So far 10 persons identified as antifa have been charged with criminal conspiracy and a large number of other felonies for their attack on a pro-Trump rally in Pacific Beach, a suburb of San Diego on January 9, 2021. Their names are Alexander Akridge-Jacobs, Jesse Merrel Cannon, Joseph Austin Gaskins, Brian Lightfoot, Christian Martinez, Luis Francisco Mora. Bryan Rivera, Faraz Martin Talab, Jeremy White and Erich Louis Yack.

Jonah Bigel was arrested some months ago and is already being tried. He is also mentioned in the criminal acts listed below, but he has not been charged in the criminal conspiracy so far.

This post is under construction. I will be added information here, as I obtain it.

Court Dates:

A prelim hearing is scheduled for 12/17, presumably at the downtown San Diego courthouse. More exact information will be posted later.

News Articles:

Newsweek – Prosecutors Make First Move to Break Up Antifa Cell as 11 Activists Charged With Violence

The list of crimes are shown in this PDF file. The file is public domain and anyone can download it at the link below.

Pacific Beach Antifa Riot Charges

Download file here.

Akridge-Jacobs, Alexander

Alexander Akridge-Jacobs

Bigel, Jonah

Jonah Bigel (left)
Bigel is charged with a crime for the 1/9/21 event, but he was arrested earlier in February, 2021 and has been being prosecuted since them. To read more about Joseph Bigel go to this link:

Cannon, Jesse Merel

Jesse Cannon aka Tall Can 420

Gaskins, Joseph Austin

Lightfoot, Brian

Brian Lightfoot

Martinez, Christian

Mora, Luis Francisco

Luis Francisco Mora

Ogden, Samuel Howard

Rivera, Bryan

White, Jeremy Jonathan

Jeremy Jonathan White

Talab, Faraz Martin

Yach, Erich Louis

Erich Louis Yach

Leftist-Engineered ‘Hate’ Incident at Coronado Basketball Game

Serna, radical Leftist and SEIU Union leader distributed tortillas
and asked young students to throw them at the Latino opposition

After a high school championship basketball game, between Coronado High and Orange Glenn High of Escondido, tortillas were thrown, which was taken as an racist act against the majority Latino team from Orange Glenn. It appears that the racist act was “engineered” by an Democratic operative in order to pressure Coronado to implement the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other such Marxist racial ideology in Coronado, which is a Republican enclave in San Diego, Ca. Lucas Serna, brought the tortillas and encouraged impressionable, young Coronado students to throw them, saying it was a celebratory thing and okay to do, even that it was approved by the Coach.

Coronado – Orange Glen High School Basketball Game Food Throwing Incident

According to a local Talk Show host, Carl DeMaio, Lucas Serna turns out to be a member of the local Democrat Club, a Democratic Socialist and a leader in the SEIU. It is believed he set Coronado up for a charge of racism, a dirty trick.

The school superintendent and most of the school board jumped to the conclusion that Coronado High students were guilty before the investigations were done. The California Interscholastic Federation also jumped the gun and issued a statement stripping Coronado High of the SoCal Championship and putting the school on probation for three years.

UPDATE: Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey calls on School Board to Apologize for Smearing Coronado and Students

As a result of this incident, a couple of professional leftist agitators have gotten involved and are exploiting it for publicity and fundraising purposes. Enrique Morones and Tasha Williamson are two of them. Yusef Miller is probably another, though I have not been following him. I have posted links to archives for Enrique Morones and Tasha Williamson in the upper right margin.

Enrique Morones is known for tricking the Border Patrol, arranging a cross border wedding (see video) for a convicted, major cartel drug smuggler in December, 2017.

Tasha Williamson was arrested when she threatened to burn down National City in 2018 (see video) and was the most prominent BLM leader with the mob burned La Mesa’s downtown to the ground during a BLM protest turned riot.

This post provides one page where interested persons can obtain an overview of what happened and links to relevant internet resources. Whether you live in Coronado or not, this is a good example of a leftist dirty trick and anyone can learn something about their tactics and how they operate from this example. Around the time that Trump was elected president, we saw many incidences of fake hate crimes and/or over prosecution of minor incidents, deemed hate, for political purposes.


Enrique Morones hypocritically rails against racism, when it seems not to be about racism at all, but trying to frame others as being racist for political purposes. In public comments at a special CHS board meeting, he called the tortillas, “bombs of racism”.

Watch on Bitchute


This veteran confronted the BLM marchers head-on. The BLM radicals were lead by Tasha Williamson and marched down the middle of Coronado’s main street, flying a Mexican flag, vandalizing public property and chanting insulting slogans. I can totally understand how he feels, but I would not personally recommend this approach. It can get you in more trouble than it’s worth. As said already above, Tasha Williamson threatened to burn down National City in June of 2018 and was the BLM leader in La Mesa (as well as all of San Diego County) when downtown La Mesa was burned to the ground during a BLM/Antifa riot. She toured La Mesa’s downtown with her entourage as it burned during the riot. See the video here.


Carl DeMaio has really been on top of this story, publicizing much critical information that others media outlets censor. Click on the ling to go to Carl’s KOGO podcast to see his updates.

Serna admitted to Carl DeMaio and other reporters that he is a Democratic activist and leftist / progressive union leader.


The Coronado School Board had a special meeting on June 22, 2021. There are the comments at that meeting by the trustees and the public.


Watch on Bitchute


Citizens of Coronado mostly opposed the rush-to-judgment by the School Board. Three leftist agitators (outsiders) also spoke out trying to brand Coronado as an enclave of racism, Yusef Miller (8:30), Enrique Morones (14:20) and Tasha Williamson (18:10).

Watch on Bitchute

San Diego County Gun Owners Arming BLM And Antifa

San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) Reaches Out To Leftist Extremists

In the video below, the Political Director of the San Diego County Gun Owner, Michael Schwartz, interviews Tasha Williamson and celebrates his outreach, which should result in training and arming radical leftist groups in San Diego, such as the radical fringe of the Black Lives Matter movement. The anarcho-communist movement, Antifa, was apparently also offered the same training and aid in obtaining guns. Michael Schwartz either does not know or — more likely — does not care about Tasha Williamson’s background with BLM and other leftist extremist groups. He reached out to the group and boasts about it in the video below. Reportedly, he has called his successful outreach to Tasha — and thereby to BLM extremists and Antifa — his greatest achievement!

Williamson says (07:00) that she was threatened, and she probably was, but that was because she has been perceived as the leader of the most radical elements of BLM in the County. The town of La Mesa in San Diego Country was looted, vehicles set on fire, and major buildings were burned to the ground during a riot that broke out at a Black Lives Matter Protest. They tried to set fire to the police station and they did set fire to the City Hall (annex), but it burned out. I am not condoning threats, but if she was threatened, it was in response to her own wrongdoing and public, direct or insinuated threats that she has made herself.

Williamson says in the video that she was never part of BLM (11:25), but she often acted as a (if not THE) major spokesperson for BLM in the County as in the flyer below for a panel discussion about BLM. There is no formal membership list for BLM protesters. What we know is that she was often leading BLM protests — sometimes violent — and speaking on behalf of BLM as a prominent leader, during the time that BLM was recently active in 2020.

Tasha Threatens To Burn Down National City

In 2018 Tasha Williamson threatened to burn National City. She said, “You (National City) will look like Ferguson when we are done. (00:50) She also threatens, “Somebody is going to get hurt”. (02:45) When police are ordered to remove her from the building, she screams, “You remove me and you’re gonna have ten thousand of me next time you are here.” (04:50)

Though they apparently made procedural mistakes, the San Diego DA, Summer Stephan, in her investigation found that the police officers were not criminally responsible for Earl McNeil’s death. See this link: DA opts not to charge officers in the death of Earl McNeil. McNeil was found to have very high levels of methamphetamine in his bloodstream, which was enough to explain the heart attack that he suffered, causing his death.

Tasha was not able to gather 10,000 like-minded, fellow revolutionaries to burn down National City as she threatened. However, she and her supporters displaying BLM signs did disrupt National City Council meetings repeatedly at that next two council meetings with the threat of mob action. My opinion is that they put real fear into the council members.

Two years later, La Mesa was burned down during a riot at a Black-Lives-Matter protest. It was a protest in which she was much-involved, as a leader of the local BLM movement.

The next day after La Mesa, BLM rioters also vandalized and looted Downtown San Diego and reportedly tried to set fire to the County Admin Building. BLM also marched multiple times in Santee, another targeted city, but the town was protected by large groups of armed citizens, who caused the BLM mob to restrain their would-be violent behavior and even motivated them to leave town promptly before dark rather than stick around until witching hour and set fire to the town.

Threat: Violence and Arson Will Spread

In this video, Tasha Williamson indirectly threatens violence will spread around the County if their demands are not met. The riot and arson attack in La Mesa started just a few hours later. She said, that other organizers will do it, not her. Her tactic appears to be to isolate herself from direct culpability, while helping to justify it and incite it.

Tasha Livestreams Start Of The Revolution

Black Lives Matter organizer, Tasha Williamson, live-streams at 8:50 PM to her followers that the revolution has started. According to the police timeline, the reports of looting of the Vons stores started at 9:12 PM. A little more than two hours later, at 11:11PM Police reported Chase Bank to be on fire and the other two buildings were torched only minutes thereafter. This live-stream by Tasha Williamson seems to have been a green-light to to tell her viewers to come to La Mesa and participate in the “revolution”.

In the video Tasha Williamson is referring to the shooting of Leslie Furcron in the head with a bean bag at the riot in La Mesa. Furcron, a grandmother, was hoping to see the police station burned down. As she says in her own video, linked below, referring to the Police Station, “Burn that motherfucker down!” The mob was throwing, deadly, baseball-sized to softball-sized rocks at the police at the time Furcron was hit with a beanbag. Technically, I believe the police would have been justified using deadly force in return with such a murderous crowd at an illegal assembly trying to kill them and burn down the police station.

To see the video Furcron made of the incident, go to this link: Leslie Furcron Films Her Own Police Shooting at BLM Riot

The rioters had already been ordered to disperse. It is a shame she was badly hurt, but she should not have been there, but rather at home playing with her grandkids. She willingly put herself in serious danger.

View the police video response to this incident here: Police Respond to Bean-Bag Shooting Of Leslie Furcron

Tasha Tours Burning Banks

Below, Tasha Williamson and her entourage show up in La Mesa to tour the burning of the banks. With perfect timing, they arrive just as the banks begin to burn. A couple hours earlier she livestreamed what can be perceived as a “call to action”. Then, she shows up at a riot just as the banks have been set ablaze. Did she have advanced knowledge?

Having been declared an illegal assembly a few hours earlier, it was illegal for her to even be at this riot. The police were too undermanned and overwhelmed by rioters to do much about it.

BLM Radical Explains: Why The Banks Were Burned Down

One of Tasha’s close associates explains at a protest that she led, why they (BLM) burned down the banks in La Mesa. Stephen Glenn McLeod is an associate of Tasha Williamson. They used his van as a supply van that followed many BLM protests. At this Black-Lives-Matter protest in La Mesa on August 11, 2020, he explains that the two banks were burned down because they built their corporations on the backs of slaves. They also burned the historic Randall building to the ground. I a doubt very much that the banks had anything to do with slavery and even more so with the regard to the Randall building. The Randall building was then occupied by an architectural firm.

I was not a part of Defend East County (DEC), but just a blogger covering the events. However, I believe DEC and 2-3 other similar groups did very much help prevent more rioting and arson in La Mesa and avoid it entirely in Santee, where BLM leaders hoped to bring the same kind of destruction as they inflicted on La Mesa.

BLM protesters would call anyone “racist” and “white supremacist”, who dares oppose their program of intimidation by mob, chaos, looting and arson, I told people they should not to threaten her, not only because I do not think it is right, but because she used the threats to gain sympathy and to aid in fundraising.

Some of the radicals wanted to turn La Mesa into a city controlled by leftist political extremists like Portland became for a while. See this video: BLM Admits, San Diego is not Portland.

McLeod says they are nonviolent, but barely two weeks later he was arrested and charged with a federal felony for illuminating a police helicopter with a tactical laser. Below is a quote from the DoJ press release about the case. See press release here: San Diego Man Charged with Aiming a Laser Pointer at Police Helicopter During a Protest

“When aimed at an aircraft, a beam of light from a handheld laser can illuminate a cockpit, disorienting and temporarily blinding the pilots,” said Suzanne Turner, Special Agent in Charge of FBI San Diego. “It’s a federal felony that the FBI and our law enforcement partners take very seriously.”

Tasha Leads Violent Protest At Police-Chief Home

Tasha Williamson led a protest of intimidation by threat of mob violence om front of the San Diego Police Chief’s home. She often leads this kind of protest to “make them feel uncomfortable”, she says. It makes people fear for the safety of themselves, their family and property. Property tends to catch on fire at BLM protests.

At the beginning of the video Tasha instructs her troops to fight back, if attacked. They apply the concept of collective guilt to their opposition. It seems any pro-American who opposes their agenda may be considered an aggressor and “fair game” as a target to “fight back”.

Towards the end of the video a patriotic neighbor living a few houses away from the Police Chief was beaten. This is not East County, so it seems doubtful that he belongs to the Defend East County group. Tasha can be heard to yell, “he assaulted someone”, which can be considered a que for her mob to attack him. A woman accused him of pushing her. Pushing an aggressive person out of your personal space is not an assault. It is very likely they got in his face when they saw he was a patriot. Probably for that reason, he was viciously beaten by members of the mob as others laughed and cheered them on.

Tasha Reaches Out To Her “Comrades”

Tasha reached out to other leftist extremists to let them know that the SDCGO was offering free training and help in arming themselves, courtesy of their donors.

The Facebook user “Oside4All” includes a screenshot from Tasha Williamson’s Instagram account, lauding the gun advocacy group for helping her and others arm and train themselves for purposes of “self defense”. Tasha uses the handle “queenta4” on Instagram. Some of the participants in these threads are thought to be Antifa members, such as SDAgainstFash (San Diego Against Fascists), which displays an Antifa logo. SDAgainstFash is an account shared by several Antifa members together.

This next image is a screenshot of Tasha’s Facebook page that OSide4All tweeted. “QueenTA4” is one of Tasha’s handles. It is stated here that the SDCGO group helped Tasha and others in arming themselves. Note that they talk of “comrades” being able to obtain guns, CCW’s, gun safes, and training from SDCGO, as well as note the other revolutionary jargon that they use.

The “Michael” that they mention, helping them to arm and train has been identified as the political director of the SDCGO, Michael Schwartz.

Finally, this a the image also from the screenshot of Tasha’s Instagram page that shows the invitation from the SDCGO to the general public, which some in BLM and Antifa are exploiting for their own purposes.

Thumbnail image – Downtown La Mesa burning

Black-Lives-Matter Radicals Arrested in San Diego County

This is a partial list of persons arrested at Black Lives Matter protests / riots in San Diego County by various local police agencies and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you have any information to add to this list, you can send it to me via the contact button at the top of the page, or just click here.

I will be updating this list as more information becomes available. There are probably at least 2-3 times as many arrestees as are shown in this current list. Click on “full screen” to get a better view of the document.

Well, there may have been up to a couple hundred arrested for misdemeanors, who will likely not be prosecuted, but I am only going to try to list those, who seem likely to be prosecuted for a more serious crime.

Two Men Arrested For Bank Arson in Black-Lives-Matter Riot in La Mesa, Ca

The FBI and local law enforcement officials have arrested two men as suspects, Alexander Jacob King and Ricky Bernard Cooper, in the burning of Chase Bank in La Mesa, California during the Black Lives Matter protest of May 30, 2020. The scheduled protest quickly turned into a riot, with attacks on the police station, City Hall, vandalism, looting and arson. It appeared that the Black-Lives-Matter rioters intended to burn down the La Mesa Police Station, as had happened in Minneapolis just the night before. The La Mesa Police prevented them from gaining control of the police station and their attention turned to the banks and other buildings. They did set fire to an annex to City Hall next door to the police station, also, but the fire died out before it could engulf City Hall.

Two Arrested for Arson on Chase Bank Building

This is video of a leading Black-Lives-Matter organizer, Tasha Williamson, and her entourage of supporters touring the scene as Chase and Union banks are burned to the ground and passing drivers appear to honk approval. Another major building, the historic Randall Lamb building was burned at the same time, just behind the two banks.

At a City Council meeting, Tasha Williamson threatened to burn down another suburb of San Diego, National City, just two years before La Mesa was torched. A couple of hours before the burning, she declared on a livestream that, “the revolution has started“.