Black-Lives-Matter Leader Tours Burning Banks

Tasha Williamson is a Black Lives Matter Organizer in La Mesa, Ca. She has threatened to burn cities before. Most explicitly, she went before the Town Council two years ago and threatened to burn nearby National City. Here, she and her entourage look on as two banks are burned to the ground at a violent “protest” that she organized in La Mesa. Tasha is wearing a black robe and a head covering. The one in braids may be her sister, Layla. There seems to be a family resemblance.

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The so-called “protest” was declared an illegal assembly several hours earlier by the police after the mob started spraying graffiti on the police station, breaking windows and throwing rocks at police and deputies. It is illegal for her and her lieutenants to even be at the scene of this arson attack. From news videos, the crowd swarmed the police station. They were vandalizing the building and threatening to occupy it the same way Antifa occupied a police station in Seattle, recently.

A 59-year-old woman caught a stray beanbag between the eyes and was seriously wounded. It is a terrible thing to happen, but the woman should not have even been there, since the event was declared an illegal assembly and ordered to disperse 3-4 hours earlier.

They keep saying in the video that is was a peaceful protest and the police escalated it. When the crowd is blatantly breaking the law and endangering people, that is not a peaceful protest. The first thing this crowd did was to cross a police line, swarm onto I-5 and stop traffic in both directions endangering themselves and drivers. They violated the rights of many thousands of drivers, who could not use the freeway. This is all very illegal and can not at all be considered a “peaceful protest” right from the beginning.

Later, at the police station, a huge mob disobeyed lawful orders of policemen, attacked an armored vehicle with rocks and bottles, vandalized he station with graffiti, broke windows and threatened to take over over the station, before Sheriff’s deputies used tear gas to break up the crowd and move them away from the building. After that, the mob escalated the violence, not the deputies or La Mesa policemen. The policemen were only protecting themselves and the station as they should.

The police did nothing wrong in protecting their station. However, I do think the “protest” should have been declared an illegal assembly as soon as the mob started to ignore lawful orders and swarmed onto the freeway to stop traffic. Why should they be allowed to do that? They never should have been allowed to swarm the police station, either, once it was plain to see that they would violate the law in mass as a mob. I know that is easy enough to say, but the police should be provided the resources to enforce the law.

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14 thoughts on “Black-Lives-Matter Leader Tours Burning Banks”

  1. Please, no calls for violence in the comments section. I do not support that. I do support the police enforcing the law. The only thing the police are doing wrong — and it may just be because their hands are tied — is that the Black Lives Matter thugs and terrorists are being allowed to violate the law with impunity.

  2. I’d like to see the parents of these arsonists interviewed. Do they know where they live? Where does Tasha Williamson live?

    1. Interviewed by whom? Our local media will interview her, and has interviewed her many times, but not ask her real questions or hold her accountable for anything, because then they would be called “racist”, if they did.

      Tasha Williamson ran for mayor of San Diego this year, after having threatened to burn down National City and none of our local media bothered to mention that to the voters, as far as I know. If you live in California maybe you would understand. She lives in Southeast San Diego. I don’t want to give out her address, sorry.

  3. Roger – I’d like to chat with you about an ongoing effort to regain control of our rogue government. My phone is 785-766=3045.

  4. She was just mentioned in left wing UT as a extraordinary woman….how so is what i wonder

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