Oceanside ProtestThis page is especially intended to encourage and support independent local groups protesting for Obama’s removal and against his anti-American, subversive actions.

Impeach Obama NOW is an ad-hoc coalition, not a formal, structured organization, but just a means of loosely connecting independent groups together. There are groups that you can join, see the group directory at the link below, but you do not have to join our group to be part of this effort and use our resources.

Directory of State Facebook Groups

This website was started by the group in San Diego (Stop Obama Now!!) that did the first impeach-Obama overpass demos, which inspired the current nation-wide, overpass protest effort.

Start-up of new, independent groups is encouraged, because it is much more difficult to attack, control, intimidate, marginalize or buy-out a large number of local independent groups than it is a single, larger group with a hierarchical, top-down management structure. We do not try to dictate a personal agenda. It is all voluntary.

It is felt that cooperating local volunteer groups rising up all over the country to confront the current, common threat to our national sovereignty is more in keeping with our national traditions than centrally-controlled non-profit organizations. Nonprofit organizations are also regulated by the IRS and FEC and, for that reason, are much more limited and inhibited in their response.


This link is just a curent search of YouTube for impeach Obama protests, not meant to imply that they are all the product of this group, but many of them are.

YouTube Clips of Impeach Obama Protests

This Impeach Obama demo on an overpass in Carlsbad, California started the national protest movement for Obama’s impeachment. It received wide-spread attention in the Internet, due to the bogus claim by a local reporter that it caused a 10-mile traffic slowdown. Traffic was actually pretty normal for this part of I-5, the main artery between San Diego and Los Angeles, and one of the busiest freeways in the nation. If the reporter was trying to hurt us with that charge, it backfired, because it caused the movement to go national.

The demo was organized by “Stop Obama Now” (now Impeach Obama Now) in San Diego with help of “We the People” of Orange County.


‘Impeach Obama’ Demonstration on I-5 Overpass Snarls Southbound Traffic – Carlsbad Patch

‘Impeach Obama’ movement leads to protests, traffic jam – The Daily Caller

Impeach Obama Rally Causes 10 Mile Traffic Jam – Fox Nation

New movement ignites to Impeach Obama

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