How to Avoid IRS Discrimination Against Conservative Groups

The Tea Party before it became a non-profit.
The Tea Party before it became predominately
IRS-controlled, non-profit groups.
Obama’s IRS has Tea Party and other patriots groups so intimidated that they hardly say a critical word about Obama any longer for fear that he will revoke their tax-exempt status. Obama has even more regulation in the works to make it even much more difficult for these groups, who have organized as non-profit organizations, to speak out against the Great Dictator. See the link below.

Tea Party Under Attack from New IRS Rules

There is a very simple way to avoid IRS regulation altogether. That is, organize as an all volunteer group, not a non-profit. This is how the Tea Party started out. The image above is what the Tea Party looked like, before it organized as non-profit groups.

After becoming predominately non-profits groups, the Tea Party had to consult accountants and tax attorney’s before taking any significant political positions and direct opposition to Obama stopped, virtually completely. However, the non-profit status does allow them to rake in millions in large anonymous donations from contributors, whose names shall forever remain unknown to us.

The truth is that the Tea Party was much more effective as volunteer organizations, before so many of them re-organized as non-profits and voluntarily surrendered their free speech rights as a group to Big Government, willingly putting themselves under the regulatory control of Obama’s IRS.

The Impeach Obama Now Coalition is a volunteer campaign for Obama’s impeachment, conviction and removal. Search for it also on Facebook.

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