Obama Will Not Stop The Illegal Alien Invasion

As long as Obama is in office, the Illegal Alien Invasion will continue over the long term. He has promised to abuse his power to make executive orders to dictate that the massive illegal colonization of America will continue, no matter how much you protest against it. Any pause in the invasion will just be to allow the protests to cool down. Obama is determined to undermine US sovereignty. Demanding that Obama enforce the immigration laws is like demanding that Larry Flynt or Hugh Hefner enforce virginity.

The Republican leadership will willingly go along with it. Progressives want compliant new voters and corrupt, Mammon-worshipping Republicans want cheap illegal labor, even if it means the Democrats become the dominate party for the indefinite future.

It does not make much sense to protest solely against illegal immigration, without demanding that Obama be removed from office. Have no doubt that, if the public really rises up in large numbers, Obama will be exposed and removed.

Many groups do not protest directly against Obama, because they are organized as nonprofits and must deal with Obama’s IRS. For example, “Overpasses for America” recently dropped “Impeach Obama” from their name, because the IRS told them to do so. Earlier the name was “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment,” before the group leaders kowtowed to the Obama regime. If the leadership of OfA tells you that there were other reasons, don’t take it too seriously. Mainly, they just wanted to raise money. There are plenty of sincere people working with OfA, but for the upper leadership, it appears to be mostly about their personal agenda and raising money, though I have heard that state leaders are sometimes quite helpful.

A state organizer states in the clip below (at 00:50) that OfA had to remove “Impeach Obama” from their name when they became a nonprofit.

Some nonprofits have existed for many years, focus on single issues and have done a lot of good. But when a treasonous bastard is in the White House, it is not appropriate for the protesting public to focus only on single issues, such as illegal immigration. Such nonprofit organizations cannot respond adequately, because they are regulated by Obama’s goons in the IRS. There needs to be independent volunteer groups that operate in parallel that can promote and organize direct protest against Obama.

Because someone is a member of a non-profit, does not prevent them from protesting for Obama’s impeachment with another volunteer group. The nonprofit gives up their free speech rights as an organization in order to obtain tax benefits, but their members, as individuals, do not give up their constitutional rights. They can still act outside the nonprofit group activities.

I am not suggesting here that nonprofits should focus primarily on impeachment when that is against their interest. Just that people ought to realize that nonprofits are limited by Obama’s IRS agents in what they can do, though the leadership often may not want to admit this.

The leaders of nonprofits, who cannot very well support impeachment are sometimes egotistical and want to lead the protest effort, even if it is away from Obama’s removal. The attention they get helps with their fund raising efforts. But they really should not be the leaders, if they are unable to protest effectively for Obama’s removal from office. It takes independent, grassroots volunteer groups to do it effectively.

Activists can have cross membership in such nonprofit organizations and still take advantage of benefits that the nonprofits provide. You should remain a member in a nonprofit that does good work, but you should also support independent groups that organize protests for the anti-American Obama’s impeachment and removal. At this time it is most important to expose and remove Obama from office. If he leaves office in 2017 without being exposed, it will be a disaster for the US, and validate all of the wreckage he has done to the Constitution and American sovereignty. At any free speech protest, some should be displaying “Impeach Obama” signs.

Obama’s removal must be the priority at this time. Otherwise, the downtrend will continue and even accelerate over the next two years. If he gets us into a serious life-and-death war, say with Russia, then all bets are off.

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