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This is a collection of video, photos and news articles about the Impeach-Obama protest at the fundraiser in La Jolla on May 8, 2014.

Impeach Obama Now Protest at Fundraiser in La Jolla

A gallery of photos of the protest


The liberal protest seemed to have been largely a reaction to our Impeach-Obama protest, designed to divert attention away from the impeach-Obama protesters. Otherwise, why would so many people come out to protest something, the Keystone Pipeline, that Obama has already said that he is against.

The leftist protesters outnumbered protesters for impeachment by about 2-to-1, but few of them were vocally supportive of Obama. The Obama cult has withered greatly, but Obama is still a great danger. The were about 120 protesters in total.

Obama Attends La Jolla Fundraiser Yahoo repost of Fox5 San Diego broadcast

Americans Have ‘Lost Faith,’ Obama Tells Donors in San Diego by Breitbart (featuring the Gadget-Dan Interview)

WATCH “Impeach Obama” Protesters Greet Obama Western Journalism re-post of our own clip

Protesters speak out on Obama’s visit to La Jolla by KUSI (Roger Ogden & Chris McKay interviews)

Politics and protests during President Obama’s San Diego visit by CBS8

Obama visit: Politics meets street theater from Union-Tribune (best video and photos of protest)

La Jolla residents react to President Obama’s visit by 6CW (with Jerry Kay remarks)

The Obama–La Jolla beat from San Diego Reader (most biased coverage award)

Protesters Greet President’s Motorcade As He Visits La Jolla by KPBS (runner-up most biased coverage)


Our next Impeach Obama Now! protest will be in front of Angel Stadium in Anaheim on June 14 (2014), where Obama will be giving the commencement address for University of California, Irvine. See link below for more details:

Impeach Obama Protest Set for UC Irvine Graduation (June 14th)

3 thoughts on “Impeach Obama Protest at La Jolla Fundraiser – Irwin Jacobs Home”

  1. peach this none American who wants to bring America and the constitution your bill of right and our guns so some one would not pick his royal rear off. Impeach him before more damage is done and his none American party can go with him. I feel sorry for his kids when some asks oh the was your father The Barry Soetoro that made himself a colored person from the jungle.

  2. Great job Roger and friends! Always a pleasure to stand with you all and lend support from O.C., L.A., and Riverside Counties! And of course, where would we be without Dan’s famous jingles!! We were small (40) compared to the Occupy crowd, but we got plenty of news coverage from the major news outlets in San Diego. And I’m sure the motorcade, and hopefully the police and secret service will have one of Dan’s famous jingles ringing in their ears for a VERY long time…”Hey, hey, ho, ho, Obama’s gotta go!!!”

    1. Not sure they were Occupiers, though a media report called them that. One of the leaders of Occupy San Diego, Chris McKay, was supposedly demonstrating with us. Is opposing the Trans Pacific Partnership liberal? I am not sure. These trade deals do not seem to be in our favor, but the globalists’ favor. Opposing Keystone is a liberal position, though. It’s all getting confusing.

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