Why Operation American Spring is Unconstitutional

Why Operation American Spring is Unconstitutional

A post by Trevor Loudon.  Not the protest itself, but their proposed result of intimidating Obama, Biden and the Congressional leadership to resign, would be unconstitutional.  The only constitutional way to remove a president or Vice President, who is mentally competent is via the impeachment process. Congressmen can be recalled or voted out in the next election.

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  1. Utter BS.. This is an obvious attempt to intimidate OAS and it won’t work,

    1. Nothing “unconstitutional” about citing their crimes, demanding resignation and new elections, Have you already forgotten about Nixon?
    2. Whoever wrote this doesn’t know the Constitution. The PEOPLE have ultimate authority. A REAL President (which we lack now) can be impeached, nullified, or resign, We can use any method legally to do that except violence. Maybe he could also first be convicted of crimes then removed. Finally, we could invoke the Declaration of Independence.

  2. This is a only going to be a peaceful protest-what is wrong with you people just hearing what you want then accusing as you see fit?
    No one is going to storm offices with pitchforks-there are going to be high ranking military expected -they aren’t going to allow that and its doubtful they would even be involved with something like that, before you start disrespecting American Patriots and calling their efforts “unConstitutional” why dont you have a one on one with Wiley Drake-he’s on FB and his number is well publicized….that man has has done alot for you and every lazy American who wont DO anything but write comments, he’s got arrested a few times in DC for praying in front of the white house and the police would handcuff him, throw him in the back of the car/van and hit bumps hard on purpose. Oh did I mention Wiley is a pastor? Did I mention he’s a big founder of Operation Spring? Do your homework before you start calling people’s efforts “unConstitutional” Are you REALLY a patriot or just controlled opposition?

  3. Merijoe, I think the problem is that the idea that 10-30 million militiamen are going to surround government buildings — based on an Arab Spring scenario — is the way the Muslim Brotherhood theocratic dictatorship was installed in Egypt. It is also reminiscent of Farrakhan’s million-man-march or even the way the Brown Shirts and SS surrounded the German Parliament in the 1930’s and intimidated it into surrendering its constitutional power to Hitler. Mussolini had his militia. the Black Shirts, march on Rome in 1922 to demand the resignation of the Prime Minister of Italy. It is a banana-republic tactic. Where has the Arab Spring approach had a good result? Why should we want to emulate the methods of the Jihadis, Fascists, Black Nationalists and Nazis?

    On the other hand, I doubt that more than a couple hundred participants will show up. So, don’t really take it too seriously. Just the concept seems flawed from the start. People sworn to uphold the Constitution, should take a constitutional approach. The impeachment process is the only constitutional way to remove the president. Obama will not resign voluntarily.

    “Patriots” do not propose overturning the Government via an unconstitutional process. That would be oath-breaking, not oath-keeping. Also, those who claim 10-30 million are going to show up, knowing full well that it won’t happen are just plain liars.

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