Yuha Desert Border Fence Complete – September 2020

Fifteen miles of 30-foot-high primary bollard fence has been completed in the Yuha desert, just west of Calexico, California. Below is a map of the location, showing the area the fence covers. This area was wide open before the new fence was built.

It seemed to me in the area that the Border Patrol agents have much higher morale now than last year when the area was unsecured and fake refugees were crossing every day by the hundreds. Last year, I often heard agents talk about how soon they could retire. Now, it seems like they feel more empowered to do their job and are much more enthusiastic.

Bollard fence is being built all along the border in California, Arizona and New Mexico. There may be some gaps, if so, I will show it when I find them. In general, though, this new bollard fence is a tremendous improvement over the old fence.

Primary Bollard Fence in the Yuha desert 100% completed.

This is panoramic image of the fence on the western side of the Yuha Desert. The fence ends on the left at a ridge at the edge of the Jacumba wilderness. On the far left of the image is part of Signal Mountain, a local landmark across the border in Mexico.

You can click on the panoramic images and expand them with a touch screen for a better view.

Western side of Yuha desert

Secondary fences may be necessary in some places. The secondary fence is to prevent those who may get past the primary fence from escaping into the brush, before a border patrol agent can apprehend him. It does not have to be as formidable or as expensive and the primary fence. It have been reported that any secondary fences necessary will be constructed in the next phase, if Trump is re-elected.

The fence entirely finished in this area, but at time of this photo was taken, they were still working on the border road as here.

Close-up view looking east towards Mount Signal.

The photo below is taken a little further to the east in the middle of the Yuha Desert looking twoards Mt. Signal. The mountain is named Signal Mountain, as you might guess, because they used to send signals from the top of the mountain. Because they were still working on the border road, I could not get closer to the border here.

In the middle of the Yuha Desert looking towards Mt. Signal.

This photo shows the new fence as it crosses over the foothills of Mt. Signal.

This photo was taken next to the the All-American irrigation canal looking towards the west at Mt. Signal.

View from the All-American Canal looking west toward Mt. Signal


These photos reveal the Obama concept of a secure border fence as implemented earlier. This is the fence in the same area, the Yuha Desert, before the new Trump bollard fence was constructed. Many liberals/leftests said the new 30-foot-high bollard fence was just a minor upgrade of the existing, secure Obama fence. Most of the fence along the border was much like this, if there even was a barrier at all, before the Trump fence was built. The Obama fence was one designed to fail and it served that purpose well.

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This video is my initial report on the Yuha Desert and surrounding area from July, 2019, before the current bollard fence was started.

This video shows an example of how they used to drive vehicles through the older, existing fence in this area carrying illegal aliens or a load of drugs. The night vision part of video in this clip was recorded by the Border Patrol of El Centro Sector. The new 30-foot bollard fence totally stops vehicles from driving through and greatly reduces the number of illegals crossing on foot.


There used to be 15-18 water stations for illegal aliens that the radical, open-borders organization, Border Angels, put in this area. Most have disappeared, presumably because there are not many illegal crossers in the Yuha Desert any longer. There are still at least 3-4 water stations near the neighboring Jacumba Wilderness, though, where work on a bollard fence has not yet been completed. The new bollard fence will, no doubt, save many lives of those who would otherwise have tried to cross the border illegally.

The Real Border Fence

Why Operation American Spring is Unconstitutional

Why Operation American Spring is Unconstitutional

A post by Trevor Loudon.  Not the protest itself, but their proposed result of intimidating Obama, Biden and the Congressional leadership to resign, would be unconstitutional.  The only constitutional way to remove a president or Vice President, who is mentally competent is via the impeachment process. Congressmen can be recalled or voted out in the next election.

Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners

Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners

To actually impeach and remove Obama it will take a massive effort by many cooperating, interested parties. We are seeking partner groups, supporting websites and endorsements of the goal by prominent people in the effort to impeach, convict and remove Obama from office. Please use the contact tab above.

One-man Impeach Obama Protest – Somewhere in America

One-man Impeach Obama Protest – Somewhere in America

A lot of people speaking out like this all across the country CAN make a difference. It is better than spending all of your time complaining to others on FaceBook. It is even more rewarding, if you can find a couple of like-minded friends to work with and that can lead to a larger group.

Dallas City Council Expands Ban on First Amendment (Infowars)

Dallas City Council Expands Ban on First Amendment (Infowars)

The Dallas, Texas City Council recently expanded an existing ordinance which bans anyone carrying a sign within 75 feet of a freeway to also prohibit anyone from peacefully assembling on or near service roads, bridges and overpasses, including individuals not holding signs and those the city considers to be dressed provocatively.

The Democrats’ choice: Repeal ObamaCare or impeach Obama

The Democrats’ choice: Repeal ObamaCare or impeach Obama

…the proverbial handwriting is on the wall, and things are now in desperate, desperate shape for Democrats. Their ship of state has hit the iceberg, water is flooding the holds, and without emergency measures, they are headed for the sea bed in November.

Click link to read article.

Congressman Seeking Support to Impeach Obama

Congressman Seeking Support to Impeach Obama

After walking out of Obama’s State of the Union speech upon hearing the president threaten to violate the Constitution and to rule by decree, Republican U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman (shown on right) of Texas says he is now seeking public support for introducing articles of impeachment. Recent surveys suggest that about 50 percent of Americans want to impeach Obama for a wide range of major scandals, and articles of impeachment have already been filed in the House against disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder, who is currently in criminal contempt of Congress.

Republican Candidate says “Impeach Obama Now!”

Republican Candidate says “Impeach Obama Now!”

In an article titled “Impeach Obama Now” posted on his campaign blog yesterday, Webb says:

“All Americans who care about the Constitution can clearly see that over the last five years Obama has amended or ignored laws in clear violation of his constitutional prerogatives. Indeed he has taken to himself lawmaking privileges which are assigned by the Constitution to Congress alone. These are impeachable offenses.

“Sadly, all too often Congress has meekly acquiesced to this transference of power to the executive branch. This must stop immediately. The only way to stop a President who thinks he can ‘use that pen’ to make law is for Congress to file articles of impeachment. As a Congressman, I would strongly support that effort.”