Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners

Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners

To actually impeach and remove Obama it will take a massive effort by many cooperating, interested parties. We are seeking partner groups, supporting websites and endorsements of the goal by prominent people in the effort to impeach, convict and remove Obama from office. Please use the contact tab above.

2 thoughts on “Coalition to Impeach Obama Now! – Partners”

  1. but now you’re crying because what you had in store for Obama is happening to Trump instead

    1. Not really. I never liked Trump as a person. He’s too much like Obama for me, extremely narcissistic. I do support some of his policies, though. I would be okay with it, if Trump were removed and Pence took over. The Democrats aren’t really serious about it and it it’s not going to fly in a Republican Senate. If the House impeaches him, as already happened, and the Senate doesn’t convict, it doesn’t mean much, nothing changes, except maybe he will become more arrogant than before.

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