Why is Obama Compared to Hitler?

Stop Obama Now!!

Obama-Hitler-Mustache Initially, many noticed similarities in the hysteria surrounding Obama, compared to the hysteria in Germany of the time of Hitler, hysterical crowds, women fainting, etc. The media created a cult of personality of Obama, not unlike the Hitler cult of personality. Obama lent support to old Nazi allies like the Muslim Brotherhood and loved to appear at old Hitler sites, such as Buchenwald concentration camp and giving speeches in Berlin, near Hitler’s old Chancellery and the bunker where he died. Obama’s nomination stage was modeled on the design of the Pergamon Altar, called in the Bible the “Throne of Satan” which was also the model for Hitler’s Tribune at the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, site of Hitler’s Reichstag rallies.

Digging a little deeper you find that the Black Liberation religious doctrine of Obama’s church of 20 years is in the tradition of the black nationalist cult doctrines. The racial concept…

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1 Response to Why is Obama Compared to Hitler?

  1. John Kloch says:

    Oh How true Obama the united states Hitler has come back to life here in the United states and the Hitler democratic party is serving to hitter Obama. They do not know but he Obama is screwing all in his party. Those ho are backing Obama your going to get screwed in the end. This None American will kill America ask him where he has shipped the Gold I bet to the brother hood he is the leader. Obama is ready you screw you all do not band over Elect old retired for persons and retired general and service men for office and president. They know what America should be like years ago. If Obama want to start a war I say no way Impeach this none American and party.

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