A Humble Proposal For Stopping the COVID-19 Pandemic

The new corona virus, COVID-19 does not appear to be stoppable at this point. It has escaped control around the world. Estimates are that a vaccine cannot be expected for 14 months or longer. There is no guarantee that a vaccine will be available even in 14 months. Even if a vaccine is developed in 14 months, it will take much more time to mass produce it and vaccinate the population.

The proposal is for people at low-risk to voluntarily expose themselves intentionally to the virus and isolate themselves in order to develop a so-called “herd immunity”. Many healthy individuals have slight symptoms or no symptoms at all when they contract the COVID-19 virus. For others, it’s no worse than they average flu.

Some cities are already in a Chinese-police-state-like lockdown and the economy is probably headed for depression. They are talking about locking down the whole nation. In 14 months, if we do nothing, the panic will build, we will have a collapsed economy, massive unemployment and there will likely be bloody rioting in the streets, if not outright revolution.

About 3-12 million people can be expected to die in the United States, unless we spend 14 months in a Chinese-style lock-down and a vaccine is developed sometime next year. The higher number would be if the health system collapses, which is very possible.

NOTE: Probably these numbers above are very much inflated, because many — probably the great majority — of the cases of COVID-19 cold are not reported to doctors, because the case is too minor with little or no symptoms.

With this particular virus somewhere around 50% of the population has to have immunity to stop the exponential spread of the virus. Lock-down of cities and states may work as a circuit breaker, but it will not eliminate the virus. If the restrictions are removed, the virus will just come right back.

To develop herd immunity in this case, you need around 50% of the people to have been exposed or vaccinated, but even a lower percentage would still help in slowing the spread of the virus.

We still don’t know whether COVID-19 is seasonal or not. It should soon become pretty obvious, whether it is, or not. If transmission slows down greatly during the summer in northern latitudes, we would have about 6 months respite to deliberately infect and isolate as many people as possible, in order to build up herd immunity before the next season hits.

At this time the politicians are gambling that they will have a vaccine in 14 months. What happens if they roll the dice and we lose 14 months later?

Those that volunteer to self-infect could plan ahead to do it, get financial aid and help in obtaining food and drug deliveries. It would be better than sending a couple thousand dollars to every person in the country for no benefit at all in controlling the virus.

Infecting people to ameliorate the effects of a virus has been done for more than 200 years, since people were intentionally exposed to cow pox to make them immune to the related smallpox virus. More recently, until the early 1960’s, children were intentionally infected with diseases such as measles and chicken pox, because there was a belief that it would be a benefit to do it early.

Maybe they should be passing out do-it-yourself, self-infection and isolation kits at drive-throughs all over the country. If low-risk people could infect themselves at home and isolate themselves for two weeks, they should have immunity without causing anyone else to be infected. Low-risk persons infecting themselves, should not be a threat of overwhelming the health-care system, because they probably won’t need hospitalization.

If 50% of the population would do this, the disease would virtually disappear, millions of lives would be saved and we could get the economy back on track in a relatively short time.

15 thoughts on “A Humble Proposal For Stopping the COVID-19 Pandemic”

  1. This would be a fabulous idea except that there is at least one case of a woman recovering, becoming reinfected and subsequently dying. If I understand correctly, because the virus is a mixture of several illnesses, it has the ability to mutate.

    1. That’s an isolated case, if it even happened. You would shut down the country and cause a depression due to a rumor you heard about one woman. It’s one virus, not several diseases. If viruses mutate that quickly, why would we ever develop vaccines, because it takes years and a lot of money to develop a vaccine for a virus that might just mutate the next day. We use the same smallpox vaccine and other vaccines for 50 years. There is a lot of BS going around in the Internet and the media.

      1. The flu vaccine is a joke. They guess at making it for the right virus and are usually wrong. They inject people with it anyway. Medical workers who won’t take the flu shot are forced to wear face masks all the time at work. Vaccines are a massive profit center and I and others question if they work at all.

    2. There are homeopathic anti-viral remedies that would stop this as well as if people would start steaming their faces as this CV-19 will wilt with heat…

      1. There may be anti-viral drugs that help. I don’t believe that’s correct about the steam. That’s an Internet tale.

  2. I’ve been labelled mental for suggesting the same thing. I would volunteer. I also would like for the world governments to let the public have access to the health records of those dying from this virus. Are they dying because of the virus or because of their underlying health conditions contributed to not being able to recover?

    1. I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy, but it seems, that once it happened, governments may use it as an opportunity to help move us towards a authoritarian world government. Everyone is copying China’s totalitarian methods and it looks like this could go on for years, if something is not done to quickly resolve the problem.

    2. BC, keep in mind, even if we turn out to be right and it’s not such a big deal, that does not poof that we are not “mental”. Even crazy people can be right every once in a while. 🙂

  3. Funny how George Soros AND Bill Gates both want to reduce the world’s population by at least 15% and the building where this virus came about is owned by them…..Wuhan 666?

  4. I have a better solution.

    Everyone go about business as usual. Old and sick self isolate and give them help to survive. Those who get sick will recover – it is just a cold virus.

    This is to kill Trump’s economy and suck money from the public to the lying CDC and other big business interests. If you trust the CDC then watch the movie VAXXED – undeniable facts of the most horrendous crimes by the CDC. Also, an exercise of world dominance that is sure to push their one world government.

  5. Newsom “orders” people to stay at home, but says it won’t be enforced, just honor code. He says in the next few weeks about 20 million people will be infected with COVID-19. I doubt that. Suspect that when few new cases come to light, because the flu season is ending, he will claim a great victory. He calls California a “nation state” in this video.

  6. The people who are dying are elderly and 99% have pre-existing chronic medical conditions. I have said from the beginning that they who are vulnerable should isolate themselves and the rest of the world can continue to live a normal and productive life. In Italy it is known that 99% of the deaths are coming from that category of people. The UK was slow in acting and had many deaths: even younger people are in the ICU. I am in Israel now and we are being told to quarantine at home as much as possible. We are being told to stay a distance of 6-feet from others. So far there have been no deaths here but a spike in cases. We are a few days ahead of you with responding. They are concerned that people with active cases are infecting others. They are testing more people. I think more people die from smoking and car accidents but we don’t look at those statistics. The Medical Systems are overloaded already with the elderly who are chronically ill. I am 76 and many of my friends are chronically ill. I think the best solution is to test everyone and find out who has it and who has developed an immunity to this virus. Italy has an abundance of older people. They also have many citizens from Wuhan China living there who visited there for the Chinese New Year.

  7. Since this is a mutated cold virus. I am wondering, whether a large part of the population does not have partial immunity to it, from previous infections. That could explain why many people have little or no symptoms.

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