The Hate that Hate Produced

This is an old documentary by Mike Wallace about Black Nationalism, made in 1959, before America became politically correct in a pathological sense. It deals mainly with the black-supremacist Nation of Islam, the largest Black Nationalist sect, but also with other groups. Black Liberation Theology of Obama’s sect in Chicago was canonized in the late 1960’s. The foundation books were written by a college professor and it appeals for that reason to black urban professionals, like Obama, but if you study the theology and compare to the scripture of the Nation of Islam, it is easy to recognize that the two doctrines are closely related. The founder of Back Liberation Theology, James H. Cone, said that he combined the beliefs of Malcolm X, a member of the Nation of Islam, and Martin Luther King, Jr. It is clear, however, that the central tenets, come from Malcolm X and not the non-violent, more traditional Christianity of Martin Luther King.

The Nation of Islam is not orthodox Islam, but a cult-like, black sect. It could be considered to be a racist off-shoot of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that was influenced by Gnostic groups, such as Freemasonry and the Theosophical Society. The Islamic motif comes actually from the Shriner’s, a group that is associated with Freemasonry. The Nation of Islam has always used the Bible more than they rely on the Koran. There doctrine is based mainly on the apocalyptic books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation.

The story on the Internet is that the head of the Nation of Islam, then Elijah Muhammad, called a meeting of a few dozen black ministers. A few weeks later a full-page ad was taken out in the New York Times that announced a new more aggressive, black version of Christianity would be developed. A couple of years later, James H. Cone published his first book on Black Liberation Theology, entitled “Black Theology and Black Power.” The doctrine of Black Liberation Theology is also black supremacist and similar to a pseudo-Christian version of racist, Gnostic doctrine of the Nation of Islam. The speaker making the “charges” against the white man is said to be Louis Farrakhan, the current head of the Nation of Islam.

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  1. In times of deception the truth is subversive. The truth is that Obama is not just a traitor but has a black nationalist cult religious belief that America and white society must be destroyed. If people in large numbers begin to understand this, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished

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