Impeach Obama Now Banner Spotted over Louisville, Kentucky

An impeach-Obama-now sky-banner was apparently towed over Louisville, Kentucky on January 17th, 2014. No photo of it, though. The image below is a file photo of a similar banner “Stop Obama Now” in San Diego flew over the Superbowl tailgate party two years ago in January of 2012.


From “The AK Files

Walking out of work today, I saw an airplane flying over downtown Louisville, KY. It was towing a sign that said “Impeach Obama Now!”

Its snowing here, so my phone couldn’t focus to get a pic.

I’m curious, though. What does the local chatter seem to be about impeaching our illustrious and honorable President?

One thought on “Impeach Obama Now Banner Spotted over Louisville, Kentucky”

  1. would you like if Mexico invaded America and Cuba came to take over/ So why in the hell you keep your noise out of what they are doing. Congress and senate tie Obama down Impeach him if he goes and starts a war. then you all get in line to go first and put Obama to lead you all. Or keep your asses out of their. Impeach Obama what in the hell are you waiting for? Impeach him every one wants his ass out.

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