San Diego Taxpayers To Aid Criminal Caravan

This is a subversive attack on our system by radical progressives and neo-Marxists, who want totally open borders in order to completely change the political character of the U.S. It’s disguised as a humanitarian effort and they want the taxpayers to pay for our own national destruction.

The San Diego County Board voted on January 8, 2019 to provide aid the thousands of Caravaners and other fake refugees that are entering the county with food, shelter, medical care and transportation by ground or by air to their preferred destination where most of them will disappear without ever going to court for a hearing. All of this will just encourage more caravans and more fake refugees to come to the U.S., along with the crime and contagious diseases that come with it.

Encouraging the caravans encourages parents to bring their children on a very dangerous journey and even give them to strangers and traffickers to take on the trip. The current laws and regulations allow adults with minors or unaccompanied minors to more easily gain entry into the country and be released without being fully vetted. This makes children a commodity for people who want to easily gain entry into the US. It also encourages criminals to come to the US.

Board members called the mostly fake refugees “legal asylum seekers”. But this ignores the current criminal conspiracy to attack our border by overloading the facilities for processing fake refugees with minors. Due to loopholes in the law, minors and adults accompanying them have to be released after 20 days, if they cannot be processed quickly. Many are gang members and criminals and many crossed the border illegally in order to cut in line in the asylum process. Virtually all of them have participated in this criminal conspiracy with radical progressive nonprofits to exploit loopholes in the immigration law to bypass the immigration law and gain easy entrance into the US where they will ultimately reside illegally.

To top it all off, the Board also voted to seek more state and federal funding for the radical progressive nonprofits that encourage fake refugees to enter the U.S.

This video is the entire part of the meeting dealing with the caravan and fake-refugees aid issue. Since it was produced with tax funds, it is in the public domain and available for anyone to download and reuse as they like.

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