Why Non-Profits Won’t Help Remove Obama (Tea Party, etc.)

A big problem with removing Obama from office is that too many people are too busy trying to form 501(c)(4) non-profits that deal with issues, not individual politicians. 501(c)(4)’s can not by law be primarily about politics or support/oppose political candidates.

In other words you have to give up a good deal of your free speech rights, when you become a non-profit. So, a 501(c)(4) can not lead an impeachment campaign, or the organizers are at least afraid to try that lest they lose their non-profit status. However, they can get unlimited donations from anonymous donors, maybe make a job out of it and build up their retirement plans.

The way to get help from the Tea Party or other such organizations is to approach the individual members and not the organizers, who are too worried about their non-profit status to help.

One thought on “Why Non-Profits Won’t Help Remove Obama (Tea Party, etc.)”

  1. Just in plain words, too many making money from Obama. Plus, they are kissing Obamas gold ass. That is fine until they find they have lost their rights to a big prick like Obama, the head Muslim of the Brotherhood, he is a leader of here in the United States and the Democrats are helping the golden ass of Washington. Retired have to take this country with the help of the south and the Army which he screwed up already. Keep kissing his ass and you all in Washington will keep sucking his gold rod. You will be looking for a job soon.

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