IRS Secretly Drafted New Rules to Restrict Nonprofits (Tea Party, etc.)

IRS Secretly Drafted New Rules to Restrict Nonprofits (Tea Party)

Even under the best of circumstances nonprofits, by law, give up their freedom of speech rights in order to be able to accept anonymous contributions from political fat-cats. This is why “patriot” groups, who are 501C’s, may not even mention impeaching and removing Obama at their events, much less campaign for the removal of the Great Usurper and Traitor-in-Chief. This includes not just Tea Parties, but many other so-called patriot groups, such as gun right advocates, 9/12 organizations, etc. They fear Obama will take away their tax status and for that reason cannot demand directly that he be removed by impeachment and conviction.

The organizers of such groups will never lead you in a campaign directly against Obama and his stooges and quislings in Congress. They cannot do it, according to the law as it is written. The 501C code was intended to contain political dissent, even before Obama appeared on the scene, not encourage it. The Tea Party was changed from a raging tiger into a purring pussycat already back in 2010 and not just by Obama, but by anonymous Republican fat-cat donors, who wanted to control and tame it for use in furthering their own agenda.

Real patriots will do more than sit on their complacent butts in Tea Party meetings listening to patriotic pablum. They will come out and actively campaign to Impeach Obama Now and have him removed from office.

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