General Valleley Associated with Infamous Satanic Minister

General Valleley, who is promoting Operation American Spring, reportedly worked on mass psychological operations (PSYOP’s) when he was in Army Intelligence and also worked closely, with Michael Aquino, founder of the satanic Temple of Set. Aquino is an admirer of occult Nazism. This is a paper on PSYOP strategy that General Valleley co-authored with the avowed satanist, including a recently written introduction by Aquino, himself.

From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory
by Paul E. Valleley and Michael A. Aquino

As a person Valleley should not be judged by former associations. However, as a leader of such an event, these associations are fair game for consideration as to his goals and agenda.

According to the book, “The New Satanists” by Linda Blood, Aquino became involved in Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan in the 1960’s, long before he authored this article with General Valleley. The Temple of Set is an offshoot of the Church of Satan. This book also discusses the charges of ritualistic child molestation.

If Operation American Spring were successful, as unlikely as that seems, it would amount to a coup. If you were to decapitate the American government, there is no guarantee, who would end up in control, or, whether Obama would just use it as an excuse to grab more power. It seems doubtful, though, that they can convince enough people to participate for either purpose.

The only constitutional way to remove Obama is impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. Support and focus only on those efforts that are working for Obama’s impeachment, removal and punishment as a criminal. Especially, do not support those promoting any kind of unconstitutional coup, who are trained in PSYOP’s and are associated with known satanists and admirers of the occult beliefs of the Nazis.

(Warning strong language)

Operation American Spring is named after the “Arab Spring.” The original Arab Spring led to the takeover of Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, who were allies of the Nazis in WWII. The Muslim Brotherhood is a secret society with an occult tradition of Sufism. Sufism is much like the Islamic version of the gnostic occult in the western world and for that reason it is possible for them to align easily with western occultists, who seek overthrow of the current system and world transformation. For example, Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s own minister of occult Black Liberation Theology and a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that Yahweh and Allah are the same God, not exactly a traditional Christian belief.

This next clip features Michael Aquino and his wife Liluth, founders of the Temple of Set. Michael Aquino was originally a member of Anton Levey’s Church of Satan in San Francisco, founded in the mid-1960’s, but split off to start his own satanic church, because he thought LaVey was too theatrical and not satanic enough. Believers in the occult sometimes admire Hitler’s technique, his will to power and successes, whether they agree with his racial policies or not. They copy his techniques and may even try to channel his spirit.

Hitler, was himself an operative of German intelligence, originally sent to investigate the Deutschsozialistische Partei (German Socialist Party), started by an occult group, the Thule Society. He liked the politics of the group so much that he decided to join and became its leader. The name was changed to the National Socialist German Workers Party, or the Nazi Party for short. Hitler and the Nazis then brainwashed the German public and the whole operation was started with what would now be called a “PSYOP” by an agent of military intelligence and his occult associates.


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