Publicizing Impeach Obama Protests

If you are having impeach-Obama protests, you ought to let the whole world know about it. It is not possible to stand up and hide at the same time. Publicity is important to inform the public and to encourage other groups.

There was recently another “Patriot Wave” event and very little evidence on the Internet that it occurred. If you upload photos of your event in FaceBook, those photos typically are not found by Google, so those googling for such events will not find them. If your FaceBook group is “closed,” hardly anyone even on FaceBook will know that you had a protest or be able to find your group.

Upload your photos to a blog or some webpage that is more visible on the Internet with a link back to your group or local organizer. Or, send your a link to your photos to this site via the contact tab at that top. An address can be provided, to which you can send attached photos.

Impeach Obama Overpass Protest in San Diego, Ca
Impeach Obama Overpass Protest in San Diego, Ca

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