Republicans Set To Declare War On The American People

John Benedict Boehner
John Benedict Boehner
The Republican Leadership and much of the Party are joining with Obama and progressive Democrats to wage total war against the American People. John Benedict Boehner and the Republican leadership are not fighting Obama’s dictated decrees, but enabling Obama, despite Boehner’s occasional display of crocodile tears.

Obama has told so many whopping big lies already that who can think his number of 4.5 million illegal aliens to receive amnesty is anywhere near accurate and will not ultimately be a much larger number by several multiples. In the end he plans to make all of the illegal aliens legal residents and eventually U.S. citizens. This will amount to several tens of millions of new progressive voters. If he can decree this year that many millions are legal residents, grant them work documents and many other special benefits, he can decree next year that they are eligible for citizenship. The legalization of these tens of millions, would just be the start of the total sovereignty-destroying invasion to come. Once the precedent has been established, there is no limit to how far he can push it. Obama will be able to import as many millions of cheap laborers to compete against American workers and as many new, more compliant voters as he wants. Millions more American workers will be pushed into an existence in poverty and often into the streets. His trend to dictate can then continue to intensify.

The Republicans do not need to wait until next year, but should have started months and even years ago, if they really wanted to prevent Obama’s dictated amnesty and other lawless acts. Obama’s DACA decree, issues 2-3 years ago is also an illegal amnesty that should have been stopped. The constitutional power of the purse lies mainly with the House. The House leadership could have insisted on defunding Obama’s dictates and socialist projects years ago, already, even though they do not control the Senate. The problem is not fear on the part of Republicans, but simple corruption, their love of money and power.

The Republicans work with Obama to shred the Constitution, because both parties are controlled by international corporations and extremely wealthy individuals, who are foreigners or have an internationalist perspective. They want to concentrate power in the hands of a few, who can be more easily bought and sold at their whim. If Boehner and the Republican leadership were truly to oppose Obama’s many crimes and attempt to punish him for these crimes, it would destroy their financial aspirations and political careers.

This is not socialism so much as it is plutocracy, government by and for the extremely wealthy. The time to fight tyranny is early on and it is already late. It will only become more difficult as time goes on.

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