SURPRISE: Brawl Breaks Out at Chicano Park Day 2023

Brawl Video

At the first Chicano Park Day after the Covid pandemic, a likely alcohol-fueled brawl breaks out at the end of the event. This is not exactly stunning news, because brawling and stabbings have not been uncommon in past Chicano Park Day events. The link below begins just as the brawl is getting started.

There were about 9-10 Brown Berets, the Chicano Park militia, but they didn’t look too interested in intervening, just looking on. They definitely weren’t in control of the crowd. A couple of cops were just looking on, too. The brawlers may have had guns. Who would want to wade in there and separate them?

The Chicano Park Steering Committee tries to suppress police presence in Chicano Park. Militant Chicano ideology demonizes the police as well as demonizes America, in general.

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Reaction by Lucky Morales

Lucky Morales is a Raza supremacist. He is also an activist who tries to make peace between Chicano gangs, apparently to unite them against those whom he regards as the common enemy. In the video below, he says it was “youngsters” who were responsible, but gang-related violence is more likely. The brawlers do not appear to be kids, but full-grown adults.


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If anyone is laughing, they are laughing at Lucky, not gang violence. Few think gang violence is funny. At Chicano Park, they teach young people to hate. As the old adage goes, hate ultimately destroys the hater.

Personally, I would much prefer to see young people of whatever ethnic or racial background become happy, productive and prosperous members of society. I just do not believe indoctrinating them into Chicano hate ideology is the way to do it.

Given his handle, “Yaqui Crow”, Morales apparently identifies as Yaqui Indian. There was an attempted genocide against the Yaquis. So, he may have some grievances for that reason. However, the homeland of the Yaquis is in the southern part of the Mexican state of Sonora. It was the Mexican government that attempted to exterminate the Yaqui tribe. Many Yaquis sought refuge in America to escape the Mexican campaign of extermination.

Considering this history, one might think Lucky Morales should redirect his anger toward Mexico rather than America. About 100 years ago, America may well have given refuge to his ancestors.

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