That Forgotten Mexican Nazi Named Jose Vasconcelos

Below is an English translation of the article entitled, “Ese olvidado nazi mexicano de nombre Jose Vasconcelos” by Hector Orestes Aguilar. Jose Vasconcelos was a very prominent Mexican writer, philosopher and politician Mexico. He produced the “La Raza” racialist concept for the mixed-race Hispanic peoples, on which the La Raza and Chicano political movements in the United States are based, formalized in his book, La Raza Cosmica (1925).

In La Raza Cosmica Vasconcelos developed a racial/ethnic supremacy concept, similar to Nazi racial theory but designed for the mestizo (mixed) race. Many Mexicans knew about his Nazi collaboration at the beginning of WWII, but the embarrassing information was being suppressed by Mexican literary and media elites to outsiders.

However, an American Jewish scholar of Latin America, Itzhak Bar-Lewaw, discovered that Vasconcelos was a Nazi agent and top propagandist, publisher of the pro-Nazi magazine, Timon (the Rudder). Bar-Lewaw publicized the information, starting in the early 1970’s in books and articles. Unfortunately, it is only available in Spanish, which relatively few Americans would find and read. This translation of the article by Orestes makes the information more accessible to the American public.

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