Biden Slipping Massive Numbers Of Illegals Into The US

Biden is slipping millions of illegals into the US with his new get-in-free app for cell phones. Recently, I drove by one of the two hotels in San Diego used for processing fake refugees and assisting in transporting them to their desired destinations. The hotel is the Four-Points Sheraton SeaWorld. There were two DHS buses there.

They both had DHS identifiers on the side, but were operated by a private company, Damaris Express, Inc. There was one bus driver there. He spoke barely any English. He called up his supervisor and she didn’t speak English, either. They brought another person to the phone to speak with me in English. After he found out who I was, he handed the phone back to the female supervisor. The driver had the speaker on so I could hear her. Understanding some Spanish, I heard her tell the driver essentially that this was a special job and he should keep quiet and not talk to anyone about it. He confirmed to me that he could not talk in broken English.

Read this article by FAIR for more information about Biden’s hush-hush immigration program.

Biden Claims Credit for Reducing Illegal Immigration When He’s Rerouting It

One of the buses has Mexican plates, so I wondered if they were going into Mexico to pick people up. Based in National City, Damaris Express specializes in a cross-border shuttle service from the Tijuana airport to destinations the US.

I talked to a worker at a local business who could talk. He said that the immigrants come in all the time and tell him that they fly into the Tijuana airport from all over the world. The buses pick them up at the airport in Mexico and deliver them to the shelter in the US. So, there are no more highly-visible crowds waiting at the border any longer for bloggers to complain about. Certainly, if this is going on in San Diego it is probably happening all along the border where there is an international airport on the Mexican side.

DHS may also be flying them into the US form other places and other countries with their contracted fleet of jets. The worst part of this is that the plans and the details are kept secret from the public.

There are still large numbers crossing the border illegally, but those Biden is slipping in are in addition to those who are still crossing the border illegally. We don’t know how many they are bringing under this new process or how many are accepted/rejected. They are approved for “parole” by a Government worker, not by a judge. Technically they are legally in the US, but I still call them “illegal”, because Biden is doing it with such secrecy and it is doubtful that they are qualified for asylum.

This is the same process used to grant parole last year to 100,000 Ukrainians, but there is a brutal war taking place in Ukraine. These people are reportedly coming from all around the world in very large numbers, but we are not being informed of the important details by the Biden administration.

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