How Asylum Fraudsters Cross Border in San Diego


At the time that the Title 42 policy expired, hundreds of mostly economic refugees crossed the border in San Diego County. This post shows how they were able to cross in the area between the San Ysidro border crossing and the Pacific Ocean, a distance of 5.5 miles. Of course, they can always climb the border fence. Climbing the border fence is nothing new but there are also a couple of other convenient ways they can cross here. The great majority of people are not physically able to climb the high bollard fence.

Though vulnerabilities still exist in the current fence, the construction by Trump was very helpful. The Border Patrol has always said that no border barrier is going to be perfect. What they need is a barrier that will slow them down and channel them into areas where they are easier to catch. However, this does not deter fraudulent asylum seekers, who want to surrender to the nearest Border Patrolman.

Asylum fraud is the main problem at this time. The ultimate solution to mass asylum fraud is a change in policy or law. Trump demonstrated this with his return-to-Mexico policy.

How they crossed the border fence

A knowledgeable source told me that this was a cartel operation. The local cartel controls the illegal traffic on the border, whether drugs or human. The source said that some climbed the fence and others crossed via the very large storm drains that run underneath the border fence in several places. The drains have floodgates on them so that they can be opened when it rains. The local cartel men just cut the floodgates open and people run through it into the US, after having paid the cartel coyote their crossing fee, of course.

This is how they were able to cross the primary bollard fence. They went over and under it with the help of the cartel. Then they go to the nearest Border Patrol agent and tell them that they want to “seek asylum”. Most only seek to be released into the US to ultimately live illegally.

The Biden administration is in my opinion criminally complicit with the cartels in smuggling these mostly economic refugees across the border in order to obtain social benefits and better paying jobs. Seeking a better life is not a legal qualification for asylum. Better employment often includes working for the cartel that smuggled them into the US in a criminal enterprise of some kind, such as drug sales, money laundering, prostitution and human trafficking.

Our own government at national and local levels aid in creating conditions that encourage smuggling of unqualified refugees across the border and very large amounts of government funds are paid to support this enormous human-trafficking network on this side of the border.

Encampment at water treatment plant

There was one large encampment near the wastewater treatment plant. This is just off Monument Road The camp was between the primary and secondary fences. The Border Patrol allowed access to this camp from outside the secondary fence. Here is a video of that camp.

Storm drains under border fence

This is an image from Google Earth of the storm drain that is just next to the campsite. These storm drains are designed to facilitate the flow of toxic, run-off water from Mexico into the US when it rains. The water is polluted with sewage and toxic wastes.

This is probably the storm drain that they went through. After the asylum posers were transferred to a detention center, I saw Mexican national guardsmen protecting the intake of this drain after the economic refugees had been moved to a detention center.

There was another campsite a couple miles to the west of this one. This second campsite reportedly contained single men, because the women at the first site were being harassed. The Border Patrol would not allow vehicles to visit this other camp. It is not clear whether they crossed the primary fence with the rest in the other camp next to the water-treatment plant. However, Arroyo Canyon Matadero also has a similar storm drain, shown below. As mentioned already there are several huge storm drains in this area.

Floodgates in the fence

There are also floodgates built into the fences, which can be opened during times of rain to relieve pressure on the fence. The cartel can also cut these open. Well, they can cut a hole in the fence too, but opening floodgates is probably much easier.

The image below was taken at another location in Arizona, but shows what the flood gates look like. I also saw Mexican national guardsmen protecting floodgates like this to make sure no other asylum seekers enter. The Mexican National Guard does often coordinate with the Border Patrol when requested.

Tijuana River Crossing

I thought they may have walked into the area between the fences are the place where the Tijuana river crosses the border. The image below from Google Earth shows that the primary and secondary fences come together and are joined by a gate. There is a crew working on the fence in this place, but does not appear they entered the area between the fences at this point. However, there is a large gap in the fence where the river crosses the border.

The image below shows (in red) the quarter-mile gap in the fence across the Tijuana river channel at the border. Illegals can just walk along the river bed to cross the border without being hindered by any fence. Of course there will be Border Patrolmen waiting for them. However, if the want to claim asylum, this is exactly what they want, to surrender to a Border Patrolman. The Border Patrol is required by the Biden administration to continue the human smuggling operation by transporting the asylum poser to the station to make an asylum claim. From the Border Patrol station, our Government at different levels assists the asylum posers in traveling to their desired destination anywhere in the US they need to go. Government-funded nonprofits often provide camouflage, assisting in ways that the Government does not want to be seen doing directly.

It is difficult to engineer and build an effective border barrier in a place where a river crosses the border, because the river can wash the barrier away when it floods.

There is another location in Marron Valley on the east side of Tijuana, where the the Tijuana river meanders back and forth across the border. In Marron Valley, there is no border barrier at all for about 6-7 miles of relatively flat, walkable borderland.

Progressive Do-Gooder: This Is Not Our Country


Progressive do-gooder at the border in San Diego at a camp of mostly unqualified asylum seekers says that this country does not belong to us, it belongs to everyone. She bemoans the suffering of the children. However many asylum fraudsters bring children in order to exploit a loophole in the asylum law and/or policy. They often bring small children because they are easier to control. Some parents send their children to the border alone by means of drug/human trafficking cartels. This is child abuse and if justice were done the children should be taken away from such people. In order to stop this abuse of children, the US government should stop the wanton release hundreds of thousands if not by now millions of unvetted and unqualified asylum seekers into the US.

Credit: This video was produced by the Times of San Diego.
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This woman states a couple of basic principles of leftist, progressive ideology. First, everyone is “good”, at least those who accept their ideology. The people trying to cheat their way into the US can have no malicious intentions. Secondly, everybody has the same rights as Americans in our own country. Feelings are more important than laws to them. Those who do not subscribe to their ideology are, of course, the “enemy” and “racists”.

To visit this encampment

If you live in the area and want to visit this camp, just paste these coordinates into your navigator. The encampment will probably be active for some time. Reports are that the Border Patrol is allowing them in, but very slowly. I have updated the coordinates, so they should be exact now. The encampment is just west of the water treatment plant.

Encampment coordinates – 32.54029,-117.0677

To see the location on Google maps, click here.

Note: The people have been moved to a detention center for processing and probable release of many if not most of them.

The Border Patrol has not been preventing anyone from visiting this site, as far as I have seen.

Thumbnail image

Biden Slipping Massive Numbers Of Illegals Into The US

Biden is slipping millions of illegals into the US with his new get-in-free app for cell phones. Recently, I drove by one of the two hotels in San Diego used for processing fake refugees and assisting in transporting them to their desired destinations. The hotel is the Four-Points Sheraton SeaWorld. There were two DHS buses there.

They both had DHS identifiers on the side, but were operated by a private company, Damaris Express, Inc. There was one bus driver there. He spoke barely any English. He called up his supervisor and she didn’t speak English, either. They brought another person to the phone to speak with me in English. After he found out who I was, he handed the phone back to the female supervisor. The driver had the speaker on so I could hear her. Understanding some Spanish, I heard her tell the driver essentially that this was a special job and he should keep quiet and not talk to anyone about it. He confirmed to me that he could not talk in broken English.

Read this article by FAIR for more information about Biden’s hush-hush immigration program.

Biden Claims Credit for Reducing Illegal Immigration When He’s Rerouting It

One of the buses has Mexican plates, so I wondered if they were going into Mexico to pick people up. Based in National City, Damaris Express specializes in a cross-border shuttle service from the Tijuana airport to destinations the US.

I talked to a worker at a local business who could talk. He said that the immigrants come in all the time and tell him that they fly into the Tijuana airport from all over the world. The buses pick them up at the airport in Mexico and deliver them to the shelter in the US. So, there are no more highly-visible crowds waiting at the border any longer for bloggers to complain about. Certainly, if this is going on in San Diego it is probably happening all along the border where there is an international airport on the Mexican side.

DHS may also be flying them into the US form other places and other countries with their contracted fleet of jets. The worst part of this is that the plans and the details are kept secret from the public.

There are still large numbers crossing the border illegally, but those Biden is slipping in are in addition to those who are still crossing the border illegally. We don’t know how many they are bringing under this new process or how many are accepted/rejected. They are approved for “parole” by a Government worker, not by a judge. Technically they are legally in the US, but I still call them “illegal”, because Biden is doing it with such secrecy and it is doubtful that they are qualified for asylum.

This is the same process used to grant parole last year to 100,000 Ukrainians, but there is a brutal war taking place in Ukraine. These people are reportedly coming from all around the world in very large numbers, but we are not being informed of the important details by the Biden administration.

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Marron Valley Wide-Open Border Update (9/22)

Marron Valley, between Otay Mesa and Tecate Peak is now probably the most open part of the California border. There are about 6-7 miles of border that have no barrier at all. The Tijuana river is dry most of the year and can be crossed easily on foot. The river crisscrosses the border in this area. The lack of any border barrier is likely due to the difficulty of building a barrier where the river crosses in this way. When it rains, this dry-wash turns into a raging river again, which can easily knock down even a very strong bollard fence.

Drug smuggling and traditional illegal immigration seem to be the main activity in Marron Valley, but there also appears to be a significant amount of fraudulent asylum-seekers crossing in this area in recent years.

There are lots of rat trails crisscrossing this entire area, as you can see in this image. These trails are used by drug smugglers, criminals and traditional illegal border crossers, who do not want to be caught by the Border Patrol to claim asylum. Click on the image to expand and see the rat trails better.

The video shows an agent driving down to the Tijuana river to make a pickup. Most places on the border that have a significant amount of fake refugee traffic have a place that is like a bus stop where they pick them up the future progressive voters and shuttle them to the Border Patrol station for processing and probable release into the land of milk and honey. I believe a government-funded nonprofit will even pay their airfare to their desired destination if they need it. What a country!!

The images below is trash that illegal crossers left behind at what I call the overlook. When the Border Patrol does not pick them up quickly enough, they may start walking up the hill. The Border Patrol gives them new clothes at the station and will only allow them to keep a few, small personal items. So the illegal crossers throw most of their things on the ground as soon as they have crossed the border and know that they will be picked up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you wish to go to the border overlook in Marron Valley, you can search for South Bay Rod & Gun Club in your navigator. After you arrive at the Gun Club, follow the direction as shown in the map below to drive to the area overlooking the border. There is a gate there and I have been told by BP agents not to go past the gate, because it is not safe.

Also, your navigator may take you there, if you paste these latitude and longitude coordinates for the overlook into your navigator (32°34’41.6″N 116°45’47.8″W).

Map To Border Overlook in Marron Valley

You should be careful if you go there, because this place is a very active area for drug smuggling. A few years ago a Mexican employee of the American consulate was killed by drug smugglers just across the border in this area, because he was taking insect samples for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and they thought he was observing their smuggling operations.

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Biden Plans To Create 8 Million New Citizen / Voters

Biden plans to create 8 million new citizens / voters and this would just be the start. The eight million is the current number eligible for citizenship, it does not include the many millions that will be coming across the border in the near future to be rapidly granted citizenship via Biden’s new process. He is doing this via executive action without Congress by shifting authority away from judges to more pliable and often politically-active bureaucrats. The bureaucrats will follow his policy rather than the immigration law. In contrast to judges, who would evaluate applications based on the law. Using judges takes too long for Biden and too many asylum claimants would be rejected for his purposes. Needless to say, this will have a huge influence on national elections and that has been for years the obvious goal of radical Democratic progressives.

Biden Plans To Create 8 Million New Citizen / Voters

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Biden has already started a program to allow government bureaucrats to quickly approve mass asylum requests, of course including those who cross illegally. This program will be expanded rapidly. This Univision report at the link above states that they are hiring 4,000 new employees for the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS), in large part for this purpose, as well as to approved existing applications for citizenship.

Once they become a permanent resident, that is a green card holder, they can sponsor family members to move to the US. It will probably take a few months to be granted asylum and then after being in the US for another year that person can apply for a green card.

Green Card for asylees

This will be like supercharging chain immigration. So, eight million new citizens will most probably just be a start of a massive wave of immigration if nothing is done to limit it and Biden shows little inclination to limit the swarm of illegal border crossers, coming to claim asylum.

Also, see this Univision report at the link below about Biden’s program for government bureaucrats to be able to grant asylum, rather than judges. Having bureaucrats grant asylum will be a big part of the program described in the first video, shown above.

Biden’s Diabolical Plan: Bureaucrats To Grant Asylum, Not Judges

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This government (USCIS) link below explains how permanent residents can sponsor family members to immigrate to the US and obtain permanent residency, themselves. A green card holder can only legally sponsor a spouse or unmarried children of any age. It may be difficult for immigration officials to verify family relations, of course.

Family of Green Card Holders (Permanent Residents)

However, any qualified person who wants can sponsor a “refugee” and start a totally new immigration chain. Say, you want an extended family member, a friend or just some arbitrary person who will pay you well for your service. You can sponsor them as a “refugee” and have them easily and quickly granted asylum via Biden’s new, asylum-mill process. Then, that person can start their own chain, too. So, you see it can work like an explosive chain reaction if there or no external limits put on it.

So, to sum it up, one family member can go to the US and request asylum. After being granted asylum in a few months by one of Biden’s compliant, asylum-mill bureaucrats, that person can apply for a green card (permanent residency) after living in the US for at least one more year. Then he/she can sponsor the rest of the immediate family to immigrate legally to the US. To start a brand new chain, a person can sponsor another fake “refugee” and he can bring his family. This cycle can be repeated, over and over.

The mass asylum fraud process was conceived during Obama’s first term and put into practice in his second term. Obama’s original, diabolical process for the transformation of America continues to evolve under Biden.

Biden has put an informal gag order on immigration officials. So, we have to try to piece together the truth about his plan. Univision is a good source, because their viewership is generally intensely interested in the subject and they do reports almost every day about immigration. Unfortunately, they cover illegal immigration and asylum fraud much better than any popular English-language outlet. You have to consider, though, that they are biased in favor of immigration, legal or illegal.

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Eliseo Medina was vice president of the SEIU, an international union, which was one of Obama’s major supporting organizations. He said that making illegal immigrants citizens would ensure progressive domination for the long term. This is, of course, exactly Biden’s plan.

Making illegal immigrants citizens ensures progressive domination

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