Progressive Do-Gooder: This Is Not Our Country


Progressive do-gooder at the border in San Diego at a camp of mostly unqualified asylum seekers says that this country does not belong to us, it belongs to everyone. She bemoans the suffering of the children. However many asylum fraudsters bring children in order to exploit a loophole in the asylum law and/or policy. They often bring small children because they are easier to control. Some parents send their children to the border alone by means of drug/human trafficking cartels. This is child abuse and if justice were done the children should be taken away from such people. In order to stop this abuse of children, the US government should stop the wanton release hundreds of thousands if not by now millions of unvetted and unqualified asylum seekers into the US.

Credit: This video was produced by the Times of San Diego.
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This woman states a couple of basic principles of leftist, progressive ideology. First, everyone is “good”, at least those who accept their ideology. The people trying to cheat their way into the US can have no malicious intentions. Secondly, everybody has the same rights as Americans in our own country. Feelings are more important than laws to them. Those who do not subscribe to their ideology are, of course, the “enemy” and “racists”.

To visit this encampment

If you live in the area and want to visit this camp, just paste these coordinates into your navigator. The encampment will probably be active for some time. Reports are that the Border Patrol is allowing them in, but very slowly. I have updated the coordinates, so they should be exact now. The encampment is just west of the water treatment plant.

Encampment coordinates – 32.54029,-117.0677

To see the location on Google maps, click here.

Note: The people have been moved to a detention center for processing and probable release of many if not most of them.

The Border Patrol has not been preventing anyone from visiting this site, as far as I have seen.

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  1. How many “asylum seekers” has this woman sponsored? How many is she willing to take into her own home?

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