San Diego Asylum Seekers Transferred To Dentention Center – Fetch and Release

My Commentary – Fetch and Release

A news outlet in Tijuana, El Imparcial, reports that hundreds of fraudulent asylum seekers in San Diego are being transferred to a detention center. They have been camped out between the two border fences in the area just west of the San Ysidro border crossing.

No one has reported how hundreds of people were able to cross the 18-foot high bollard fence in a very short time. Many of them are small children or those not physically fit enough to scale such a high fence. I believe the Border Patrol was directed by the Biden administration to just open a gate and usher them into the US. They were probably even transported from the Mexican airport to the campsite in vehicles paid for by US taxpayers if the truth be known.

Update: Found out that there is a quarter-mile gap in the border fence across the Tijuana River in this location, just west of the border crossing. They can just walk through this gap. Also, huge storm drains run underneath the fence and floodgates are built into it in low areas. The cartel can cut open the iron bars on the storm drains and they can cut the locks on the floodgates to allow people just to walk through. There are multiple ways they can cross the border here. I heard from a knowledgeable source that this was a cartel operation.

Biden is making very significant changes in how these mostly unqualified asylum seekers are processed. He has said that he wants to bypass the cartels, which is a good thing. However, he will have government bureaucrats grant them asylum instead of courts, by using a system called “protective parole” (aka humanitarian asylum). Protective parole is the same system that was used to allow 100,000 Ukrainians to quickly enter the US.

In my opinion, that is a serious abuse of the parole system for blatant political reasons. The Ukrainians were fleeing a genocidal war being waged against them by a nuclear superpower. Russia has been intentionally bombing civilian targets, kidnapping children, and obliterating entire Ukrainian cities. This is not to mention threatening to use nuclear bombs in Ukraine.

Most of these other asylum seekers will tell you they are just looking for a job and a better life, that is social benefits. Many also claim they are fleeing ordinary crime. None of these are qualifications for asylum. To treat those who want better pay and social benefits in the same way as people, whose cities are being bombed to rubble and threatened with nuclear war is way beyond absurd.

Parolees will be entitled to social benefits immediately. They can also apply to work legally in the US and be approved to work by one of Biden’s bureaucrats. Parole is intended to be temporary, but we can be sure few of these people will ever leave, once they are here. Biden has said he is going to admit 100,000, but this is just a start. I do not believe there are any constraints on how many he can admit under the protective parole system. This is an employment and political program, disguised as an asylum program.

This new process is not transparent at all. It is a severe abuse of the asylum system. It appears that many, who have applied from their homelands and already been approved, will fly into a border city in Mexico and be transferred immediately across the border, without waiting in Mexico. This makes them fairly invisible to the American public, as Biden sneaks them into the country.

In San Diego, it seems they have hired a contractor to go into Mexico and shuttle asylum seekers to shelters and processing centers in the US. So, they will be practically invisible to the American public. Instead of “catch and release”, I call it “fetch and release”. They will fetch them now in buses and vans form Mexico to be released here in the US. They will immediately start receiving the much desired, generous social benefits and jobs.

Border Patrol agents transferring fraudulent asylum seekers.
Credit: El Imparcial

Translated Text of Article

Migrants stranded between the security walls of the United States are being moved

Children, women and men have been waiting five days for this moment.

Tijuana, B.C.- The hundreds of migrants who entered the United States irregularly and who were seen for days between the border walls were transferred to a detention center by agents of the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP).

The children, women and men have been waiting five days for this moment, because they trust that this way they will receive humanitarian asylum and that they will be able to stay in North America to have a better life.

Horacio, a young man from Colombia, who was part of the men-only camp, waited from the early hours to be called by CBP One agents to get on a truck.

They say they take us to a kennel (Detention Center) to be transferred to another,’ he said.

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