John Renison, Mexican Citizen Running for Congress in San Diego

John Renison erupts in angry rant
after being exposed (see videos below).

In the 2018 primary election, John Renison, a Mexican citizen, is running as a Republican candidate for the House of Representatives in the 51st district, which includes California’s entire border with Mexico.

UPDATE: John Renison lost in the primary and does not continue to the general election in November. In California, the “top two” get on the November ballot. See results here.

Renison aka Juan Ray Renison Rosas has Mexican and American citizenship. The U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship, but the government has not banned it, either. It is a issue of divided loyalty for a congressman, especially in this border district. Renison lied to the American public saying his first experience in politics was his unsuccessful run for the California state senate in 2016, failing to divulge his earlier extensive experience in Mexican politics.

He was a candidate for the Mexican Senate for the far-left Green Party in 2012 and appears to also have been a candidate in 2010 for deputado (representative) of the Congresso de Baja California, that is the Baja state assembly for the “Partido Estatal de Baja California (Baja State Party). He is also an owner of of his mother’s large cross-border, customs brokerage business, which could earn large profits from cross-border initiatives that he may influence and promote as congressman of the CA-51 district.

All this represents a serious conflict of interest and divided loyalty. As Congressman of the 51st district, he would be dealing with very critical issues, some of which have a huge impact on our national interests, such as the massive spills of sewage and toxic waste coming across the border, NAFTA and border security, as well as illegal immigration.

Renison told Eric Bartl in an interview for the San Diego Reader that he became a Mexican citizen in 2003 “to help his business”. He may be an American by chance of birthplace, but a Mexican by choice. If business interests in Mexico can cause him to become a citizen, the question is, what can he not be pressured to do from Mexico due to his financial interests there?

As Mexican citizen and political activist, who has been a candidate for political office in Mexico and who considers Mexicali, Mexico to be his “homeland” from early childhood, it is a reasonable to ask to which country does he owe his loyalty? In Spanish he calls Mexicali (Mexico) his “tierra natal”, his homeland, native land or literally the land of his birth. His first choice would have been a political career in Mexico.

He entered politics in the U.S. after he failed in his attempts to be elected to office in Mexico. A political career in the U.S was his second choice. Yet, when speaking in English, he says he puts America first and that his absolute loyalty to the U.S. cannot be questioned. That is clearly not true, given his prior background in Mexico of political activism with left-wing political parties. When you have citizenship in two countries, by definition, you have divided loyalty.


This video in Spanish, subtitled in English, is a interview of Renison from 2013 by a talk show host in Mexicali, Mexico. Renison talks about his devotion to the Mexican people, his affection for his Mexican “homeland” and his political ambitions in Mexico to serve the Mexican people. He also refers to travelling in the US as “going abroad” in the sense of it being a foreign country for him relative to his Mexican homeland. (The subtitles in English were produced from a certified translation obtained from a professional translator.)

On page 29 of this register of candidates for the Mexican Senate lists “John Ray Renison Rosas” as a substitute candidate for the Mexican Senate in the 2012 election in Mexico. (If they win office, substitute candidates do play an active role in a parliamentary system, taking the place of the senator when he is not available.) A number of references to his political candidacy — often on official Mexican government sites — can be found by googling terms such as “Renison Senador” and “Renison Deputado”.

Mexican List of Senate Candidates for 2012

At this link towards the bottom of the page, “Juan Renison” is also mentioned in 2010 as a candidate for deputy of the “Congresso de Deputados” of Baja, California, that is Baja’s state legislature.

Tribunal Electoral – Summary information, April 19, 2010

Baja California

Columna En Voz Baja
Ya hay candidatos…

Durante la semana pasada se fue deshojando la margarita y en Mexicali suman ya tres los candidatos a Presidente Municipal, en orden de aparici贸n y de aprobaci贸n de sus respectivas militancias est谩n ya por el PAN con RA脷L L脫PEZ MORENO, mientras que por el PRI van con FRANCISCO P脡REZ TEJADA PADILLA y ayer el Partido Estatal de Baja California (PEBC) postul贸 a JORGE GALLEGO SALAS, quien encabez贸 el evento con los integrantes de su planilla y de los candidatos a Diputados FRANCISCO BARRAZA, MARCO VIZCARRA, JUAN RENISON, NORMA ALICIA ARREOLA, NATY RIVERA Y HUMBERTO BELTR脕N L脫PEZ.. En la sede de la Canaco se realiz贸 la presentaci贸n de los candidatos pebecistas que le apuestan a la experiencia, eficacia y honradez de su candidato que al dirigirse a decenas de asistentes pidi贸 trabajar intensamente para lograr el triunfo electoral y orientar el Gobierno hacia la atenci贸n de las necesidades sociales con los principios a los que se ajustan los perfiles de los seis candidatos a Diputados locales, de los cuales 4 son ciudadanos de la sociedad civil y 2 son miembros activos del PEBC… (LA VOZ DE LA FRONTERA, JES脷S JIM脡NEZ, JAVIER MEJ脥A URIBE Y FUENTEOVEJUNA)

In this San Diego Reader Article, John Renison is quoted as saying he is from Mexicali, Mexico, but has lived a few years in the U.S.

9/11 is the best thing that ever happened to Baja cuisine

鈥淚鈥檓 from Mexicali,鈥 says Renison. 鈥淏ut I have spent four years in San Diego, and three years in Boston where I met my wife and we had our two children.

Renison was also named to serve on a kind of commission by the Mexicali Ayuntamiento (City Council) to work on public safety and to help produce a “Plan for the Development of Mexicali”, as well as probably other such tasks. See his name (Juan Renison Rosas) credited on page 95 in the document at the following link, about halfway down the page.

Plan Municipal de Desarrollo de Mexicali, 2011-2013


This writer (Roger Ogden) informed the Republican Central Committee about these issues via an email to 48 of the 50 San Diego Republican Central Committee Members on April 8th, just before the committee was to vote on endorsements. The Central Committee willfully ignored the information and endorsed Renison without any discussion at all of the issues of national loyalty and conflict of interest regarding his customs brokerage business. Before the overwhelming vote by our local RINO “leadership” to endorse him, Renison admitted that he was a dual citizen and that he was a candidate for the Mexican Senate in 2012.

This video is the response by John Renison, made on April 8, 2018. The very next day he admitted being a dual citizen and being a candidate for political office in Mexico in recent years. Actually, if you listen closely even in this video, he already admits having past involvement in politics in Mexico, while attacking the person who exposed him.

Renison refers to Ogden as a “hater” and “ignorant”, just for suggesting he could have a conflict of interest and divided loyalty as both a Mexican and U.S. citizen. This kind of personal attack is the tactic the radical left uses to marginalize and silence their critics.


This video below was taken at the 80th Caucus Central Committee Meeting in Chula Vista on April 5, 2018. Shockingly, the San Diego GOP, under the influence of Chairman Tony Krvaric, endorsed him three days later by a wide (RINO) majority without any real discussion of the issue.

Renison says right up front that he does not not want to talk about his bio and education any longer. That is understandable, because he grew up in Mexico, has dual Mex/US citizenship and never finished college. He chose to start a political career in Mexico, first, but failed. He also owns very substantial cross-border customs brokerage business interests in Mexico that may reap huge profits from positions that he would support as a Congressman in CA-51, a border district. He says we all know that Mexican customs officials are corrupt and he should know, because he dealt intimately with them on a daily basis in his business. His main qualification, he touts, is that he speaks perfect Spanish — because he grew up in Mexico — and also speaks perfect English, which makes it much easier to bamboozle American voters. He can look and sound either as a native Mexican or native American at will.


The next to the last paragraph of this article quotes John Renison as saying he will be campaigning in Mexico for the US Congress, because there are a lot of voters there. That would open up a significant opportunity for election fraud. Many dual citizens live in Mexico and commute to jobs in the U.S. Non residents are not eligible to vote in the District, but it is not difficult to claim a fake address in the district.

Google Translation

Given the number of US citizens who reside in Baja California cities, Renison will seek the vote in Mexico, “through campaigns in the streets, at events with business or government, as well as convene forums on border issues.”

M茅xico no est谩 respetando normas del TLC: John Renison Jr.

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27 Responses to John Renison, Mexican Citizen Running for Congress in San Diego

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  2. Rebel with a cause says:

    Reconquista..Mexifornia ..aka..the Banana Republic controlled by Globalist Commies..what next ?

  3. Rachel Trujillo says:

    Great !! Finally someone who can understand politics on both sides of the border. I think it鈥檚 the best way to solve the issues between both country鈥檚 for example the sewage.
    I鈥檒l vote for him !

    • Admin says:

      I think he understands Mexican politics a little too well. If elected, maybe he would be representing Mexico rather than the American citizens of his congressional district. In general, I don’t believe any person, who has allegiance to another country should be elected to national office or even be allowed to be a candidate. There is no law against it, though, at this time, as far as I know. If such a law is not possible, at least there should be a law to require all candidates to disclose publicly and in detail their citizenship status in the US and other countries.

  4. Hank Hollins says:

    Where does his loyalty lie? He has no right to run for U.S. Congressional positions.

    • Tom says:

      Any time one of the hundreds of thousands of dual citizen Israeli-American Jews in the USA runs for elected office, not one of you ‘patriots’ ever says a word. But now that a dual citizen Mexican-American is legally running for office, a big hue and cry erupts.

      Until you other American folks help our government get rid of the dual citizenship laws and force everyone to pledge allegiance to one country or the other, you will always have this loyalty problem.

      But please, try to figure where the real problem lies, rather than just swinging wildly at anyone doing this who isn’t a dual citizen Israeli-American Jew.

      • Admin says:

        There are no dual-citizenship laws in the US. The U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship. Please try to inform yourself, before you spew so much nonsense.

  5. Brometheus says:

    Dual US citizenship of ANY nationality should disqualify anyone from positions in politics. Public servants must serve the interest of American citizens.

    • Orange Juice says:

      Tell that to all the Jews that have dual citizenship.

    • Tom says:

      I agree 100%. Dual citizenship is by basic definition a total farce.

    • Tom says:

      CA actually has an illegal alien on its state payroll as head of some state program!

      • james ha says:

        well tom, nice of yall to say just exactly who this mysterious illegal alien on some CA state program’s payroll or other is. what would we do without yalls.

      • Admin says:

        @James Ha, here’s an article on the illegal alien that the Ca Senate, headed by Kevin de Leon, appointed to a state position. Kevin de Leon is, himself, the son of illegal aliens

        Undocumented immigrant appointed to state post in California

        Also, two illegal aliens were appointed to city positions in Huntington Park a couple years ago, near LA.

        Undocumented immigrants picked for city posts say U.S. ‘progressing’

        These appointments are just blatant provocation, a poke in our collective eye. ICE has not picked up any of these illegals, although it is widely known and many complaints have been made to ICE about it. The two in Huntington Park often show up at council meetings. So, it’s not like their whereabouts are unknown.

        I believe they are volunteers, though, not on the payroll, at least not yet. They do have an expense account, though. Putting illegal aliens on the payroll will be their next level of provocation. Eventually, they hope to make it standard practice.

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  7. abinico warez says:

    How can he have dual citizenship – US does not do that except for israelis.

    • Admin says:

      The US does not recognize dual citizenship at all, I am told. It’s just ignored by the U.S, government. It is difficult to find out, if someone also has citizenship in another country, unless they leave a trail like Renison de Rosas did, due to his attempts to gain political office in Mexico.

  8. Mark says:

    Now that I have seen the additional video of him at the caucus meeting saying he knows how things work in Mexico I鈥檓 even more concerned. He sounds like a crooked Mexican politician (which he almost became) that will pay mordita to get his way. I am having a very hard time understanding why he wants this position in Congress so bad. Has he promised his Mexican company buddies he will take care of them? And where exactly did he get the $300K to use for his political campaign?? Something smells fishy. At least Hidalgo has honor and integrity.

    • Imperial Beach Patriots says:

      Well said Mark. He is the Right Juan. A true Servant Leader who takes action and finds solutions through listening to his Constituents; the people he serves. Jobs, Education, Public Safety, Safe and clean border infrastructure. He will be a good public Steward.

  9. John MIKE Guzman says:

    I read he was born in San Diego but also he was born (according) to your website in USA. Can you provide documentation to your claim?
    Thank you.

    • Admin says:

      Don’t think I ever claimed to know where he was born. Renison de Rosas has said he was born in San Diego, but was raised in Mexicali, Mexico. He says he was raised in Mexico in the interview in Spanish for a Mexicali talk show above and calls Mexicali, Mexico his “tierra natal,” his homeland or literally the “land of his birth”. I am not sure “tierra natal” is always used literally in Spanish, though.

      Update: Others have been looking for his birth certificate in San Diego and say they found one for him at Mercy hospital. A Reader article quotes him as saying he obtained Mexican citizenship in 2003.

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  11. X.S. Charm says:

    At any given time there are between 30 and 40 citizens of Israel in the U.S. Congress. Their loyalties are clearly to Israel so what if a couple of individuals are loyal to Mexico?

    • Admin says:

      It’s not illegal as far as I know, though it should be. A big issue is that he tried to cover it up. I don’t believe any so-called dual citizens should be in Congress. Because there are some dual Israeli citizens in Congress, doesn’t mean critics of Renison approve of it, in general. The dual citizens in Congress try to hush that up like Renison did. He just got caught with his pants down. They all should be required to divulge that info and it should preferably be made illegal. In Renison’s case, he is not just a dual citizen, but someone who was attempting to have a political career in Mexico.

  12. Mark says:

    According to the Renison for Congress EXPOSED Facebook group he was born in San Diego.

    • Admin says:

      That’s nice to know. In my Spanish dictionary it says “tierra natal” means “land of birth” or “native land”. If he was born in San Diego, he was lying to the Mexicans in his TV interview. Not sure that should make us feel any more comfortable about him, though. If he will lie to his Mexican compas, he will lie to us, too.

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  14. Jacqueline Lopez says:

    I would not want this wanna-be Republican who lives in Mexicali representing Imperial County, and much less the US Congress! After listening to his Spanish interview where he is running for office in Mexico; it’s clear to me where his interests really are. I find this candidate to be a complete moron.

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